Recruiting Updates: Contact, Offers and More

Dylan Burkhardt

June 15th is the first day that Division-I coaches are allowed to contact prospects in the class of 2013 and in Michigan’s case, the first date that the Wolverine staff will extend scholarship offers. We’ll be keeping tabs on a handful of prospects today with some live updates here. Make sure to check out our recruiting profiles for all 2013 prospects which feature past scouting reports, video and interviews.

Note: We are still updating the live blog but have to put it after the jump to keep load time down with the two commitment stories.

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  • Paul

    No Michigan offers extended yet?

  • Tim

    If Hatch and Donnal commit we lose out on Irvin…. no good

    • chief

      I don’t think it’s a binary choice between those two possibilities. It looks like they will take 4 in ’13.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been refreshing UMHoops compulsively since 9 a.m.; what an exciting day!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that Bell has Monte Morris ahead of Derrick Walton. Is that the consensus?

    • Paul

      I too was surprised to see Monte Morris shoot up these rankings

    • real 100

      No thats ones opinion

  • I wouldn’t say any commitments today necessarily take Michigan out of the running with anyone. There are plenty of things that can happen over the next several years and I would be shocked if Michigan didn’t take at least three players in the class of 2013 and could easily see that number growing. Michigan has rarely used its full allotment of scholarships recently and has been in the position to add someone late like Colton or Bielfeldt. We don’t know what will happen, but things will happen.

    • Billiam

      Dylan, I honestly think that the reason he previously took late commits was because he and the staff missed on a few recruits (just barely).  So, they didn’t INTEND to have the spots open, they simply did, and used those spots.  Two points of proof:

      1.) They would have taken Zeigler to finish up the previous recruiting class. Or Pointer.  They did not intend on taking Colton.

      2.) Look at how early the 2012 class filled up.  Now they can concentrate on this class.

      We would and could take commits early.  Am I missing something?

      • Anonymous

         Where did he say we wouldn’t take commit’s early?

      • Paul

        hopefully he can learn a thing or 2 from Coach Hoke.  Get the best ones early I say!

  • Mark

    If I understand the scholarship situation we currently have 2 open spots assuming we don’t grab another 2012 kid, correct? Of course, TH Jr. could leave early or someone could transfer.

    Since JB is so ethical would he actually take 3 recruits with only 2 open spots knowing that it will probably work itself out? or would he only accept a commitment if there is a spot currently?

    • chitownblue

      I’d be very surprised if McLimans got a 5th year at this stage.

  • Paul

    Uh oh lots of competition.  Looks like Tennessee of all teams (?!) in particular is going after all the same guys we are targeting!

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t this what happens when you go after some of the top recruits in the nation? Tennessee’s situation is a mess right now anyway.

    • Vigo


      Cuonzo Martin (Purdue) is coach and a Big Ten guy with Midwest roots (born in IL, coached in MO prior to Tennessee).  He’s most familiar with all the guys we’re targeting b/c he traveled the same AAU and HS circuits.

  • Anonymous

    Since when are we #1 for Monte Morris now? I had always heard that people thought he was going to Michigan State for the longest time and then he had just recently opened up a bit to Michigan. But to completely change his mind like that? I still want Walton, but either would be a great get.

    • rook34

      Morris has not been offered by Michigan State.  

  • Brandon

    Hatch is in. Donnal on deck.

  • Mark’s moderator says Mark Donnal got his offer today.

    • KRN

      Looks like he committed too!

  • Anonymous

    C’mon Monte Morris…

  • Mzorstar
    • chief

      No. Morris will take a bit longer to commit if he does.

  • Kenny

    Was any PG offered today. Or they are all told to take time to make their decision?

  • Kevin in GR

    Jalen James

    I just had a talk with
    coach B from Michigan… I really respect that guy and wouldn’t have any
    problems with playing for him in the future!

    8 minutes ago

    via Twitter for iPhone