Derrick Walton to Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

2013 point guard Derrick Walton has committed to Michigan. Walton is the second 2013 commitment that the Wolverines have landed in as many days. Walton is a consensus top 100 recruit and is ranked 88th by, 77th by and 92nd by Those rankings were published before the July evaluation period where Walton excelled, exploding for over 30-points on several occasions in front of Michigan head coach John Beilein.

Walton joins Austin Hatch, Mark Donnal and Zak Irvin as Wolverines in the class of 2013. Video, scouting and more information after the jump.



Walton is a pure point guard that makes his teammates better. He thrives in transition where he does a great job of finding shooters on the wings as well as passing off of the drive. He’s a capable scorer that can get into the paint at will but his size really limits his ability to finish around the rim. He’s probably right around 5-foot-11 although he is a hair stronger than someone like Monte Morris.

We had the chance to watch Walton at the King James Classic this spring:

Walton played a tremendous floor game. He is extremely quick but does a great job of playing under control. He’s a pass-first guard that thrived pushing the ball in transition but also found his teammates in the half court offense. The Mustangs have some great shooters and Walton did a great job of driving the lane and kicking the ball to the wing. Walton also showed tremendous toughness. He’s been battling a knee injury all spring and took several hard shots and falls during the game. He had a noticeable limp but managed to tough it out and lead the Mustangs to a close win over a talented NY Gauchos squad to win their pool.

His biggest weakness is his size and it hindered him from finishing around the basket several times. He showed a great mid-range jump shot but was unable to find his range from beyond the arc. Three point shooting is extremely important for small guards, and it’s an area he’ll have to continue to work on.

Walton also impressed at Michigan’s Elite Camp a month later:

Walton is most comfortable with the ball in his hands, pushing the tempo in transition. He’s the type of player that almost seems to move faster once he gets the ball into his hands. His pace seemed to be kicked up an extra gear during the full court scrimmages because he knew he had only four minutes of clock to work with.

Walton shot the ball very well in drills, especially from mid-range, and does a great job getting everyone involved during game action. While he shot the ball well off of the catch, he still needs to work on his consistency while shooting off the dribble.

Like any good point guard, Walton makes his teammates better by getting them the ball in positions where they can succeed. He has a good feel for the game with great court vision which, combined with his quickness and ability to get into the paint, make him a very tough guard.

Our own Joe Eberhardt had this to say when watching Walton at the Adidas Invitational this July:

After struggling in a Wednesday pool game vs. Martin’s Wolverines, Walton was outstanding in a loss to Spiece Indy Heat 16u on Thursday, scoring 35 points and showing off a well-rounded game in the process. Not only did the 5-11 Walton shoot the ball well, but he also did a great job of attacking the basket off the bounce to score as well as draw contact. The 2013 Michigan target displayed a reliable free throw stroke and was able to take advantage of easy scoring opportunities at the line. When attacking off the dribble, Walton also did a nice job of seeing openings and finding teammates for baskets.


Trey Burke is the Michigan point guard of the present and Derrick Walton is the point guard of the future. John Beilein likes to take a point guard in every other class and Walton continues that trend. He’s a pure point guard that uses his quickness to get in the lane and create for others. He’s also a more than capable scorer as he proved on the AAU circuit this July.

Walton rounds out a terrific class of 2013 for Michigan that features three top-100 players in Walton, Irvin and Donnal. Michigan is more than likely done with class of 2013 recruiting with a guard, two wings and a big man already committed. However there are obviously still questions about Austin Hatch’s health and future that will be answered in due time. We’ve updated the scholarship chart and it’s important to remember that these kids won’t even sign a letter of intent for over a year and that attrition is possibly with transfers, early entry, injuries and other circumstances.

