Thursday Notes: Max Bielfeldt Makes it Official

Dylan Burkhardt

g26c2e2000000000000d3e826326bff4c10565272b81ddec4c2bbf8b2ba1[1]Max Bielfeldt signed his letter of intent on Wednesday afternoon and made his commitment official. Here’s a snippet from the release:

“We love the talent, character, toughness and work habits that Max brings to our basketball program,” said Beilein. “His size and strength at approximately 6-8, 240 should help us a great deal around the basket. Max’s high basketball IQ, shooting ability and outstanding perimeter skill level allows him to have some versatility in his game. We plan on utilizing his talent in a variety of ways.”

For more on Bielfeldt, check out his commitment post. Here’s a link to Michigan’s scholarship breakdown for reference as well.

As for Michigan’s other commitments, it’s safe to say Trey Burke is putting in hard work: Here’s a video produced by his trainer during one of Trey’s 5 a.m. workouts:

Brundidge is also listed on the roster for the Under Armour All-Michigan All-Star Game which is scheduled for this Friday (8:00 pm) at Ferndale high school. Brundidge, Brandan Kearney, Percy Gibson, Dwaun Anderson, LaDontae Henton and Tommie McCune are a few of the other Michigan prospects listed on the roster.

Trey Burke is scheduled to play in a local all-star game as well, he’ll play in the Cap City All-Star game this Saturday at 5 p.m. at Reynoldsburg high school. Tickets are $10 and there will also be a girls game, three point contenst and dunk contest leading up to the event.

DeShawn Sims and Manny Harris Wrap Up Pro Seasons

Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims have finished up their first year of professional basketball and both had solid rookie seasons. Harris played in 53 games for the Cavs, starting 15, and averaged 6 points, 2.6 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 17.3 minutes per contest.

DeShawn Sims was named to the All-NBDL third team and averaged 20 points and eight rebounds per game during his rookie season, finishing the season with a 33 point and 10 rebounds versus Erie.

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  • Kenny

    love the first 10 seconds of the clip when trey was a little boy showing off his passing ability. Does anyone know what are Max’s perimeter skills that Beilein raves about.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I think the perimeter skills include being able to play in the high post and pass from that position along with hitting the 17 foot jump shot. At least, that’s the plan I hope. Not quite perimeter skills in terms of driving past someone but stil a nice skillset.

  • alan

    i just developed a man crush on Trey Burke…pause…

    Kid looks focused and the fact that hes spending all his free time doing core training, taking jumpers and improving his handle is the kind of work ethic that will get him to the NBA. I already see the explosion

  • alan

    still cant get over that video…when i was 17 i played AAU ball and did D2 at Stonybrook Univ. And during my summers i was playing casually and going to the beach. This kid is waking up at 5am two days after his season ended with professional trainers making him stronger, more explosive and better. The future is bright in Ann Arbor. If we can follow up last seasons strong effort with another NCAA Appearance and a top 3 finish in the Big Ten, the big recruits will start to flock. And why wouldnt they. Michigan is one of the most prestigious academic schools in the country, you add on a successful bball program and its money in the bank

  • Brian W

    For DeShawn’s sake, I’d hope that the NBA doesn’t wipe out its summer league season. Someone from the NBA said yesterday that the fate of the summer league is undetermined because of the collective bargaining agreement situation. If the NBA has a lock-out, it would seem like that could impact the D-League too.

    Trey’s work ethic is admirable. The strength workouts should help him be ready for the Big Ten next year. Wish I had the motivation to get up at 5 a.m. to workout.

  • The more I read about and the more I see Trey Burke the more I get excited about next season. This kid has a chance to be a special player at UM. At this point his game is way more big ten ready than CB’s. He kinda reminds me of more athletic Gary Grant.

    • MHoops1

      I like Trey a lot, but let’s not go overboard here. Grant was 5 inches bigger, more athletic than Trey (not less athletic), and played in the NBA for all or part of 13 seasons. In one of those seasons, he averaged a double double in points and assists. While at Michigan, he was the Big Ten Conference POY and a consensus All American in 1988.

