Recruiting Roundup: February 8th, 2011

Dylan Burkhardt

A bit abbreviated (no 2013s) due to a busy week.
Class of 2011

Trey Burke – Commit

I scouted the talented guard when he faced off with Lakewood St. Edward and, despite Northland losing its first game of the season, Burke was extremely impressive. The scouting report lives here. Here is the film:

Burke scored his 1,000th point on Friday in a blowout win over Brookhaven. In a Monday night game with Linden-McKinley, Burke notched 32 points on 9 of 16 (2-5 3pt) shooting with seven assists, four steals, and one turnover.

Carlton Brundidge – Commit

Brundidge struggled in a loss to Clarkston, Joe posted a nice video interview. Southfield also beat Oak Park easily, 67-46. The Blue Jays will host Lake Orion tonight.

Patrick Heckmann

Heckman is a German prospect that we covered back in December. Heckmann played in the German NBBL (Youth) All-Star game and was impressive.

Patrick Heckmann looked a bit more athletic than last summer and it seems that the minutes on ProB level help him to become a better player. He had not as much influence on the game as last year and mainly scored on the fast break where he did a great job spreading the court and on the finish.

You can see video of Heckmann in the all-star game here, he wears #33 on the white team. You should at least look at the video just to see the mascots take the jump ball. Heckmann is still undecided as to whether he will come to the States in 2011 or 2012, which is obviously a critical decision.

Class of 2012

Glenn Robinson III

Robinson had a career night on Saturday, going for 39 points and 11 rebounds versus East Chicago. Robinson has consistently put up big numbers this season but this was by far his best performance. Lake Central, 9-7, will face Valparaiso on Thursday.

166616_1574586404073_1217965328_31314307_2308450_n[2]Javontae Hawkins

Hawkins had 19 points and six rebounds in a 70-34 win over Saginaw Heritage. Hawkins also had 17 points in a 30 point win over Davison.

Nick Stauskas

Stauskas had 19 points in a 83-70 win over Christian Faith Academy. The New England Recruiting Report’s Steve Keller called Stauskas a “high major shooter deluxe”. NERR also posted a scouting report of Stauskas a couple of weeks ago that we missed:

Finishing with a team-high 24 points on 9-16 shooting, Stauskas showed his versatility as a dynamic scorer with a variety of tough drives to the basket and multiple jumpers from behind the arc.  A solid athlete with a knack for scoring the ball, the six-foot-six junior takes and makes big shots and is more-than-willing to mix it up on the other end as a capable on-ball and team defender.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker
Pershing has struggled a bit this year but will face Detroit Douglass tonight in the second round of the PSL playoffs.
Sean Sheldon

Sheldon had 28 points and 16 rebounds in a 70-49 win over Charlevoix with Penn State in the building. Here is a link some video footage from the game.

Mitch McGary

Had a team-high 10 rebounds an 89-55 win over Next Level Prep of Canada but was not listed among leading scorers in an 81-54 win over the Robinson School (NJ).

  • Mattski

    (Maybe naive) question from someone who doesn’t follow recruiting closely: Now that it appears we may be so well stocked at guard does Stauskas go somewhere else, or is his game different enough that he fits as a potential starter, too?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I think Stauskas, Hawkins, and Dorsey-Walker are all still big targets. Michigan needs guys on the wing because Hardaway and Vogrich are really the only real wings on the roster. Brundidge and Burke are good but they are both 6-foot-ish.

      • Mattski

        Thanks. In addition to showing promise, this team looks like it would be fun to play for–hope some of these promising players think so, too.

      • CJD

        You do not see GR 3rd as a wing?

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          He is. Was referring more to the current roster. I still think we need another, even with Glenn.

  • MAS

    I really hope JB grabs 1 big in 2012 and banks the other ship for 2013. I would love to have 3 in that class since there is so much talent. Plus I’ve heard that UofM has made solid headway with a few of them. I would love a class of Walton, Haney and a big.

    As far as 2012 wings go if we take one of the instate guys give me Hawkins over SDW any day of the week. Though it sounds like Hawkins will be shipped out of state.

    • KJay

      One solution would be to not ask back someone for a fifth year. You can figure out who that might be.

      • I know! I know!

        • tin mad dog

          Unless he makes a big leap in production, that will probably happen.

  • Mason

    Sai Tummala led all scorers with 19 points in a 59-50 win over Hamilton last Friday too.

  • MAS

    I plan on attending the Romulus vs. Sag A Hill game tonight which will give me a chance to see EC Mathews (2013). I heard that he is playing more than earlier in the season. Also will get to see Hare but I think he is a pipe dream that will probably ended up at USC or Depaul.