Walton is also a signature recruit for John Beilein and his staff in the state of Michigan. The timing of Walton’s commitment is no coincidence as he was scheduled to visit East Lansing tomorrow afternoon and was extremely likely to add a Michigan State offer – in a similar fashion to Denzel Valentine and Matt Costello last summer. Of the three point guard targets that Michigan had offered, Walton had arguably the most productive July and appeared to elevate his game.

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  • Supamarty72

    Woo Hoo! Yeah, this program has turned the corner and caught the elevator!

  • Bbuck5

    next stop BIG TEN CHAMPS!!!!! GO BLUE!!!!!

  • UMSportsfan1

    Go Blue! 2013, What a class!

  • jemblue

    Wow!  It’s game on in this state and in the Big Ten, for sure now.

    • KingMathers

      Ah none of these kids had Michigan State offers. They are still really really good gets.  We still are not beating them head to head for any guys.

      • jemblue

        That may be technically true, but it’s clear that Izzo was prepared to offer Walton and possibly Irvin if they’d reciprocated interest.

  • 90 M Varsity

    Your scholarship situation grid needs a huge overhaul….

  • Steve2081


    Obviously he is the one I wanted all along. :)

  • Hagans1

    to all msu  fans,mich. is now king of the state of michigan agian just like we
    was when the fab five was here. go blue from jackson mich….  

    • Kingmathers

      Which one of these kids had a MSU offer? Let’s be real. It’s fine to be excited.  But be real.

      • Wes D.

        Does it really matter? Who cares if they never received an MSU offer….

  • Ryan Millard1

    he Is also number 77 on scout.

    • Jr_ewing93

      what do u mean he alsoumber 77

  • MGoTweeter

    Congrats and Welcome Derrick!  

    Wow!  Great couple of days.

  • lavell99

    Enormous!  What a great week!!!!

  • Goblue8

    Mitch McGary clap clap Mitch McGary clap clap Mitch McGary clap clap…..

    • Dgray

      You’ll Get Your Wish in September before School Starts.  You can take that to the Bank!

      • ColinNer

        While I wish that is true, I don’t think that is gonna happen

  • Brian_W_97

    Sweet.  Great news.  Looking forward to seeing him be U-M’s floor general in the future.

  • Senator

    But, Dylan. What are you going to do now that recruiting is wrapped up through 2013? Do you have highlights of any promising middle schoolers we can watch?

    • I’ve already started making the 2014 hotboard, it should be up by the end of the week :-) 

  • Billiam

    3 things
    1.) Are we technically now oversigned for 2013?  Assuming McLimans is given the handshake after 4 years, I believe we still need one more to go.  (I’m not Bringing Hatch into this until we know more.)

    2.) Can you please update the scholarship breakdown?  I know it’s recent, but it’ll put a smile on my face.

    3.) When do the recruiting updates occurs for scout and rivals?  I’m assuming some time next month?

    • Guest

      1. Technically, it’s oversigned, but it’s pretty much expected that THJ will go pro after his junior season. Blake McLimans is likely not going to be given his 5th year.

      • MGoTweeter

        i dont know how you can technically be oversigned when the 2012 kids have not even signed an LOI yet.  The scholarship situation in terms of 2013 is such a non-issue right now.  If things are not any clearer at this point next year, then we can start to talk about this.    

        • gpsimms

           i think i agree with you here, but it still makes me a tad uncomfortable.  suppose for a second zack and stu are the only two leaving in the spring, and THJr indicates to coach he’d like to stay, and everyone else is healthy/happy even if mostly on the bench…

          is it morally dubious or whatever to pull a kids offer before he signs the LOI?  it’s not considered wrong for a kid to change his mind, and if we pulled by the early signing period it would give the kid a lot of time to find a home.  obviously, that would be different/a lot better than waiting for him to get to school and tell him his only option is to greyshirt.  still, i’m not sure i would feel that great doing that.

          on the other hand, beilein is about as stand up as a college hoops coach can be, so i guess he probably knows what he is doing.

          • MGoTweeter

            well that is my point.  Let’s just wait and see where we are at in terms of scholarships at this time next year and then we can start worrying about such situations if they exist.  

