Recruiting Roundup: March 8th, 2011

Dylan Burkhardt

A collection of notes, updates, pictures, and video of Michigan commitments and targets.
Class of 2011

Carlton Brundidge – Commit
Photos: Freep
John Beilein was on hand to watch Cartlon Brundidge Monday night and the Michigan commit had 15 points in Southfield’s playoff win over Henry Ford.

Trey Burke – Commit

Burke had 20 points and eight assists in a 59-52 win over Olentangy Liberty. Northland will face Westerville Central on Friday night in the District Final.

g12c000000000000000de2df451e3829e3766973e0172bd2353e53556d8[1]Max Bielfeldt

Bielfeldt had 28 points on 9-of-12 shooting in a 78-51 playoff win over Galesburg. Notre Dame will puts its undefeated record on the line tonight as they face Central in the sectional semifinal.

Larry Nance Jr.
Nance had 19 points an 81-41 win over Valley Forge in Ohio playoff action.

Class of 2012

Glenn Robinson III – Commit

Robinson finished his season out with an impressive performance but it just wasn’t enough to advance. Robinson had 31 of Lake Central’s 53 points including a buzzer beater to send the game to overtime.

Nick Stauskas

Stauskas had 17 points for St. Mark’s, who lost to Tilton in the Class AA NEPSAC final. New England Recruiting Report had to say:

A deceptive, high-level athlete at six-foot-six, Stauskas (17 points) attacked from the wing in transition and showed off the pure stroke from the perimeter that makes him a dynamic offensive threat capable of putting up numbers in a hurry. A confident competitor who embraces the bright lights of the big stage, he was the lone St. Mark’s player to consistently rise to the occasion against Tilton’s elite athletes and did all he could to keep the Lions in the game down the stretch with a variety of tough hoops through traffic.

We also posted some video of the versatile junior wing here.

Sim Bhullar (2011/2012)
Sim Bhullar was going to attempt to visit for the Michigan State game but was unable to find a ride. His AAU coach, Michael George of Team Takeover Canada, was reportedly in attendance. Bhullar still plans to take an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor when it is logistically possible.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker

Sherron Dorsey-Walker had 33 points in an 87-68 win over Orchard Lake St. Mary’s. He also visited Baylor over the weekend for their home game versus Texas.

Javontae Hawkins

Javontae Hawkins had 20 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists in a 103-63 playoff win over Goodrich.

Jordan Hare

Jordan Hare had 10 points in a comeback district win over Flushing.

Class of 2013 Bullets

  • John Beilein watched Derrick Walton as Chandler Park knocked off Harper Woods, 67-50.
  • Bacari Alexander was on hand to watch Denzel Watts, Watts scored 26 points to go along with six assists and six rebounds.
  • Austin Hatch had 19 points as Canterbury managed to win their sectional.
  • Zak Irvin had 12 points in a 57-53 win over Carmel.
  • Troy sophomore James Young scored 35 points in a win over Troy Athens.
  • Big Blaze

    If I had known big Sim had needed a ride to the MSU game I would have gladly driven him. Not sure if he’d have fit in my jeep liberty but I could have folded down the back row seats!

    Love to get that kid in a UM jersey. Can’t wait for Carlton and Trey to join this club as well. Bringing some much needed ‘handle’ to the back court where only Darius is a true ball handler IMO.

    • MH20

      I’m pretty sure you’re joking, but either way if you are a UM booster (as in, if you have ever purchased a ticket to a game) then that would be a violation.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        Ha. Yes, I assume he is joking.

      • JimC

        Does that mean if I ever run into DMo or THJ or even Blake on the street in Ann Arbor, that I shouldn’t offer to buy them a coke/lunch ?

        Hey it could happen. I guess I might as well clear it up right now.

        (only partially joking)

        • Sam

          Obviously you are not allowed to give them anything worth any money.

  • JB…

    Superb updates as always…

  • Great work. I don’t want any part of the big Sim though. Not the type of big we need. Thanks for adding James Young, it was an effortless 35 last night.

  • Ben

    SDW finally plays a good game….. I still want Staukas, This kid is out shining his two 5 star teamates….. Beating Kansas could prove to be to much though. Hopefully the kids wants to be close to home.

  • Alex Berry

    I would love to get Sim, especially in Coach Belien’s offense. If Pitt, Syracuse, WV, Georgetown, Xavier, etc all are offering, then he would be a HUGE get literally and figuratively for us. If you see enough of his videos, he has a great jumpshot and is a very good passer and dominant down low. Conditioning is only factor and with a high level strength coach, that would be fixed. Look at what we did with Jordan Morgan, who in a lot of people’s opinion was a better fit at Oakland than U of M. Bhullar is a younger version of Arvydis Sabonis (pre NBA, which was also pre achilles injuries). Also, his younger bro is dominant as well, 2013 class.

    • JD

      Sabonis was pretty damn athletic, even when he was in the NBA. He’s probably still more mobile at age 50 than Sim is right now.

      I’m not saying Sim couldn’t help out but let’s be realistic.

  • Morgan is at least an athlete, which anyone can work with. We don’t nee a big, slow center to slow us down. I dont see how he would fit with UM’s ofense which is based on movement. If he signs, I hope I am completely wrong. You just dont see those extra big guys being that effective. I can’t even think of one of the top of my head. (Yao Ming? hurt)

    • Kenny

      because our bones are not designed/evolved to support a body frame of 7’5 feet, people like Sabonis and Yao Ming are prune to injury, but both had at least 7-8 good years of high level basketball. Poor Ben Cronin is another example. That said, 7’5 footers are rare and have advantages playing basketball because they can just catch and throw in, and that’s why there is 3 sec violation. The downside is the transition defense which can be compensated by their rebounding and blocking.

      Bottom line, gambles worth taking.

  • grandchamp

    Maybe OSU’s basketball program will go down with their football program and Amir Williams will come to Michigan.

    • Brian W

      Jim Tressell is having one of those “Liar Liar, gold pants on fire” kind of days. Hopefully OSU gets a stiffer punishment as a result.

  • KAB

    Is it Friday yet? Once again it feels like it’s been 2 weeks since we played…

    • JimC

      I couldn’t agree more!

      • mich is boss

        same i cant wait for friday i feel like we will win because last time AT illinois we shot 2-18 from 3 and we still only lost by 2. I like our chances especially with THJ playing at an extremely high level

        • Mark

          Illinois allowed us to stay in that game though. They weren’t hitting their shots either. A good Illinois’ team would have put us away and it would have never been that close.

          McCamey traditionally has lit us up, he alone scares me in this game.

  • Fred_Ex

    If you could take one of these players for 2012 who would it be? I’d take Dorsey-Wlaker. But for our team maybe Jordan Hare is a better player (in the system). But really I don’t know a whole lot about either of these players

  • Ben

    I don’t want any part of SDW…. The kid has not lived up to the hype this year and will be lucky to hold on to the offers he has. Bring on Hare and Staukas and call it a day.

  • I want Nick Starskas or Hawkins but Nick is my 1A…kid can play…good size needs to work on his D but Coach Beilein has shown he can teach the D side exteamly well. I hope Kansas’ class fills up…anyone know how many they are going to take?

  • fitey

    I hope trey and Brundidge will limit Vogrich’s minutes, He did well on the glass last coup;e of games but he looks very uncomfortable with ball and been pressured

  • fitey

    I hope trey and Brundidge will limit Vogrich’s minutes, He did well on the glass last couple of games but he looks very uncomfortable with ball and been pressured