    • sven

      Why would he end up at either of this crappy schools?

      • MAS

        Because they are crappy schools, heard there are some potential grade issues plus he would rather leave the state.

        • Yeah, EC and another soph are playing more now, just had to figure out varsity defense. Be interested in hearing how Ray Lee does, he was deep in Nate Oats’ doghouse last time I saw Romulus.

          • MAS

            Saw Lee drop 19 last game but the few times I’ve seen him I was to impressed. I really don’t see him as the high major player some were hyping him to become.

  • Is there any interest in sophomore James Young out of Troy? He’s a legit 6’6 lefty who is incredibly smooth for a 15 year old. I saw Dewayne Stephens scouting him on friday, and I know Purdue and Oakland have been recruiting him.

    That was a nice comeback win vs PSU, lets not take a step back and drop one to NW.

    • Paul

      I just saw Young play too. I’m more impressed with him than Hawkins

  • Ben

    I will say it again…. Staukas should be our top Priority for 2012 when it comes to wings…. The kid plays with two 5 star kids and we consisently see him being the teams high scorer. I love the video of him and I think JB should go hard after this kid….. He almost committed before. He is the perfect player for Beilein’s offense.

    • Beast1530

      I’m not enamored with Stauskas as many here are. I don’t think that he’s a great athlete and the level of competition leaves a lot to be desired. I hope I’m wrong but Michigan really need an athletic wing player who can get to the hoop with ease alas Prather, Pointer, etc.

  • We need a real big asap. Inexcusable at this point that Evan and Jordan are the tallest guys meaningful minutes. They’re both like 6’5 or 6’6 max

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Evan and Jordan are 6-foot-5?

    • MAS

      Charlie I take it that you don’t watch the team. Smote 6-9 and Morgan 6-8 and 240. Horford at 6-9 with long arms will be physically ready to play next year. There are 80 minute total between the 4 and 5 position. I expect Smote and Morgan will be playing 30 minutes each at the 4 and 5 if they stay out of foul trouble. That leaves 10 minutes at each position. Based on what I’ve seen Horford shows potential and with an offseason of developement will need more than 10 minutesa a game at the 5. I personnally think Horford and Morgan will play some together next year against the right teams. Now there basically 10 minutes left for Novak, Mclimans and Christian.

      So Charlie what recruit can we get that is actually available and can contribute right away and take minutes from Morgan, Smote and Horford next season?

      • DoubES

        My one contention here is that I think Morgan is strictly limited to the 5 in Beilein’s offense, no? The 4 needs to be comfortable on the perimeter, and Jordan’s definitely a post player

        • DoubES

          sorry mate, misread your post. we’re on the same page.

  • Section13Row15

    The good thing about Beilein’s offense for incoming recruits is that he can play 4 guards at once depending on the matchups, foul trouble, etc. I could see him using GR III at the 2, 3, or 4 at times when he gets here and also putting a guy like Stauskas at the two or the three. So the guys that can play multiple positions will get more opportunities.

    • tin mad dog

      He “can” but it hasn’t been wildly successful. It was sure terrible last year. At least Stauskas isn’t a midget, though.

  • Has Carlton Brundidge still not sent in his LOI? Rivals still has him as being committed but not signed.

    If it has’t been said before, this Transformers 3 ad is out of control.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Carlton signed his LOI. I’ll look into the transformers ad. I just noticed it the other day.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I thought for sure he had signed. I guess Rivals just isn’t on the ball on this one.

        • Dylan Burkhardt

          Rivals profile updates are… not the most reliable.

          • Paul

            The Transformers 3 ad is out of control!

  • Colby

    Really interested in who the other 2011 player might be that Max Bielfeldt mentions. Most likely a player at the same 4 position as Max? I am hoping that Colton is one of the most improved players next year because we could use his depth behind Evan.

  • tin mad dog

    Heckman is wearing #33 in that video.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      You are correct. That’s a typo on my part.

      Also — Michigan in to watch the Pershing-Douglass game. UM’s headed to Romulus-Saginaw Arthur Hill after. — per IPS

      • MAS

        I will say hi to BA for you.

  • Paul

    Hopefully Beilein and staff are recruiting James Young hard. The 6’5″ Young (sophomore SG/SF from Troy HS) is aready better than Javontae Hawkins for instance, who I’ve also seen play in person. The below link has a good story on Young. I was @ this phenomenal game in which Young took over vs a very good Avondale team, and was told that the MSU assistant coach was talking to Young right after this game. Please put him on U of M’s recruiting radar too if he isn’t already.