Scouting: Adidas Invitational Pool Play


20101228171011_2010-1228-dm-holidayhoops0064[1]The Adidas Invitational in Indianapolis is one of the premiere AAU events of the July live evaluation period. The event not only features most of the best Adidas-funded AAU clubs in the country, it also features a number of primary Michigan targets.  Several U-M targets got off to a slow start on Wednesday but bounced back to put together huge days on Thursday. UMHoops was on hand for to watch Derrick Walton, Zak Irvin, Demetrius Jackson and others.

Derrick Walton, Michigan Mustangs, 2013 After struggling in a Wednesday pool game vs. Martin’s Wolverines, Walton was outstanding in a loss to Spiece Indy Heat 16u on Thursday, scoring 35 points and showing off a well-rounded game in the process. Not only did the 5-11 Walton shoot the ball well, but he also did a great job of attacking the basket off the bounce to score as well as draw contact. The 2013 Michigan target displayed a reliable free throw stroke and was able to take advantage of easy scoring opportunities at the line. When attacking off the dribble, Walton also did a nice job of seeing openings and finding teammates for baskets. Walton does not have a Michigan State offer at this point, but most expect that one will be coming, perhaps in August.

Zak Irvin, Eric Gordon All-Stars 16u, 2013- Irvin made possibly the play of the day by knocking down a 3-pointer as time expired to give his Eric Gordon team a 73-72 win in double overtime over Houston Select. Irvin put on an impressive performance for a large group of college coaches, including Michigan’s John Beilein and Lavall Jordan. The 6-6 wing was hitting shots consistently throughout the contest, knocking them down off the bounce as well as off the catch on his way to a 21 point performance. Irvin displayed a great level of confidence, demanding the ball and attacking the defense with the intent to score in clutch situations. The 2013 Michigan target was also solid on the other end of the floor, creating several turnovers with his impressive length and defensive instincts.

Demetrius Jackson, MBA Select 2013- UM Hoops was in attendance as Jackson scored 21 points in a 67-65 loss to Team Southern Indiana 2013 on Wednesday afternoon. The 6’0 point guard was being watched by Xavier’s Chris Mack, Illinois’ Bruce Weber, Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and assistants from Indiana and Notre Dame. Jackson is outstanding attacking the rim, using a great blend of strength, quickness and ball handling to get to into the lane nearly whenever he wants. He has the strength and body control to finish through contact in the paint, also earning frequent trips to the foul line in the process. Jackson is underrated as a passer, able to find teammates for open looks while attacking off the bounce.

V.J. Beachem, 2013, Eric Gordon All-Stars 16u- Beachem displayed consistency throughout pool play, showing off the versatility that makes him such a highly regarded prospect. The 6-7 wing was watched closely by coaches from Michigan, Ohio State, Purdue, Indiana, Butler, Michigan State and more schools on Wednesday and Thursday. Beachem was aggressive when attacking the rim, looking to draw contact and finishing with either hand around the basket. He also was reliable from the 3-point line, keeping defenders honest and knocking down the perimeter jump shot when open. Beachem hit the glass hard, rebounding and taking advantage of second chance opportunities on the offensive end.

Trevon Bluiett, 2014, Spiece Indy Heat 16u- Bluiett scored the ball extremely well in the two games we saw, posting outings of 29 and 28 points respectively. What makes the 6-5 wing so effective is his ability to maximize what the defense is giving him at the time. Bluiett can knock down the 3-point shot off the bounce or catch, score second chance points using the offensive glass or get by his man off the dribble and score at the rim. His biggest room for improvement is on the defensive end, an area where Bluiett himself noted he’d like to improve. Purdue, Indiana, Michigan,Virginia, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Florida, Texas and Xavier are among some of the teams recruiting the 2014 prospect and he plans to visit Butler next week.

Tyler Wideman, 2014, Meanstreets- Wideman brings a strong, physical presence to games each time he steps on the floor. The 6-7 big man did a great job cleaning up the glass, contesting shots on defense and finishing around the rim in traffic. Wideman also showed the ability to knock down the mid-range jumper, making it harder for defenders to match up with him. The sophomore was watched closely by Michigan coaches John Beilein and Lavall Jordan during a Thursday afternoon pool game.

