Scouting & Video: Derrick Walton vs. Southfield

Dylan Burkhardt

2013 Michigan commitment Derrick Walton had 21 points, five assists and just one turnover in a 58-55 victory over Southfield at the Battle of the Best event last Friday. UM Hoops was in attendance to watch Walton, who controlled the game for his Chandler Park squad. Watch footage of Walton’s performance in the embedded media player below and find a scouting report after the jump.

  • Walton controlled this game without dominating the ball or taking too many shots – he was 9 of 13 from the field – which is exactly what you want to see from a point guard. He was able to get to any spot on the floor whenever he wanted and did a great job of surveying Southfield’s pressure defense and picking his spots.
  • Walton had five assists and just one turnover on the night but he certainly could have had more assists. There were at least five or six plays where a good pass from Walton resulted in an open, but missed, layup or jump shot for his Chandler Park teammates. In the past, Walton has shown great vision in the full court but this was one of the more impressive half court passing performances that I’ve seen from Walton.
  • Despite his performance in the half court today, Walton’s game changing abilities lie in transition. If Walton gets a steal, quick outlet pass or a defensive rebound then he’s off to the races. He can beat opponents down the floor and generally made all the proper decisions on the break.
  • Possessing great body control around the basket, Walton welcomes contact when he’s driving the lane and is adept at finishing through it despite lacking the size or strength of bigger guards. At times he might try to be a bit too creative at the basket but that’s something that you can live with due to his ability to draw fouls.
  • Walton uses his quickness and hustle well defensively but will need to play a more disciplined brand of defense at the next level. He has a few too many high school bad habits of cheating for steals and floating around the perimeter on the defensive end.

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  • Danguilm

    Anyone notice why Darius Morris didn’t suit for the Lakers yesterday?

    • sane1

      Coach’s decision. He is on the 14 man roster, but team can only suit up 12.

      • Danguilm

        Teams can suit 13 this year with the compressed schedule. I aCan’t believe he didn’t get in on the Jazz blowout on the 3rd night of a back to back. The team only played 11 or 12. What a major mistake to leave school. Sad.

        • sane1

          Lakers only suited up 12 last night. Darius was not one of them. When Bynum returns, that will be one less available spot on the active roster. Unless Fisher or Blake get hurt, Darius may not see the floor for awhile. 

  • Sven187

    Looks like he easily could have had 7 or 8 assists if his teammates could handle a pass.

  • matt d

    Of the five or so videos I’ve seen from Walton, it appears to me that he is quicker(laterally) and faster(straight line) than Burke. His speed in the transition game is simply amazing, there were at least 3-4 times in this clip where Walton is faster with the ball than the defender without the ball. Good body control when finishing, although I’d like to see him go left a bit more.

    This is the best I’ve seen Walton look in terms of passing, both in transition and the half court game.

     Although it appears that his shooting mechanics are nice, his jumpshot could use a bit of work. I’m sure with repetition his jumpshot will be just fine.

    I must say that I was skeptical of Walton over the summer, but the more film I’ve seen, he’s made me a believer.

  • Bill

    He uses both hands with ease and really sees the whole court. Looks like he has the skills a point guard needs.

  • sane1

    True PG. 

  • Ms. Tee

    Every since he was 6 years old he’s had skill and charisma on the court.  Derrick is the true definition of a team player and jr. coach to all of his peers