Game 12: Bradley at Michigan Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt
Alabama A&M at Michigan 1

Gus Johnson is in the house for Michigan’s final pre-conference game against Bradley. Tip off is scheduled for 6:30 eastern at Crisler Arena and the game will be televised on the Big Ten Network.

Join us in the comments section below before, during and after the game for live discussion.

Preview Content:

  • 23 minutes on the clock until tip off… Crisler crowd is certainly sparse. Notable news of the night is that Manny Harris was cut by the Cavs (couldn’t practice w/ a foot injury) and that Darius Morris made the cut to 15 in LA.

  • Mikebainbridge20

    No. 1 priority tonight= take care of the basketball

  • Starters being introduced now. Same as you’d expect: Burke, Novak, THJr, Smotrycz, Morgan. 

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Bacari is going to be a head coach somewhere soon…that was a cool pregame speech

  • beingklauskinski

    anyone with working link to stream?

  • Look at Michigan practice from the Journey preview:

  • Mikebainbridge20

    nobody boxing out

  • gobluemd16

    Anyone got a stream, firstrowsports doesn’t seem to be working

  • Michigan leads 11-9 at the first TV timeout. Bradley dominating offensive glass w/ Smotrycz on bench. Maybe the numbers don’t lie and he’s really that important of a defensive rebounder for Michigan.

  • Brian

    Probably the worst start to a game I can remember for Jordan Morgan

  • Blake McLimans checking into the game for Mcihgian at the five. Horford is not dressed yet again.

  • gobluemd16

    Smotrycz is out with one foul?

    • Yup. Beilein sat him after he fouled on the first possession. 

  • Mikebainbridge20

    our big men are weakkkkk tonight

  • Now Smotrycz checks in again at the four nxt to Morgan.

  • A2JD

    Any links?

  • Mikebainbridge20

    I think I’ve realized that this is just not the type of team that will really blow anyone out.

    • Brian

      You mean besides the last game, when we won by 30 points?  

      • Mikebainbridge20

        1 in how many non conference games?

  • Michigan connecting on 58% of its threes, 20% of its twos. And this is the nation’s No. 1 2-point shooting team. A little change up before the holidays I suppose.

  • Things are getting a bit dicey.. Michigan leads by just 1 with 5:45 to play. Wolverines need to play focused despite holiday distractions.

  • Mattski

    If anyone has found a feed, I’d appreciate learning. 

  • And we have a 33-33 tie at the half after a Bradley buzzer beater from 26-feet.

  • Mikebainbridge20

    sad ending to the half…

  • Story in this one is Bradley’s offensive rebounding. Both teams right around .95 points per trip. Michigan was shooting the ball really well from three, then Bradley went zone and Michigan went cold. 
    Michigan eFG% 46%, 12% TO Rate, 19% OR Rate, 6% FT RateBradley eFG% 43%, 18% TO Rate, 39% OR Rate, 14% FT Rate

  • Mikebainbridge20

    haha Beilein swearin…

    • Mikebainbridge20


  • Gus Johnson calling Shayok’s dunk over Smotrycz:

  • Big Blaze

    Frustrating watching our guys sleep walk out there. Defense “appeared” to be a strength early in the season. Well this RPI 300+ team is tearing us a new one. Meanwhile our bigs are getting out-physicaled as per usual. 

    • Hey now.. not sure Bradley is going to be an RPI 300+ team… They aren’t a great team but they aren’t a SWAC team.

      • Big Blaze

        My mistake, it was a frustration error. 

      • That said… the U-M defense needs to improve.

  • Mikebainbridge20

    love seeing the old Smotz back

  • Big Blaze

    ‘Sheeeok Sheeeok HAHHaaaaaaaaawwwww” – Gus

  • Bradley with 47 points on 5 assists…

  • Jordan Morgan earning his man-card back this second half.

  • Mikebainbridge20

    Smotz is soooo money from 3 when he spots up

    • truth. he’s really gaining confidence. just needs to eliminate silly fouls.

  • DB

    Smotz had to step back on the one before, so you knew he was going to miss.  He was standing still on that one.  Wow is he better this year.

  • I’m kind of scared to let Smotrycz leave Ann Arbor for Christmas, can’t let him lose this shooting touch in Boston. 

    • hope he lets that hair grow out all season. dude looks like Shaggy!

  • Go back to zone already beilien. In first half our zone caused multiple turnovers.

    • told you so lol.

  • Mikebainbridge20



  • Back to the 1-3-1 thank you Beilein

  • Burke blow by! see ya later.

  • DB

    Wow, this really escalated quickly. 

  • Brian

    Most fun stretch of basketball of the season right there.  

  • Mattski

    Looks like I picked the right half to watch. Fun. I’m starting to feel these guys for the B1G, especially if Morgan is supplying just a little bit of interior muscle. 

  • 25 of Michigan’s 29 made field goals tonight have been assisted.

  • Mattski

    Five guys in double figures, Smotrycz with 20. Yowzah!

  • Michigan wins 77-66. Smotrycz with another double double.

  • Mattski

    Everything is bright and shiny–so are the Wolverines. 

  • Belienfan

    will there be a torrent on mgovideo?  miss it due to work sigh.  GO BLUE

  • chief