Game Day Gallery: Michigan Beats Memphis in Maui


No traditional in-game photographs but some nice shots around the Lahaina Civic Center before and after Michigan’s 73-61 win over Memphis. Full gallery after the jump.

  • DingoBlue

    Thanks for posting these.  I do enjoy having photos to browse through post-game.  I actually do dig the shoes.

    • Thanks… Dustin plans to shoot most home games and maybe a few road games. With most road trips the galleries when we have them will probably be something like this from David because he has to call the game on the radio during play :-)

  • Matt


    Thanks for posting these.  What’s up with the UCLA blue?  Is it a Maui special or something?

    • Maui special from Adidas. And thank Dave for taking the pics.

  • BlueFront

    Great photos.  They give a great feel for what the team experienced.  Thanks to Dave for taking them.  Dylan, this will be a nice feature for the road games.  I have been to a few Big Ten arenas…. this will be a nice way to see more of the other arenas.  It is a perspective you don’t see on television.  

  • Nick

    Not sure why there would be any beef with the warmups/shoes … when you play in a funky tournament it’s reasonable to expect some funky threads