          • Swinawer

            I think you’re getting the classes mixed up. In your scenario we’ll still be one under the limit come fall 2012. We’ve got another year after that before there’s any possible problem.

          • gpsimms

            no, i’m talking about 2013…in my scenario, THJr could theoretically tell coach he plans on graduating (staying for 3rd and 4th year)

  • Mattski

    High motor. Crisp passer. Could he be ready to run the team as a freshman? 

    • Mith

      I’m hoping there’ll be no need with Burke a junior at that point.

  • ToBlav

    Quick, aggressive, team first, from Michigan . . . I like it.

  • Wayman Britt

    Welcome Derrick.  I like that he is from the state.  You always need a few players from Michigan.  I thought maybe Monte would take the scholarship, but Derrick is no drop off. 

    Is it November yet? Can’t wait for hoops to start.

  • A2JD

    Holy shnikers!

    GO BLUE!

  • Supamarty72

    I may be reading into it but the timing on this commitment with the report that Irvin told Izzo he was too late makes it seem like these guys played Izzo!

  • get pickup for michigan. this guy is wayyy underrated. 

  • EchoWhiskey

    Woot! Go Blue!

  • Colby84

    So is the consensus except for McGary we are done until 14? Isn’t there a possiblity that the staff keeps some irons in the fire for 13 depending on Hatch’s situation?

    The staff with have some big expectations for 14 now that they have this much time to recruit the class. They will need some guys that can step in and make an impact right away especially in the post.

    Also Bacari Alexander was in Toronto at the Caribana Classic on Friday watching recruits. Was a ton of coaches there including Jim Calhoun, Jamie Dixon and assistants from a lot of high major schools.

    • kennyYe

      Hatch is the best shooter of the class, neither Irvin nor Walton has much range, and ideally we need another shooter besides Stauskas once Vogrich leaves. But it is still too early to worry about it. Hatch’s situation will be much clearer next year this time which is not late for 2013. 

      • Jr_ewing93


        • kennyYe

          i don’t have luxury to see games in person. I hope that irvin will have an extended range when he arrives. Walton does not have to be a deep threat as long as he can knock down mid-range jumpers off the dribble. But having shooters around him will create space for him to maneuver.

          • Mattski

            He’s got three years to extend his range. 

          • Jr_ewing93

            OK!  He has 2 more years in HS to make his jumper more consistent to help Mich off out! You are right though



      • Joe

        Have you watched any of Irvins highlight tapes?  The kid is a very good shooter.

  • redman345

    dorsey walker next

  • Kevin

    i know a lot of people (including myself) felt like beilein couldn’t recruit all to well, but my goodness. he normally does what he does with lesser hyped recruits.  now he’s getting some extremely talented players and they’re all lined up for the next three years.  program is definitely on the rise, and i’m excited.

  • This is just down right amazing!  The gettin is great this days.  It just keeps getting better.  I Love It.  Welcome to your new basketball home Derrick Walton. 

    • michaeltheoriginal

      I don’t understand why the Big Ten has locked up so many more 2013 recruits than everyone else.  Of the top 13 guys committed in the Rivals top 100, 9 are from Big Ten Schools.  Are other conferences just not offering as early? 

  • bones

    okay…looked at all the video i could find, and excuse me, but i just dont see the pass first mentality and he’s not top shelf athleticism…
    a poor man’s trey burke?
    meh for now.

    • A2JD

      Did you watch the 3 videos posted above?  Those should help your search.  He seems to be a great passer who can take a lot of guys off the dribble.  

      Judging from the videos, he needs to improve at finishing at the rim (hopefully, he still may grow an inch or two) and maybe some shot selection.  He still had a ton of great passes in good spots (many turned into assists) and I really like that he made every FT in all 3 videos.  At age 15 or 16, he looks like a very good prospect.

    • ToBlav

      You do realize he is going into is junior year in high school?

