Mitch McGary Down to Three, Will Announce Next Week

Dylan Burkhardt

920741[1]After shutting things down for the last two weeks, Mitch McGary is almost ready to announce his decision. The 6-foot-10 big man from Brewster Academy will decide between Florida, Duke and Michigan next week, according to his most recent blog at

I’m planning to make my commitment next week sometime too.

I can honestly say that right now I don’t know where I’m going so anything you read that says I do isn’t true. I already talked to my man Jason Jordan from ESPNHS and let him know that I want to do another blog before I make my announcement just to get all of my thoughts out and clear my mind so I can make the best decision possible.

At this point, I’m focusing on Florida, Duke and Michigan.

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  • deSal

    that’s what’s up, time to reel him in.

  • Mattski

    If a kid isn’t an egomaniac at the beginning of such a process, he likely will be by the end. By the time it’s all over with an important recruit, I always feel a little soiled. 

    • Mattski

      Just to add: I think it’s inimical to a kind of selflessness that’s essential to such a team game, one reason you often see well-coached teams of nobodies beating teams full of high-priced lottery picks. 

  • sane1

    Watch out for Billy Donovan. I smell a rat.

  • section13row15

    I think it’s between Florida and Michigan. Both schools allow their bigs to play inside and outside which is what mitch wants to do.

    • Bluebufoon

      McGary’s game actually reminds me of former Gator David Lee, who plays for Golden State in the NBA.

      • BlimpyBlue

        Disagree… the only similarity between McGary and David Lee is their pigmentation.  David Lee is an undersized, athletic (he was the national slam dunk champion coming out of high school) rebounder who is a poor defensive player and doesn’t possess a ton of offensive skill.  McGary isn’t a bad athlete, but he doesn’t have explosive athleticism of Lee and is instead more of a skilled big man.

        The player I think of when I watch highlights of McGary (and this is not because they’re both white and left-handed) is Troy Murphy.  They’re both around 6’10/6’11 whose offensive games are primarily face-up games with the ability to shoot and put the ball on the floor against opposing bigs.  Murphy was a very good college player, so I’d be thrilled if McGary chose Michigan and was able to have a similar career.

        • Grandchamp21

          Seems like he is always compared to Tyler Hansbrough

        • A2JD

          I think he’s more versatile than Murphy was.  I like who Mitch says he’s modeled his game after, Lamar Odom.  I just hope he doesn’t have the sweet tooth.

  • section13row15

    Mitch has been preetty quiet and humble for most of the process, so let him have his day in the sun. This is probably the most important decision he will have made up to this point in his life.

    • Mattski

      Yeah, I’m in no position to deny him anyway. And he seems like a pleasant kid. And I will rejoice if M gets him. 

      But I do find the many ways that money creeps into the process (ESPN gets clicks, right?) disheartening, think it undermines the game.

  • Anton

    kid is blue. book it!

  • MGoTweeter


  • Kenny

    Finger crossed. 

  • Anthony

    I think it is between michigan and duke his parents want him to go to duke i think mitch wants to go to aa. I think we land him because most of the time the kid decides, and i do not think his parents have a problem with the coaching staff they just are falling for the coach k love fest.

    • Grandchamp21

      Florida sneaking in basically at the last minute is scary to me. 

      • Guest

        Donovan is a ruthless recruiter who has beaten all of the big boys in one on one battles before.  No holds barred.  But Michigan is in good position here.

      • ColinNer

        Scares me too. I’ll I can think about is Casey Prather.

        • SamGoBlue

          Yeah, my first thoughts right after everyone said McGary was going to do a little more research was that Billy Donovan and his greased hair had something to do with it. The difference between Casey Prather and Mitch McGary’s recruitments, however: Jeff Meyer is our closer now.

  • kainkitizen

    My hands are sweating and my stomach is going crazy.  Mitch will have a blast and learn so much more at Michigan.  He loved is time at the big house cheering on the football team with the other 113,000 that attended the game.  Everything we have to offer and build is so much a win win for Mitch and for Michigan Basketball. 

  • Wayman Britt

    Florida scares me too.  Not sure if they always play by the book!

    • A2JD

      Well, they’re an SEC school.  All of them (save Vandy) have a little bit of shadiness to them.