Scouting: Carlton Brundidge vs. Clarkston


I made the trip to Clarkston last night to see Carlton Brundidge and Southfield take on the Wolves at their place. Here’s a video interview with Brundidge with a scouting report after the jump.

Clarkston played very well the entire game, forcing Southfield into turnovers and bad shots. In the second half, Clarkston extended its lead to double digits as Carlton ran into some foul trouble. In the fourth quarter, however, Desmond “Pee Wee” Barnes took matters into his own hands. The senior took over on offense and scored at least three straight baskets to draw Southfield to within striking distance. With about two and a half minutes left, Brundidge was whistled for a questionable blocking foul and sent to the bench with his fifth foul. His team stepped up in his absence, actually pulling ahead by two, but Clarkston sealed the game late with a pair of free throws, winning 56-54.

While he didn’t have his best game and never really got going, scoring 7 points, he did most of the things he’s known for: attacking the rim relentlessly, finding teammates and playing tough defense. Carlton looked frustrated at times on offense, especially given how the Clarkston defense was keying on him. He was able to penetrate and find open guys, but he wasn’t getting the whistles I think he’s accustomed to and that resulted in a few unsightly turnovers. There wasn’t a player working harder on defense, but Brundidge was gambling quite a bit — sometimes it worked, sometimes it left his teammates in poor position defensively. Brundidge didn’t attempt many outside shots from what I saw, instead forcing the issue in the paint. Overall, not the best I’ve seen Brundidge play but he wasn’t getting much help — from his teammates (outside of Barnes down the stretch) or the referees.

  • MaizeNBlueJ

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  • KAB

    A little off the topic but has any one heard the status of Brooks?I went on PSU website and they dont seem confident he will play..If he does then it will be a miracle and they will be taking a big chance!!!

  • SJWolv

    It seems this year that CB is struggling against good competition. The games against SE, DCD, and Clarkston come to mind. Are teams keying on him more this year or is his game predicated on getting a whistle and that isn’t happening?

    Given his lack of an outside shot I would be surprised to see him and Morris on the floor at the same time next year. That killed us last year when Manny and Morris played at the same time, JB needs three shooters on the court to spread the floor.

    Burke seems to have a good outside shot so I see him playing with Morris, but having Trey guard the PG on D.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I think Brundidge will have a sort of “microwave” role next year. When he’s clicking he can put up points in a hurry, but I think it’s best that Michigan doesn’t rely on him to be a consistent scorer every game as a freshman.

      I also wouldn’t say that he lacks an outside shot, I’d probably call it more streaky. He shot the ball well at a couple different tournaments this summer.

      • Brick

        I don’t think either of the freshman will get major minutes next year. I think it’s a welcome change that we won’t need to count on too much freshman production for a change.

        • Ben

          I can see Burke playing a key role next year…. lets face it Stu is not a good ball handler and Trey is so I think he will spell morris and play alongside morris a bit.

  • KAB

    Wow thank’s Dylan.Looks like he will not play but it will still be a tough game!

  • Kenny

    Burke seems to have a better season than Brundidge. Does he get more support from his team mates. Interesting to see how the two will fit in next year. They certainly will be pillars of our backcourt the year after, especially if Morris leaves early, which is more likely than not.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Burke definitely has the better team. He has several high major to MM+ kids on his team.

      Brundidge pretty much single handedly carried Southfield to the Final Four last year. However, Desmond Barnes and Patrick Onwenu aren’t quite the best supporting cast out there.

    • Ben

      Morris is not leaving early…… He is having a good year but he has a lot to work on if he wants to play at the next level. I can see him playing in the NBA after his senior year but not leaving early. The NBA scouts can see he needs to work on his shot big time and refining his all around game. Lets not get ahead of ourselves with Morris.

  • Sam

    I hope Carlton doesn’t show up at Crisler tomorrow…we play AT Penn State tomorrow Joe, haha.

  • Johnnyumfan

    This may be off topic, but has anyone watched 6’7″ small forward Spencer Parker of Bloomfield High School. I think this kid with his athletism could be a very good recruit for UM at a position of need for Beilein.