2013 Notes: Monte Morris, Zak Irvin and Derrick Walton Add Michigan Offers

Dylan Burkhardt

207200_1806621317955_1012571708_31691043_6925436_nWhile Michigan landed a pair of commitments earlier this afternoon in Austin Hatch and Mark Donnal, they handed out two three more scholarship offers. Head coach John Beilein extended offers to both Monte MorrisZak Irvin and Derrick Walton throughout this afternoon and evening. [Photo: Next Generation Sports]

[Ed: Updated to include PG Derrick Walton, who texted me that he was “holding offers from Xavier, CMU and Michigan!” after receiving a call from John Beilein this evening.]

Morris has made it clear that Michigan is the No. 1 school on his list and texted me this evening to tell me that Michigan had indeed offered him a scholarship. He wasn’t sure whether it would effect his time-frame for commitment, noting that “he wasn’t sure and was going to think on it tonight”. Morris was the most impressive guard at Michigan’s camp and took an unofficial visit the week before camp.

Michigan also appears to be in very good position for Derrick Walton, who is still digesting things but told me this might push up his time-frame for making a decision as well.

These appear to be the only three confirmed outstanding scholarship offers at this point, which means there are a handful of notable prospects that didn’t receive Michigan offers today. Demetrius Jackson reported that John Beilein told him the Wolverines wanted to “get him down on campus again before taking the next step”. VJ Beachem spoke with John Beilein, as well as coaches from Butler, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan State, Stanford Purdue and Tennessee, but did not receive a scholarship offer. For all of our updates throughout the day make sure to check the archive of our live blog.

After picking up Michigan and Butler offers, Zak Irvin took the time to discuss his recruitment with us in a short interview which you can find below.

On who he’s spoken with today: Michigan, Xavier, IU, Florida, Baylor, Tennessee, Cincninati, Northern Illinois and Butler


On new offers: Butler and Michigan.

On whether he’s trimmed his list : Nah, I still have a long list. Everybody is the same right now.

On Michigan: I like Michigan a lot and I had a great time at the camp last weekend. I learned some new things and it was great being around the coaching staff and some of their players.

On whether Michigan is one of his top-five schools:  Yeah they would be.

On how he played at Elite Camp: Yeah I thought I played really well. I was just up there for camp and didn’t take an unofficial.

On whether he has any other visits planned: Uhh, no I don’t have anything else planned right now.

On whether he has a timeline of when he wants to decide:  No I don’t right now.

On the main criteria that will go into his decision: academics, relationship with the coaches and the style of play and then just knowing who’s going to be there while I’m there.

On Michigan’s two new commitments, Austin Hatch and Mark Donnal: I know Austin and we used to play on the same AAU team back in 8th grade and I’m happy for both of them but I haven’t talked with them.

  • Austin Hatch talks Michigan:

    • Paul

      Great interview.  Austin is a smart kid.  Loving it! :)

  • Anonymous

    sure sounds like Morris is close to commiting, perhaps as early as tomorrow.  Irvin seems like he wants to take his time.  It will be interesting to see if Beilein extends other offers if Morris does commit soon and Irvin takes it slow. 

    • Kenny

      My guess is that if morris or Walton drops, that will be it until another spot opened up.

  • phil

    would be awesome to add both these guys to this class.  I don’t know how we would though.  This class could end up being very highly rated in the end.

    • Bluebufoon

       It will be interesting to see how the PG scholarship plays out ? I would bet Coach Beilein let Mr Morris know that Mr Jackson will be visiting soon, so MM’s exclusivity to that scholarship is very limited. Hopefully Morris pulls the trigger for U-M but it does break my heart that U-M probably won’t have enough scholarships for Jackson and Derrick Walton who both appear to be leaning to U-M .

  • JBlair52

    I’m shocked we wouldn’t wait for Irvin or Beachem before going for Hatch

    • Anonymous

      well at this point it seems like there was no reason to wait.  Irvin still got an offer.  This could work out to be a perfect class: playmaking PG, big time shooter, athletic/long wing, and a skilled big. 

      • gpsimms

        you could be right, and it would be a fun class.  but i get nervous about hoping that mcclimans never improves enough to contribute and hoping that THJr doesn’t stay for 4 years.

        • Anonymous

          so do i.  I dont want any of our current players to leave, but the reality is that at some point guys are going to leave for a variety of reasons.  Maybe it does not happen with any of the current guys, but that would surprise me a lot more than if one or two of them did leave. 

          When I was talking about a “perfect” class, I was just saying that it could work out to be that, not that it will be or that it needs to be that.

    • lavell99

      Well, I remember saying the same thing about Hardaway vs. Zeigler.  Had we waited, we would have been burned.  Trust Beilein.  He only handed out 5 schollies on day one.

  • Anonymous

    I thought I heard somewhere that Morris’ dad is around 6’6″.  That pushes him up even further on the list for me.  He’s grown a couple inches in the past year and with a few more he will have exceptional size for a PG.  If he gets closer to his father’s height he could really be special.

    • Brian_W_97

      Sam Webb had mentioned it during a recruiting roundup a couple of month ago that Monte Morris could still grow and that is Dad was around 6’6″.

      • El Tobias

        I know the Morris family personally, his dad is 6 9

  • Flwolve

    Interesting, Morris was the only PG to get offered today.  I wonder how long JB waits on Morris before he starts offering the other PG targets.  My guess is that Morris’s performance at the camp must have earned him top dog status in the eyes of JB because I don’t think he was the most highly regarded target going into the camp, although he may have been in JB’s eyes.