    • Jr_ewing93

      why u going off  the video! Go to some games and u will see!


      Well bones are you a player or fan? Great day for um hoops and you are negative more athletic than you and other people give him credit for but thats your opinion god bless go blue

  • Good work by your JB man, UM gang.  Great pick-up!  The Wolverines and the Spartans are headed for some great games and intriguing player-to-player match-ups. 

  • Any chance he has a growth spurt and gets to 6’1″ or 6’2″?

    • Steve2081

       Yes there is a chance.

  • Mattski

    IIRC McGary was saying he wanted to decide before his high school bball season/practice got rolling. I suppose that things will quiet down now to October while the M staff waits on him?
    Clearly, he is favorably disposed. And having a teammate in Robinson here should help. 

    Anyone got more insight/skinny on McGary?

  • gpsimms

    unbelievable our 2013’s are done–and all top shelf–already.  all the pg’s we were looking at seemed great, and we got the one who wanted to be blue the most.  welcome aboard!

    • Danguilm

      Just curious – but are they able to offer McGary now?  Will McLimans and Hardaway being gone enough to open up that spot, or would we need more attrition?

      sorry for the rookie question – this board is awesome and just want us to be as loaded as possible!

      • MGoTweeter

        This commit does not change anything with McGary.  He is a 2012 kid and UM has one open scholarship for 2012.  Its not until 2013 that any scholarship crunch would occur and its way premature to start worrying or talking about that.  

      • gpsimms

        i think the idea is that mcgary might be a one and done?  but yeah it makes me uncomfortable too.

  • ColinNer

    Huge get!!! I think D-Mo’s ability to thrive in Beilein’s system really help this commitment. The big debate in this class was who is the better PG: M. Morris or D-Walt. While I think Morris is  probably a little better all-around, I think D-Walt is the better pure pg and a better fit in our offense.

  • Jr_ewing93

    First Congrats to Derrick Walton! Ok! I have read alot of these comments and some bothers me and other are right. The main one that bothers me is the talk of PG Walton having to sit in the bcak seat for Trey burke. Fist off: Walton is only a jr in HS so abt time he get to UM Trey burke will be a JR. Before we start judging player, we might want to let some of the plyrs get out of high school first. Remember the 2013 class has to years to hit the campus

  • SamGoBlue

    I couldn’t be happier with this commitment! If you look through all the discussions of 2013 PGs, I was in the Walton camp the whole time. I think he’s been a Michigan fan his whole life and he just seems to have the best overall game out of the three. Yes, he may be a little short, but I know I grew a few inches after my sophomore year in HS. He is an excellent passer, a very good shooter, and seemingly a wonderful team player. What more could you want?

    • Bluebufoon

      Happy Walton signed on with U-M but can’t help but feel bad for Monte Morris, Demetrius Jackson and Sherron Dorsey-Walker — Good Luck Guys whichever school you choose !!!

      Go Blue !!!

      • SamGoBlue

        Yeah I completely agree, you will always wonder what if we got the other guy, but I’m excited for Walton. I feel a little sad for all these guys if they wanted to go to Michigan, but let’s be honest: they all had their chance. The fact that all these guys is going to have a full scholarship at a D1 school makes me feel not as bad.

        • keepn it real 100

          these guys are true players that had probably alot of pressure on them  but they have two year to get stronger and faster  great pick up for michigan he is a detroit kid that makes it sweet so go blue

  • GO_BLUE10

    Derrick Walton is one of the best point guards in the state and he’s one the best in the country..and ranking dont mean anything becasue he prove it through spring and summer AAU circuit..he has several 30 points games just in the month of JULY…singing  ((((WHO’S THE MAN DERRRRRRICK WALTON)))))) GO BLUE!!!!!!!!

  • Wilt

    Walton is too small and if he can’t shoot 3’s what can he do to balance his lack of size? MSU didn’t offer sooner for a reason.