      Trey shoots better from distance than did Gary. In all other respects, I’d be thrilled if Trey plays anywhere near his level.

      • MikeSal

        I agree with MHoops, it is great to see that TB is putting in the extra work but let’s not put a value on him until he gets his feet wet in the offensive and defensive schemes. I worry that a video like this might put extra pressure on him to succeed right away….remember freshman are still freshman

      • JD

        Gary was 6’3″ but I agree he was a stud.

  • mountain52

    Hello Dylan,

    I was wondering if it appears that Max is ready to make an immediate impact in games next season or if John Beilein’s plan is for him to red shirt and develop?. What is your opinion on this?

  • Derek

    I am very stoked about this class. Bielfeldt really solidifies it and Carlton and Trey will be solid follow-ups to Mr. Morris whenever he chooses to go pro.

    I can’t wait for all the awful titles and nicknames this class is gonna get… The Killer B’s, The “B” team, etc.

  • Jordan

    Hypothetically speaking…
    If Trey were to crack the starting line up (and assuming that D-Mo stays) wouldn’t that put us in a worse position overall? Trey is only 6’1 (according to ESPN) so our lineup would be:

    1. Morris (6’4)
    2. Burke (6’1?)
    3. Hardaway Jr (6’5)
    4. ?
    5. Morgan (6’8)

    If we couldn’t rebound last year, Burke over Novak would put us in an even worse position. Like to see that charisma and effort though.

    • MHoops1

      Novak will start. I don’t care how good Trey is, he’s not starting over a senior Novak, who won 7 of the 13 awards given out at the team’s year end banquet, and he’s very very unlikely to start over either Smotrycz (8 inches taller, a year more experienced, and the possessor of a skill set no one else on our team near his size has) or Douglass (a senior captain and winner of the award for our best defensive player). Don’t get me wrong–I really like our recruiting class, and they may all be starters at Michgan, some sooner than later–but none of them is Jared Sullinger, I don’t care who’s there, he’s starting from day 1, level good. Unless Darius leaves or there are significant injuries, I would be beyond shocked to see any of them start next year.

    • ScottGoBlue

      For the beginning of next season, it’s difficult to make a compelling case for any starting line-up other than:

      1: Morris … playmaker, leader
      2: Novak … heart, soul, glue, 3-ball, rebounds, senior captain, raked in awards, etc.
      3: Hardaway … scoring (3-ball, slashing, pull-up)
      4: Smotrycz … unique offensive skill set that’s difficult to defend
      5: Morgan … smart, knows his role and plays it well

      You can gripe about a few of these guys starting if you want (e.g. “Novak is too slow to start at the 2” … but is Beilien gonna keep him out of the starting lineup?), but I’d be surprised to see anything different. Things may change through the season, starting may not always mean “most minutes” too. But those five should be our starters come November.

      • Blue4life

        1.Morris-proven and knows the system
        2.Burke-can play 1 or 2 adds additional playmaker
        3.Hardaway-scoring/slashing all of the above
        4.Novak-winner/shooter and rebounder
        5.Morgan-knows his role and will score more this year

        That is your BEST five

        • Will Wheaton

          My understanding is that burke is much more of a 1 than a two…I think the 2 will be stu or brundidge if we want to go small with novak at the 4. Or novak will start at the 2 if we want to play normal.

        • Sam

          I’m gonna go out on a limb (not really) and say that is NOT our BEST five. It is people like you that just have expectations through the roof for guys like Matt Vogrich and Darius Morris, watch them struggle a bit as freshmen, then look to the next recruiting class to just take over as starters. I will GUARANTEE you that a freshman is not starting day one next year. I will bet any money in the world. I can’t believe there are still people that don’t realize how difficult of a transition it is from high school to college, especially in a conference like the Big Ten. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Burke redshirted. Obviously with the likelihood that Morris goes pro after this season that will be unlikely, but there is absolutely, positively 0 chance that he starts next season unless Morris does not return.