Drake Harris, 2014, Meanstreets- Harris, a 6’2 guard, brings a great combination of athleticism and scoring to the floor. He plays a well-rounded game offensively, able to get to the rim and score or light defenses up from the mid-range and perimeter. Harris’ explosiveness separates him from other players his age, giving him the ability to finish above the rim and block shots and rebound well for his position. He’s very crafty with the ball and is able to weave himself around opponents to get to the rim where he can score or draw the foul. Harris was watched by a number of coaches on Thursday, including Michigan’s John Beilien and Lavall Jordan. Harris picked up a Michigan State offer yesterday and the Spartans will be hard to beat for his services.

Joe Eberhardt is an Indiana-based prep scout that writes at, Inside The Hall and You can also follow him on twitter @IndyHSHoops

  • sane1

    Re: Harris, kids deciding before their soph year in high school is crazy, no matter how much they like a particular school at the moment. 

  • legend

    The kid(walton) has played his but off back to back 30pt games

  • legend

    Wow the said walton had stuggled but had back two back 30 pts games

  • SubAlum_06

    Just checked FIBA website and saw US upset by Russia.  Hardaway 22 min, 1/1 2pt, 0/5 3pt, 2/2 FT 4pt 5 RB.

  • Colby84

    Any word where and who Bacari has been watching?

  • Paul

    It’s good to hear Beilein and his staff are out there doing their due diligence and making their rounds to evaluate talent – all the way to incoming HS So’s

  • Al

    Apparently Steve Haney Jr showed his bitterness today for not getting a Michigan offer by dropping 45pts on UM offered Zak Irvin and the much ballyhooed Eric Gordon team while knocking them out of the Adidas Invitational

    • MAS

      Yep heard Haney drained 11 3’s and Walton finished with 27 pts. Michigan’s 2013s are better than Indiana’s 2013.

    • jBdub

      Technically Hatch took Haney’s offer, not Irvin.

      • Al

        Not sure about which offer Haney didnt get, but on Friday he should have had someones.  I heard he was guarded by Zak Irvin the entire second half after scoring 20 on Colin Hartman (IU Commit) in the first half.  Bottom line, Haney scored more points in the win than Zak Irvin, Colin Hartman and Devin Davis combined.  Look I wasnt there, but if he had 45 and Walton had 27 these two Michigan kids and AAU teammates should have got offered before any Indiana kids.  Period.  Tom Crean and Matt Painter make sure they reward their Indiana kids first, when it is close, apparently Beilein isnt giving our State the same courtesy.  Some suggested Irvin and Haney wasnt close, it turns out they might have been right….

        • sane1

          No one else in the Big 10 offered Haney, either. He hasn’t played that well, notwithstanding the great game he had today. If he’s high D1 and better than Irvin, a lot of coaches missed the boat on him. He hit 11 threes today, IIRC. Tomorrow, he could go 1 for 11. 

          • Al

            That logic is beyond comment.  Walton, Hatch, Donnal, Demetrius Jackson and Monte Morris have no other Big 10 offers either.  So what is your point?  Matter of fact, Haney is rated higher on Rivals than any of them and Izzo so far has passed up on all of these players. 

        • jBdub

          The reason I said it was Hatch is that in the admittedly overly-simplistic labeling of “Shooter” and “Slasher,” Hatch and Haney are both shooters, while Irvin is a slasher (sometimes also referred to as a “Manny-type.”  

          Obviously our coaches want to find guys who can do both–Stauskas may prove to be an example of this–but they weren’t going to take two wing shooters in ’13, so once Hatch accepted, Haney’s ‘ship had sailed, so to speak.

          • A2JD

            From the videos I’ve seen of Hatch, it looks like he also had the ability to get to the rim.  I haven’t seen much of Haney.

        • MHoops1

          I saw Haney at the Michigan Camp a month ago, and he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. He had an off day–it didn’t mean he isn’t a good shooter BUT, just as importantly, yesterday’s one day performance doesn’t mean that he’s better than Irvin, etc. Based on what I saw, he isn’t close, and that would have been the case even if he had been hitting his shots, because he didn’t do anything else at a high Big Ten level. Tom Izzo, who has never been shy about taking Michigan kids, hasn’t offered, nor has anyone else in the conference–does this suggest anything to you? Walton was offered by Michigan the first day. You’re getting way over-hyped based on a single game you didn’t see.

