Michigan Basketball Media Day Roundup

Dylan Burkhardt

Photo: AnnArbor.com

It’s officially college basketball season as Michigan hosted its annual preseason media day yesterday afternoon and will hold opening practice on Friday. Here’s a run-down of all of our media day content as well as a recap of other interesting articles around the web. First, here’s our content from Kevin Raftery.

After the jump we have a collection of notable articles, quotes, videos and image galleries from elsewhere on the internet.

MGoBlue.com has a 24-photo gallery of the festivities, AnnArbor.com has its own gallery, as well as the Detroit Free Press.

MGoBlue also has a transcript of quotes from every player and a video report from the event. Some highlights from players that we didn’t post:

Evan Smotrycz, who is up to 236 pounds:

On improving over the summer … “I think the first thing that I wanted to improve on was my strength. That affected every other part of my game like rebounding and confidence. I think rebounding and putting on weight was what I needed most.”

On adjusting to college basketball last year … “I think as the season went on I got more accustomed to the pace and I got used to playing against defenders and all the athletes in the league.”

On defense evolving … “Number one, being willing to take charge is a huge thing for coach, so I wanted to be able to mentally take charge. But along with that, being in the right position, being a step ahead and anticipating.”

Freshman guard Carlton Brundidge:

On preparing for college basketball … “One, I had to get in shape. I kicked it with my teammates, trained really hard, and got used to lifting weights. I had never lifted weights like that before. I had to get stronger and get faster.”

On fitting into the offense … “I see myself fitting in as a true Big Ten point guard. I see myself getting layups and shooting threes here and there, but basically I need to feed my teammates and feed three-point shooters.

Jordan Morgan:

On the improvements to his post game he made this summer … “I just worked on being more versatile, being able to face up and being able to attack both ways. You don’t want to give your defender an advantage of guarding you knowing you only have a few moves, so just working on your overall game. One of my big focuses in the offseason in the post was being able to pass out of the post. Being a threat in the paint, there’s going to be a lot of double teams and you have to be able to see those double teams and find the open man, so I worked on that a lot this summer.”

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  • Mattski

    Sai Tummala is my official nomination for Sleeper-of-the-Year. 

    • kennyYe

      mostly recruited by Ivy League schools and alike.  like Christian, limited offensively.

      • Mattski

        He wouldn’t be a sleeper if naysayers like yourself had some respect!!! 


        • Vigorish

          This guy’s a freakish athlete.  If he could consistently hit open jumpers, I’d agree completely with you, Mattski.  I think he needs to work on ball handling and shooting before he sees much time.  Stood out at camp two years ago.  Jumps out of the gym!

  • JBlair52

    Brundidge looks as thick as Bielfeldt!  Get to the paint!

  • Chris

    YES… another year with the blinding Highlighter Yellow uniforms with the horrendous blue piping and little Block M.  Every year I hope it changes back to Maize without the stupid piping and a BIG Block M.  

    • A2JD

      Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the switch either.  I’d love to see them either go back to the  Glen Rice jerseys or the Fab 5 era jerseys.

    • Indiana_Matt

      I was just looking at some old games on VHS. The uniforms of the final two years of the Fab 5 (94 and 95) were just the best. The yellow has more of a rich, golden tint to it and the big block M is far superior, I agree.

  • kennyYe

    Why Burke looks sad in the picture?

  • GregGoBlue

    Interesting that Brundidge’s goal is to be a true PG. Think Beilein brought him in with that intent or more as a combo guard?

    If he improves his versatility and ballhandling like he said, I can see him backing up Burke in the future at the 1, and perhaps having a Stu-like role backing up the 2 as well. Don’t see him starting over Burke, at least from practice reports.

    • Glory of the two guard offense. Michigan could get by with Brundidge at the one depending on what sort of player he’s paired up with in the backcourt. Brundidge is one of the kids I’m most interested to watch develop. 

    • Dgray

      Brundidge did not come to Michigan to be a back up to Burke.  Per haps Thad Matta (Ohio State) and in Burke’s back yard  wanted Brundidge very badly according to the President of Burke’s All-Ohio Red’s AAU club.  Also he was one of Izzo’s got to get recruit for his displayed toughness.  Let’s just let the competitive practices sort this out.

      • Agree that both kids can play. Both kids are also super competitive. Should be fun to watch their development.

        • GregGoBlue

          yea agreed, no knock on Brundidge at all. I just think Burke’s skill set at the 1 is already pretty good, so Brundidge has some ground to make up. 

          I can see Brundidge starting at the 2 next season with Stu and Novak gone. Unless I’m forgetting something. This season should be interesting as Beilein shuffles the lineups and we get a lot of different looks. Less than a month away!

      • Ghoward44

        Burke is a natural pg and UM called him to come and do just that. This will be fun and easy to watch but I think there is minutes for 9 players easy.

    • ScottGoBlue

      I think having both Frosh guards learn the 1 is a good idea for our team.  We have an obvious, immediate need there.  Put them both on the learning curve.  If one is having a bad day, go with the other.  Down the road, if they learn key aspects of the one, it will only help them if they slide over to play 2.  Excited to watch each of them this year.

  • Indiana_Matt

    I get a great feeling from these freshmen. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Max is a force to be reckoned with by his senior season.

  • Erob

    Aren’t Burke and Brundidge both listed at 6’1?  Burke looks to be at least 2 inches shorter than Brundidge in the picture.  But maybe it’s just my eyes deceiving me.

    • JayRich

      They look about the same height to me…maybe I’m blind.  Burke seems to be slouching a little