          • Johnnyumfan

            Sam, you may be right about Burke not starting, but he may have the same impact as Tim Hardaway Jr. had as a freshmen. I think Burke will get plenty of minutes as the first guard off the bench. The kid has got skills. He can flat out play!

  • detroitbry

    Gary Grant was a monster, I think people forget how dominant he was at UM. He handled, dished, scored and played defense. He also was a big guy, he was very wide he is much bigger than Trey Burke. Dont know who I would compare Burke to yet but it looks like he will be an immediate impact player at Michigan, hard to find freshmen who alreayd have the type of left handed game that Burke has shown. If Darius had Burke’s left hand he would be a top 8 pick in the NBA draft easy.

  • Dylan Burkhardt

    Home and away Big Ten/ACC Challenge teams were announced. Michigan will go on the road (again).

    Big Ten Home Teams: Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio State, Purdue
    Big Ten Away Teams: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State, Wisconsin

    • Gary

      Not good that UM is getting two years in a row of road games in the challenge. Couldn’t they have put Nebraska on the road for their first year in the conference?

      • Bird

        Oooh. Would love to test our mettle at Cameron!

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Unlikely because we could play Duke in Maui and they are likely to be on the road.

          • Bird

            Good points, but maybe the execs at the Yankees vs. Red Sox Network will see it a different way.

    • Beast1530

      I can see Michigan matching up against UNC for Big 10/ACC challenge.

  • I know it was a long time ago, maybe it just seems most players today seem more athletic than the older guys. I see Trey as a possible multiple All-Big Ten type of player. I loved The General. Anyone else miss the introductions when they sed to mention the High Schools that the players attended? I’ll never forget Gary Grant from Canton McKinley High School.

  • Section13Row15

    I would love to go to an away ACC / Big 10 challenge game. We should get a charter bus and snatch up some tickets when they go on sale.

  • mac

    Hope we play UNC I will defnitely go. Dylan, what are the chances we play them?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      No clue. Just hypotheticals now. I’d put my money on UNC or Maryland but I’m just guessing.

      • ChiGoBlueChicago

        I’d go with UNC as a possibility but didn’t we just play at Maryland like 3 yrs ago in the Challenge or something? I wouldn’t mind playing @ FSU…or perhaps Va Tech? lol or maybe just smack Wake Forest or Georgia Tech while they are down??

  • Kainkitizen

    Max is going to be alright next year. He’s not going to turn into a quick superstar. Horford and Morgan will hold the fort down at the 5. Smots and Novak will take care of the 4 again. I see Max getting some early time in pre-season cupcakes. I don’t see him playing big minutes other then foul trouble or a big blow-out game like Tennessee for us. Welcome to Michigan, Max!!!!

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    This could be a dumb question…But I notice in the scholarship breakdown that all 13 scholarships are filled for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. Does that mean the staff is done recruiting for those years? How does that work?

    • Will Wheaton

      Well for the second year, D-Mo is most likely going to forego his senior season to go to the nba draft. It would be great if he didn’t, but I’m nearly certain he will. That free’s up one spot. Am I right?

  • Justin

    I love how a Max Beilfeldt post got hijacked by the Trey Burke video, lol. Sam, I think Trey has a chance to start next year.

  • Brian W

    Kansas’ Josh Selby is declaring for the NBA draft and will hire an agent. May help if Michigan ends up playing Kansas in Maui, and it also adds another guard to the draft.

    There may be changes in store for the early entry deadline if some legislation gets passed by the NCAA board of directors…

  • Stevie

    Maybe I should declare too! Anyone want to be my agent?

    • Sood

      I will be your bodyguard – if you be my long lost pal.

  • Colby

    I wonder if the staff is looking at transfer Aaric Murray, Soph big man at Lasalle who has some game and is considered a good prospect.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Adding a transfer is difficult because we don’t have any scholarships for the upcoming season (the one the transfer would have to sit out).

      • Colby

        Good point Dylan, wish they could because this is a guy who could make a huge impact in 2012.