          • jBdub

            Hmmm…If Haney plays his best when motivated to show people they made a mistake in not offering him, and if none of the B1G has offered, maybe we SHOULD take him so he can spend his career making all the other schools pay.

          • Al

            As noted above, so your standard of who we should offer is predicated upon what other Big Ten offers the kids have?  If that is the case we should have not offered Walton, Morris, Hatch, Donnal or Demetrius Jackson because NONE of them have been offered by another Big Ten school.   If a kid scored 20 in the first half against a team  of 4 Big Ten commits, than goes out and gets 25 in the second haf on those same players, it wouldnt take a rocket scientist to conclude that wasnt blind luck.  To make the leap and say that kid, despite scoring 45 pts in a win, is not in their league, is beyond a questionable comment.

          • MHoops1

            So I, who have seen him live, am using questionable logic, but you, who heard from somebody about a game he played, are using impeccable analytical skills? And the Michigan staff, which has seen all of these guys play multiple times (including against each other at the camp), and which loves guys who can shoot it from 3–they too take a back seat to your review of the box score? OK–there’s no arguing with that. We’ll just have to see how things turn out.

  • KRN

    Last Trey Burke Journey to Ann Arbor video.

    • Mattski

      Color me impressed. Just showed this to my daughter, who is starting to get serious about her soccer. What it takes. 

  • Rkw

    little trey lighting up those kids at 5yrs old!LOL

    • Flwolve

      Cool Trey Burke video.  It looked like Brundidge might be an inch or two taller than Burke.

      Dylan, have you heard anything about the open gyms?  Outside of little Big Dog’s interview, I’m not sure that I have heard a single thing about how the open gyms are going.

      • KRN

        I remember reading somewhere that Brundidge is a legit 6’2 now.

      • Dgray

        My source says that Michigan fans will be pleasantly surprise at the skill level of Brundidge and Burke. Their speed and ball-handling ability are very evident when watching open gym. The two freshmen have a confidence swagger on the court and are not afraid to compete by being physical and tough during games. Even the trainers have notice how fast  two freshmen are. The weight training program will only enhance their abilities.

      • ohiophenoms

        They are the same height. Had a chance to see both together. Both are 6’1

  • SubAlum_06

    Austin Hatch’s Caring Bridge Updated Yesterday Evening

    Friday July 8th
    By the grace of God, Austin James is
    showing improvements everyday. He is comfortable and stable. He has
    begun opening his BIG BLUE EYES a little bit more! We understand that
    his healing will be a very slow and gradual process; we’re not sure
    whether Austin has any awareness of what he sees yet.
    to Mimi, Grandpa Siwik, Aunt Mary Toth, and Cousin Dr. Dan O’Donnell
    who all stayed at Austin’s side for the past few days.  Nona came up and
    told Austin she’s getting ready to make him some meatballs. We are
    comforted by all of your prayers, stories and words of inspiration.
     Although we grieve, our hearts are filled with hope and joy!

  • SamGoBlue

    Can anyone tell me if Walton and/or Haney compete on the Mustangs 17U squad? I really want to watch them play here in GR next week at the Brawl for the Ball event, but it appears as if only the 17U squad is coming. If they aren’t playing I am not that interested as there are no targets that I’m award of on that team.

    • SBell

      No, the 17s is Valentine, Hawkins, Harrison-Docks, Mondy et al.

      • Colby84

        Steve, what is the deal with James Young? Are academics an issue and is he a lock for MSU anyways? 

      • SamGoBlue

        Any idea if legend is correct here when he says Walton and Haney are supposed to join the 17U team for the Brawl for the Ball? I see ACB Bank Hoops will be there as well.

        • SBell

          I don’t know, I’ll check, hopefully they do … famous last words we have to play Mustangs Thursday.

          That’s a different ACB team, the more local one. A few of the players from McCormick’s ACB/Bank Hoops team will be with Parallel 45.

          Don’t know Young’s current situation, but he was ineligible some of his freshman season. Dwaun Anderson had the same thing, but that might be easier to bounce back from at Suttons Bay than Troy High. He’s still only 15.

          • SamGoBlue

            OK thanks, let me know what you find out. I really want to go see SDW, Walton, and Haney play

    • The Fan

      they are so suppose  to run with them in the tourney