Game 13: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Big Ten conference play is finally upon us as Michigan tips off its regular season at 7:30 p.m. this evening. Tonight’s game will be televised on the Big Ten Network with Dave Revsine and Jim Jackson on the call.

As always we’ll be following along before, during and after the game in the comments and invite you to join along.

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  • Against 

    • Sorry, meant to say that being that we are playing against a clearly inferior opponent today, I sure would love to see solid play for 40 minutes! Eventually, a slow start or a bad finish to a game is going to catch up with us unless we start playing solid for 40 minutes! And I sure would love to see Douglass or Vogrich with a great game today! I’ll take Michigan, 78-67 Go Blue

    • rlcBlue


  • Both teams out on the court getting their early warm up in now. Douglass was out there first getting shots up. 

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Ohhh boy I am pumped for this one. We need a good start to the B1G schedule. It gets much much tougher from here on out.

    GO BLUE!

  • Dan

    anyone have a stream? have one on firstrowsports but it’s only the audio and just says ‘vcam’…

    • guest

      seriously, i still cant find one

  • Mikebainbridge20

    offense looks bad so far…no movement

    • Wayman Britt

      agree, cold so far

  • Mikebainbridge20

    that looked clean lol

  • Wayman Britt

    thanks for the no travelling call on Trey

  • Mikebainbridge20

    ok seriously….Smotz should never bring the ball up ever again…every time is a turnover

    • Agreed! The boy can shoot it and his rebounding has greatly improved but his ball control is still pretty horrible!

  • Bit of a sleepy start. Michigan missing some early shots but Burke’s steals provided a little energy. Crowd is actually pretty big but without students there’s a sort of building anticipation waiting for something to cheer about.

  • storm33

    oyyyy Smotrycz needs to never dribble the ball down the court ever.

    • The one handed 40 foot pass would not be advised either. I’m ok with him pushing the ball off a rebound a bit but he’s gotta make better decisions.

      • storm33

        Very true, but I’ve noticed several sloppy outcomes in recent games due to Smotrycz ball handling.  he needs to limit his dribbling time.

  • Hardaway needs to stop falling in love with the three point shot. Three 3-point attempts that he doesn’t need and one two point attempt. The two went in, the threes didn’t. Vogrich checks in.

    • Wayman Britt

      agree 100%.

  • Wayman Britt

    I am getting tired of everything hitting the front of rim

  • DB

    Stu with some good perimeter defense there

  • Vogrich!! Seeing him smile during the timeout, a VERY good sign! Maybe that will loosen him up a bit….

  • Wayman Britt

    You sure can tell we are in the Big Ten, getting easy shots is almost impossible.

  • Matt Vogrich is 1 of 1 on B10 three point attempts.Michigan goes with small ball before McLimans – Hardaway replaces Smotrycz moving Novak to the four.

  • Tim Hardaway Jr. got the message on the bench. First two possessions on offense he turns down 3PA, attacks the basket and makes a little hook shot and a floating mid-range jumper. 

    • Sven187

      Shows what a good coach we have. Bruce Weber has been failing for 2 and a half  years to get that message to Brandon Paul and DJ Richardson. HAHA.

  • Wayman Britt

    In the Big Ten we are going to need Tim to create his shot by driving.  Opposition won’t let Smot have 4 seconds to set his feet like preseason.

  • Yikes….talk about a touch foul! That was a rough call against Stu :/

  • That pump fake and drive all the way to the hole is great stuff from Evan, even if he missed the layup. Love the hustle rebound from Stu too.

  • Tom, Too

    Nothing has been mentioned yet, but I am positive that Beilein, while at LeMoyne College as a coach, coached against PSU’s coach when that coach was a player at Philadelphia Textile… surprised nothing has been said about this yet in the press…

    • Looks like 1990-91 season LeMoyne beat them twice. Chambers would have been a freshman walk on, can’t find a box score.

  • Wayman Britt

    Time to get CB in for 2 minutes for Trey, even though I know Trey already had one blow.

  • buddhafrog

    still no stream available?  Go Blue from Korea.

  • Wayman Britt

    Morgan has got to do better than that

  • Yuck yuck…..offense is not looking good today. As already stated, a lot of shots going off the front rim tonight! 

  • Mikebainbridge20

    not impressed with our play tonight…hopefully we can stop taking dumb shots

    • Acone56

      what dumb shots?

