Media Day Video: Zack Novak and Jon Horford


More coverage from Michigan’s 2011 Media Day, here are video interviews with three time captain Zack Novak and sophomore big man Jon Horford (after the jump). Click here to see all of our published coverage from Michigan’s Media Day and stay tuned for much more in the coming hours and days.

  • beingklauskinski

    boy, i just have a good feeling about Novak, and by proxy the team, from the sense of maturity and even-temperdness i get from his short interview …here’s hoping for goodness this coming year

  • AJ

    It might be my speakers, but I was having trouble hearing the questions. Is it possible to have them pop up in the video like the bubbles you can put in youtube videos?

    On that note, is there a reason you use vimeo instead of youtube?

    • Champswest

      I agree with the sound issue.  I also thought it would have been better if the tables weren’t so close together.