    • I think Morris was highly regarded, even if he didn’t play in front of as many national guys. I would say most Michigan-based scouts had Morris ahead of Walton for the most part. The common wisdom was also always that Morris was an MSU lean, something that doesn’t appear to be true at this point.

      With Demetrius scheduling a visit in the near future, that’s likely the cushion that Morris has to make a decision before other offers are extended.

      • Paul

        I’m shocked that Beilein had Morris ahead of Walton.  Morris must have been SPECTACULAR @ camp, and Walton not so much

        • The Fan

          That wasnt true walton played just as well

        • Not so fast my friend! Derrick Walton has also added a scholarship offer! Post updated.

        • The Fan

          dont be thats life and walton takes all that in stride dont be surprise if they both go blue

      • Mattski

        I don’t think that–looked at objectively–any smart kid is assuming that MSU is the superior team in years to come. They will be more highly ranked going into the new season with our loss of Morris, but anyone studying the road ahead has to see that we are approaching a more level playing field (as the cliche has it.) 

        At that point more young players can just think about who they like better, where the atmosphere and academics appeal more, who they think they’ll learn from. 

        There are some bumps ahead, but Beilein–who some of us were questioning a year ago–has brought the team a long, long way in the last year. 

    • Anonymous

      Not saying his camp performance didnt push him over the other guys, but nobody on here knows who the top guy was going into the camp.  Rankings are fun for us fans but they are completely meaningless to coaches.  As fans we kind of have to rely on ranking services a lot of times because we don’t get to see all these kids play.  However, the coaches see them play a ton and they are much better talent evaluators than most of the rankers are. 

  • Wayman Britt

    Wow what a day.  If we get a commitment from Monte Morris tomorrow, somebody get me a defibrillator!!!

    Remember the good ole days when we used to compete for basketball players against Alice’s School of Stenographing for quality players like Robbie Reid, Amandou Ba and Avery Queen. 

    • Bluebufoon

       Congrats to Derrick Walton– Go Blue !!!

    • JBlair52

      Avery Queen was da man!  Him an Josh Moore made a perfect 1-2 punch.  haha

    • Kenny

      Robbie Reid was highly recruited by ucla and arizona, even most assumed that he would play for his father at BYU. he was a good player at Michigan, played through the darkest days of the dark years. It is not fair to put him with Ba and Queen.

      What makes this years recruiting so easy is that MSU just had a down year and beilein finally built a strong brand of basketball at Michigan, with a distinctive style of game that is fun to watch and attractive to many young players.

      • Anonymous

        very true.  Reid and Bullock were not a dynamite backcourt.  When they both got hot from three it was lights out.

  • Alex

    I dont see us taking a player when we don’t have a spot though it seems like eventually we will have at least one. Interesting situation. I’m proud of Hatch and Donnal and congratulations to them both on their achievement.

  • Bill

    There are some good players around the flint area Monte And Denzel and I think Bart Williams at grand blanc could develope in to a very good wing player if he keeps working at at. He came on strong at the end of last year has a nice shot with 3pt range just needs to improve his quickness and foot work.

  • Anonymous

    well with Walton in the mix as well it should be an interesting next couple of days.

    • KRN

      It might not even last through tomorrow.

  • Paul

    Are EC Matthews and James Young still in the picture for Michigan?  Did either get a Michigan offer?  ESPN has them as the 2 high rated players in Michigan for 2013.

    • Pretty sure Young heard from Michigan but I don’t think he got an offer. 

      • Mitchigan

        Dylan do you think there’s a chance we’d take both Morris and Walton?

        • Kenny

          Not Dylan, but it’s extremely rare to take two pure PG in the same class given there will be a returning PG.

    • Anonymous

      could be wrong here, but I thought I heard that Young had some academic issues (dont quote me on that or take it to mean that I think young is a bad kid, just that it could be a reason that they did not offer at this juncture).  Beilein looks for a lot more than just basketball ability when he offers scholarships. 

      As for Matthews, I have never seen any vid on him nor heard his name mentioned that much. 

      Just because those two are rated higher by a ranking service does not mean that they are rated higher in the coaches minds.  Although I will say from what I have seen of Young, he looks pretty darn good.

  • Anonymous

    Heck of a day.  I don’t recall schools going so hard for Juniors to be in the past.  Is this the new era of recruiting or “The Beilein Way”?

    • Anonymous

      We did it last year but no one jumped at the offer.  Costello and Valentine quickly committed to MSU and Ferrell and Patterson went to Indiana.  I have no idea what the heck happened with Hawkins.  We offered him first day, he never committed to anyone and I have no idea where he’s going to end up.  I was shocked he showed up at the Elite camp this year since he basically turned us down.

      What a difference a year makes.

      • Vigo

        Hawkins is going the prep school route so there could be academic issues.

        • Beilein’s Swish

          I think he’s going to go to Quality Education, where Dominic Pointer went to school.  Bet you he’ll end up going to whatever schools have a good relationship with the coaches there.  I too was shocked to hear he was at the Elite camp…didn’t think it made much sense.

          • Javontae is heading to Huntington Prep, not QEA.

          • Paul

            How did he do @ Elite Camp?

          • Flwolve

             Everybody is going to Huntington Prep – the Bhullar bros., Stefan Jankovic, Javontae Hawkins, I thought I read Ray Lee may be going there as well.

          • Yep Ray Lee is going to Huntington. Anton Wilson is going to QEA I believe.

  • The Fan

    Iowa State offered walton