Reports: Michigan the Favorite for Mitch McGary

Dylan Burkhardt

The internet has been buzzing with rumors and speculation surrounding Mitch McGary’s recruitment after the news that cancelled all future visits and plans to make a college decision within the next month. Several national reporters have chimed in during the last 24-hours on where they think the consensus top-5 prospect in the class of 2012 will decide to play his college ball.

ESPN’s Dave Telep tweets that if he would call Michigan the favorite for McGary’s services at this point. Telep also adds that he’s hearing McGary is likely to make a mid-October decision.


The Courier-Journal’s Jody Demling agrees with Telep, noting that he’s hearing Michigan leads as well:

Word on the street is that Michigan has emerged as a leader for 2012 big man Mitch McGary, who was supposed to make an official visit to Kentucky for Big Blue Madness. national analyst Evan Daniels reported on Sunday night that he was hearing Michigan was a “major favorite.” There is also some speculation now that McGary, a native of Indiana, won’t make any more visits.

You can read the referenced Evan Daniel’s premium report here on the message board ($). Michigan and Duke have been considered the leaders for the past several weeks but at this point it appears Michigan has pulled ahead. McGary hasn’t made a commitment but the coming days and weeks could be some of the most important for Michigan basketball in quite some time.

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  • wylverine

    Yes Please

  • mitch

    What a class this would be!  Has to be #1 in the country.  I guess JB can recruit a little if he’s at the right school.  His assistants seem to be outstanding recruiters as well.

  • A2JD

    Let’s hope that is accurate and stays that way.  GO (The Real) BLUE!

  • HHW98212

    For him I hope he picks Michigan.  He would be the man here at Michigan; the best rated recruit in at least 13 years.  At Duke he would be 1 of an infinite number of McDonald’s All-Americans.  His impact would be so much greater at U of M and I hope that’s a challenge he’s looking forward too.

  • Adam

    Commence drooling…

  • MGoTweeter


    • JayRich

      I think you mean…MItch McGARY, clap clap clap clap clap, MITCH McGARY.

  • kennyYe

    it is great to hear but I won’t be relieved until he made the announcement. Can anyone trace down the source of the rumors. all these recruiting pundits may hear from the same source. 

  • @DaveTelep, please be right about this. Can’t afford a let down after this great sports weekend. Michigan win, Tigers tie things up against NY, and the Lions being very un-Lion and not breaking my heart. C’mon Mitch we will ride to the Final Four!

  • Tom, Too…

    I would just chill until the announcement….Coach K is the man for a reason…..even though I hate him.

  • Mattski

    I really dislike Coach K. . . but admire his teams’ style of play (same goes for his teacher, Bobby Knight). 

    Still, I wouldn’t characterize that–to now–as a “running” style–would other people? Lots of great weaving movement, yeah. . . 

    I write this because I’m not so sure he will run less if he’s at M than at Duke; in fact, with a swift-moving center, I could see Michigan really ruling in transition. 

    Somebody tell me if I’m off in this reasoning. If not, I’ll bet the M coaches could clear up the misconception for him. 

    (A next question would be which system preps you better for the NBA. I don’t see Coach Beilein’s style hurting anyone, that’s for sure.)

    • Brother Jon

      For those concerned about coach K.  You need to more concerned about his arch rival 8 miles down the road.  Roy does incorporate the running style that McGary loves.  And I’m surprised none of the recruiting gurus are mentioning this.

      Of course they have inside info that I don’t but if I were a wolverine I’d kbe keeping my eyes on Carolina right now! 

      • sane1

        Carolina just offered and got a commitment from a big man yesterday. Whether that’s related to their chances with McGary, hard to say.

    • gpsimms

      right, our tempo is low in the traditional possessions/game metric.  but how many dunks did jordan morgan get because he beat the other center up the court?

      beilein’s system is great because we can run, but usually don’t crash too much on the offensive end, so the other team can rarely get transition buckets.

      that said, we score in transition a lot, we don’t “run” in the sense UNC or MSU do.  But duke?  Ya, our transition offense is way more effective than theirs.

      • A2JD

        I think Coach Beilein is the kind of coach that could adapt a little to a player’s strengths.

