Dave Telep: Wolverines “Back in Driver’s Seat” for McGary

Dylan Burkhardt

mitch-mcgary-roar[1]Mitch McGary is ready to announce his college decision next week which means that speculation and rumors will be a dime-a-dozen for the next several days. One of the most respected scouts, analysts or insiders in the world of basketball recruiting, Dave Telep, posted his two cents on the situation this afternoon. Telep calls the McGary recruitment “one of those rare full circle situations” and quotes an assistant coach as predicting McGary to Michigan:

Next week, Mitch McGary (Chesterton, Ind./Brewster) will decide between Michigan, Duke and Florida. He officially visited each school except for Florida. “I think the kid’s getting kind of burnt out with it,” one college assistant said. “I think the kid’s going to Michigan.”

This is on the verge of becoming one of those rare full circle situations. A few weeks ago, the Wolverines were on the verge of getting a commitment from McGary; I believe that. At that point, a number of programs, sensing that Michigan was close, began chipping away. When a leader emerges — as Michigan did — it makes it easy for every school to see whom they have to beat and therefore the leader winds up under attack. A lot of times, the perceived leader never recovers and fades. In this case, Michigan appears to have overcome the objections and has itself positioned to nab the top power forward in the country next week. Now, here’s the caveat: this situation has changed before, therefore it could change again but right now it’s on autopilot and the guy flying the plane likes the Wolverines.

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  • storm33

    I’ve heard about McGary’s interest in Duke, but does anyone know what his deal is with Florida? I assumed Florida and Maryland were already out (he confirmed Maryland and UNC are out).  I still have bad memories of the last time we went head to head with Florida for a recruit; Casey Prather and we came out on the losing side.

    • Kenny

      In prather’s case, florida was the leader pretty much all the way.

    • deSal

      let’s not forget about billy d snaking horford’s big bro away from um either.

      • SBell

        That’s not how it went down at all, that was on Amaker.

        • Goblue

          How was it on Amaker when Horford committed to Amaker and then decommitted?

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I hope you guys get him.  McGary vs. Cody Zeller would be a great battle!

  • A2JD

    Hopefully, it all works out in our favor.  Either way, the program is heading in the right direction.  Mitch McGary just gets us there faster.

  • MGoTweeter


    • philip balger


  • MGoTweeter

    Wish the kid the best, hope he chooses Michigan.  In regards to Dave Telep and these rumors though, the only thing I believe right now is that Michigan is one of three possible destinations at the moment.  Next week cannot get here quick enough.

  • MGoTweeter

    Also one time Michigan target (on some level not really sure how interested the coaches were), Stefan Jankovic, committed to Missouri.  Always seemed like a really underrated player in terms of rankings.  He has a ton of offensive skill and great length.  

    • Ace_maker4

      I always thought Jankovic was a perfect fit for coaches system; that said I think McGary is what we need to push UM to the next level. A true post threat!

  • Ryan

    I wish Mr. Telep would have just kept his mouth shut on this one (or fingers away from the keyboard, as it were) – after McGary shied away from his decision after all the buzz about Michigan surfaced last time, I’m worried that another few days of reporters badgering Mitch about Michigan might hit him the wrong way again.  Such is life in today’s recruiting world.

    • Guest

      It’s not Telep.  It’s his parents who told him to wait.  McGary didn’t delay his announcement because of Telep or other recruiting sites.

  • Ashbirla

    I started a Wolverine Fans for Mitch McGary site http://fancite.com/magazine/mitch-mcgary/#!/ 

  • Indiana_Matt

    Went over to the Indy Metro Fall League tonight hoping to catch Zak Irvin play but his team didn’t make the finals. Yogi Ferrell was a no-show. But I did see Devin Davis (IU, 2013) and Brent Calhoun (Detroit, 2012). The former is a pretty darn good athlete. The latter looks like he could be a really good post player in the Horizon league. Makes legit big man moves.

    • sane1

      I think that Irvin is injured. Banged his knee about a week ago, IIRC. 

  • Fjosfgeadrgfdad

    Get him!

    btw i’ve been checking a pretty cool website for the last couple of hours. http://www.itsmyplay.com players, coaches and all basketball related people. pretty cool…

  • matt d

    Announcement set for 5PM on Thursday, ESPNU Recruiting Nation. Hopefully this ends up well!