  • Love to see Novak posting up but offense has certainly been up and down. Burke struggling with shot selection a bit I think, feels like he’s attempting some shots that aren’t as open as he thinks.

  • Wayman Britt

    Burke is cold.  Our offense is struggling, going to be a long season if we keep playing like this.

    • Eh, we are shutting down a bad offense. That has to count for something, especially because our defense has been so mediocre..

  • I’m not sure the majority of them have been dumb…taking entirely too many 3’s and again, almost everything is going off front rim. This team has zero reason to be tired! Have had almost a week off. I would guess a big part is a lack of focus and that crowd  (via the TV) seems pretty lame. We need the students back, STAT!

  • Wayman Britt

    Love Stu’s defense tonight.

  • rlcBlue

    My only concern is if Frazier can get both Burke and Douglass in foul trouble – that’s PSU’s only chance…

  • jaisdaddy

    not a good shooting night thus far,,, going to have to continue to grind it out… they have to take advantage of the mismatches when they occur, Smotz has had a smaller guy on him a couple time tonight…

  • Wayman Britt

    Dylan – the announcers said it was a sell out at Crisler.  Is that correct?  Is every seat full?

    • There are empty pockets, especially in the lower bowl where some season ticket holders sit, but I think it’s a sell out. Upper bowl is almost entirely full. 

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Yea it might be the worst B1G team but its still a conference opponent and we are up double digits. I’ll take it

  • Halftime tempo free stats.
    Michigan 1.12 points per trip. 48% eFG% (65% on twos, 20% on threes), 12.5% TO Rate, 33.3% off reb rate, 16% FTA/FGA

    Penn State .7 PPP, 38% eFG%, 29% TO Rate, 24% Off Reb rate, 25% FTA/FGA

    Michigan offense pretty solid all things considered… if three point shooting picks up this game will just get more out of hand. Penn State has been just miserable on offense, turning it over, missing shots and getting nothing on the offensive glass.

  • Tim Frazier made three shots in the first half. His teammates made five combined. 

  • Mikebainbridge20

    wow their starters are in foul trouble

  • Wayman Britt

    Tim’s game is more complete when he drives to the hoop rather than shooting 3’s.

  • DB

    Wow, what a move by Timmy.  I thought that was a charge waiting to happen and he just jumped around that guy.

  • Wayman Britt

    Time to get Stu on Frazier

  • Not a lot to complain about here. It feels like Michigan is just playing an average game but they are destroying Penn State in almost all facets of the game. It’s scary to think how much of a blow out this would be if Michigan was making threes.

  • rlcBlue

    What combination of lead and time remaining gets Brundidge into the game?

    • Wayman Britt

      I agree CB needs to rest Trey.

      • I think there’s a fine line between resting Trey and getting him the experience he needs. He needs game reps just as badly as Carlton IMO.

        • Wayman Britt

          I agree, but I just don’t want Trey to hit the will in March.  The college season is very long for a freshman.

  • jaisdaddy

    wow Vogrich from deep 3 point range… nice to see he has confidence in his shot tonight…

    • OldMan

      I am happy for him. He works hard and it is amazing how he keeps balls alive and rebounds. You have to like his attitude

  • Mattski

    Pretty pass from Smotrycz. 

  • MGoTweeter

    Good to see a solid defensive effort tonight.  Very few lapses and really only one possession that made me mad, and that one was late in the game (the four offensive rebound possession). 

    Other positives, Hardaway getting his inside game going.  That was tremendous to see him attacking the basket in a variety of ways.  Smotrycz continuing to dominate on the glass as well as making some nifty passes.  Novak continued to show great diversity in his game, including the first ever post-up basket in his Michigan career.  Vogrich knocking down some threes from very deep. 

    Some negatives, Burke forcing a lot of plays.  This team needs him to force things because there are very few other guys that can do what he can do.  But at the same time, there is a fine line between forcing good things and forcing bad things against good competitiong.  I do not think Burke has learned where that line is at quite yet.  Morgan having trouble finding his groove in this offense.  A lot of plays where Morgan either did not look ready for the ball or just plain failed to prepare himself to catch the ball.  He easily should have had six more points in this game if not more.  Generaly lack of depth continues to be a problem.  McLimans is the fourth best option right now at the 5 spot behind Morgan, Horford and Smotrycz.  Add to that there is no other option to relieve Burke at point.  I feel like Douglass has regressed this season in terms of the point.  With Horford out, this team is 7 deep, with zero frount court depth. 

  • gamerleg22

    torrent on mgovideo?