      • Mattski

        Good observations. We tend to be more opportunistic, not a fast-break team per se. 

        I think the advantage for McGary is that the five is just as much part of the offense as everyone else (save the guy who brings it down) in Beilein’s scheme. He can develop all facets of his game. 

  • Eyerunthis

    The excitement meter went up another notch upon seeing that ESPN and Scout have moved McGary’s interest level to High for Michigan (Duke’s at Medium).  Hoh boy.

  • Billiam

    Question for the sages out there: tho he may verbally commit as any point in his life, when is the earliest he can sign the papers?  IE: written commitment.

    Maybe I’m just not sure about commitment since my girlfriend dumped me for my best friend?

    • November 9th (or thereabouts) is the start of the early signing period. The bigger cause for concern for whatever school lands Mitch is that he could feasibly enter his name in next year’s draft because he’s a 5th year player.

      • dustindbo

        So if we were to get McGary (knock on wood) where would the scholarship come from? I’m looking at the Scholarship Breakdown and all 13 scholarship spots asre full for next year

        • Look closer:

          Michigan’s class is at 12 next season for right now and McGary would be the 13th for the 2012-13 season. He’s also likely to be one-and-done (19 yrs old, 5th year, top 5 prospect) so is unlikely to affect future classes.

          • dustindbo

            Yeah I was looking at the 2013-14 breakdown, because we have 15 players on scholarship, 16 with McGary

          • A2JD

            You never know, though.  Will there even be a 2012 NBA draft?  If not, that creates a HUGE talent pool for a 2013 draft so maybe Mitch stays 2 years.

          • FGCU Maize Rage

            Re: 2012 NBA Draft

            There is no set plan, but from what I’ve been hearing, they would have the same draft order and hold a lottery with the same odds as in 2011. But once again, there is no precedent since the NBA season has never been canceled before. There are several options:
            1.) Same draft order (re-do lottery)
            2.) Same exact draft order (no lottery)
            3.) Draft lottery with all 30 teams (!)
            4.) Cancel the draft

            So yeah… I dunno.

          • kennyYe

            Two much loss on both side if the season gets cancelled. They wil make a deal in the final moment like NFL and our pathetic congress.

  • Another hour, another national reporter saying that it sounds like Michigan is in the lead. Latest, Jeff Goodman.
    Hearing Mitch McGary leaning towards Michigan – per sources. No secret that summer coach Wayne Brumm is in John Beilein’s corner on this.!/GoodmanCBS/statuses/120912976533405696

  • Manitou Blue

    Hopes he picks Michigan, but however he decides we should applaud how he, his family and coach have handled the process.  Thorough process and little media circus, despite the constant probing.

  • kainkitizen

    This is exciting news today.  However, it’s not a done deal until he signs his letter of commitment. 

    To Mitch:  I don’t think we would have the #1 Recruiting Class for 2012.  Indiana just has way too many top 50 recruit commitments.  We could be #2 if we land the big fella. 

  • Kool Breeze

    If we land this cat, look out!  Duke is going to be tough to beat, but having the new facility and crisler renovations are already paying dividends.

  • Billiam

    Dylan, I remember reading around a year ago (when Mitch was a ’11 recruit) that UM was talking with him.  I remember it because he was ranked so low that I didn’t think we’d even care about him.  However, in retrospect, he’s just another piece of the growing trend: Coach B knows who to recruit.  Lamentably, I can’t find any links to prove that I’m not just making this up, but it was on this very site that he was ranked “low”.  Is there a way that you can bring this idea up in the future?  IE, if you do a report on how well Coach B recognizes talent before others (GRIII, THJ, Novak, Morris, etc.) this would be another data point.

    • kennyYe

      This is the best part of coach B’s recruiting. He doesn’t snake oil but he sees the potential of a kid before others, and build a relation early when no others believes in the kid. And now he is at Michigan, he is able to hold on to those kids even after they blossomed into the national scene.

  • ForeverBlue

    Of all the alleged final schools one is most unlike the others in the most ways.  And that school is Michigan.  Of all of the things I’ve read about and by McGary in terms of what he’s looking for in a university, one school has the most boxes checked.  And that school is Michigan.

  • Tom, Too…

    I just got a kitten and named him John Feline….