Video: Nick Stauskas 2010-11 Prep Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Here are two videos from Nick Stauskas‘ junior season at St. Mark’s. The first is a compilation of highlights from five games and the second (after the jump) is full video from St. Mark’s NEPSAC Class AA Final loss to Tilton (courtesy of Stauskas is a 2012 prospect that holds offers from Kansas, Michigan, Wake Forest, and Iowa State.

  • MichBall2010

    Don’t think many people could question the quality of competition anymore. Ridiculous level of play for high school.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Yes. The level of play in the NEPSAC is generally very high.

      • I saw St Marks three times this season. There really isn’t all that much competition. Check out St. Mark’s winning margins… 30 plus for many games. One of his teamates already has an offer from Kansas so that may be a factor.

      • Peter Sullivan

        The competition this year for St Marks was not very strong. Check out their winning margins. Many games with plus 30. I believe their center is also a Kansas recruit so that may be a factor

  • Tweeter

    Love this kids game. He would certainly be my top pick of the guys we seem to be recruiting in 2012.

    Agree with Michball. yowsers that looked like a crazy talented team they were playing.

  • kevin

    i want this kid to come to michigan more than any other 2012 recruit (that we’re going after)

  • SJWolv

    I want him over SDW and Hawkins, this kid can play. His dribbling prowess will do wonders in our system as the shooters free up the driving lanes.

  • Josh

    I know that the first vid is a highlight tape, but damn can he score when he gets to the hole.

  • billiam

    Well, that answers the question: can he drive. I’m pretty sure that was the only issue a year ago.

    Only question: How the hell does Belein find these guys?

  • Sam

    Tilton looks absolutely ridiculous. I’m trying to find out who is #3 and #4 for them, they both look like very good high major prospects. NERR has a list of their top players, but I can’t find a roster with numbers on it anywhere.

  • mike

    heres a link to espn with some of their highly skilled players listed

  • Ben

    I have been saying for a year that this kid should be priority number 1 for 2012…. Lets hope with the continued success we can bring him in.

    • Kenny

      Same here. I think that he has some ability to play 1, which is highly desirable in case Morris leaves early.

  • Mattski

    Dag. Looks like he could pick up where Darius leaves off. What do we have to do to keep him away from Bill Self and Kansas, where my brother-in-law is a season ticket holder, and from whom I will never hear the end?

  • Beilein’s Bricks

    The kid seems like a player. Like how he takes it to the rim and he’s got good hops. Would be a great addition, so here’s hoping he picks us in the end.

  • Beast1530

    Stauskas is a solid prospect but I would still much rather have Javonte Hawkins IMO.

    • miketheoriginal

      Just out of curiosity, why do people always add IMO? Since we already know that you are the one writing the post, we already know its your opinion. Not to mention the fact that you add “I would still much rather have.” Is it a politeness thing, not trying to come across too strong. Sort of reminds of the (otherwise seemingly pointless) “I’m just sayin.” What do these expressions mean?

  • fitey

    I would very much like both him and his teammate Kaleb with those two and throw in thj and brundidge and Burke running the show there would be some serious scorers on the floor.

  • Bluebufoon

    Stauskas is the type of player we have to start getting– unfortunately it sounds like Kansas maybe the team to beat. Stauskas would be perfect in Beilein’s system. I’ll be heart-broken if this kid goes elsewhere.

  • stauent

    St. Mark’s vs Tilton NEPSAC AA Finals

    In case your interested in watching the game instead of just highlights:

    Got HD video of most of the game up on Youtube

    1st Half

    2nd Half