        Glad the AAU season has started to see some new names pop up and looking forward to seeing who gets offers in the 13 class. Do you think Morris is catching up to Walton in terms of priority for PG in 13, and does Walton’s size play a roll since we already have Burke and Carlton.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Morris and Walton are establishing themselves as the top two instate point guards.

          • georgeesq.

            I’ve read that Morris is more of an MSU lean, if you can say that this early, while Walton likes Michigan.

        • Colby

          Well it looks like we will at least get a top notch PG in the class. What happens on the wing interests me, the Beachum kid looks like a player.

          Also sounds like Leo Edwards in the post is developing as well.

  • Dford

    there’s no question in my mind that Trey is underrated still. Look, this kid is special and its so obvious and the fact that he’s a self motivating type a player and is having workouts at 5 in the morning, absolutely proves the potential for greatness is there. Now, I can’t say whether or not he will start, but I will say that if his production translates with D Mo game and they can Co exist on the floor without killing team chemistry, then he should start and Novack, I think will happily be the Dave Merritt type of leader and embrace a bench role, because as he says “I hate losing more than I love winning”. Novack with his leadership, diverse skill set, heart, and determination is definitely an asset to this team and can’t and wont be over looked, but like I said if Trey or Carltons game translate to college, they should start before Novack without question and you add to the fact Max, if he picks up the system, will have the 4 locked, and with Morgan, Horford, Smots interchanging the 4 or 5, Zacks just going to have to get in where he’s needed most in moments of a game that needs a spark or something. The only way that’s not happening is if he turns into that Deibler type shooter (Unconscious ) in which case this wouldn’t even be a debate. In any case I think we all would agree that this is a great problem to have and Go Blue…

    • georgeesq.

      You can’t be watching Michigan basketball very closely if you believe that Novak is going to be passed by Burke or Brundidge. Are you really comparing him to David Merritt? Just a spark off the bench? Really? LOL.

      • DFORD

        No disrespect george but you should read my comment before you go assuming I dont pay attention or watch Michigan games, when I’ve tried to watch every game since 97 and have watched damn near every game since last years debacle. In Coach Hoke words Im fanactical about this Michigan stuff bruh. First of all Im not comparing Novak and Dave Merritt games because Novak does so much more, I was simply stating that Novak could provide leadership and support to the youngsters like Merritt did IF he had to come off the bench IF… Im not saying I think Trey or Carlton WILL pass him, I clearly said that if their games(IF) translate to college like some freshmans can, then they should start over Novak seeing as how either one can put more points on the board than Novak could on a more consistent basis being that they are pure scorers and in Trey case a good passer as well. Don’t get the wrong idea and front like Im taking shots at Novak or Im trying to down play his position and worth on this team because I love Novak’s game but at the same time I wont be disillusioned in thinking he’s a better athlete tahn Trey or Carlton and that just because he’s Zack and he’s a senior or whatever, that Beilein is just going to keep his horses in the stable out of some sense of loyalty no. Team first and Zack would understand that is all I was saying, because he is a leader of this team and he will do what ever it takes to WIN. Zack would just have to get in where he fits in and if thats a starting spot, I got no problem with that chief. Now you feel me?

        • georgeesq.

          I’ll grant you that you did say “If”, but I’m saying that your notion is far fetched. Burke will be Morris’s understudy if Darius stays. It’s very unlikely that he’ll see time alongside Morris. Novak is the captain of the team, leading rebounder, leader in charges taken, clutch shooter, top free throw % on the team by far. Neither freshman is going to displace him and turn him into a David Merritt role player.

          • Justin

            DFORD, I love how you say Max might possibly have the 4 locked down for next year, lol!

  • Blue4life

    Makes sense but Novak is a starter for sur. Morris,Morgan,Novak and Hardaway will start for sure. They are the core of the team. The freshmen will be added support and one of them could poosibly get into the lineup mid-season. But you can bank on the four players I named will be the core. All in all this is a great problem to have. PROGRAM moving in the right direction when you have debate over minutes. This will improve everybodys game.