Pick to Click: Michigan at Northwestern

Dylan Burkhardt

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Because Darius Morris won the first two rounds rather convincingly, we are going to limit today’s selections to a specific pool of players. For tonight’s game choose one of the following five players as your Pick to Click:

Stu Douglass, Tim Hardaway Jr., Jordan Morgan, Zack Novak, and Evan Smotrycz

If you don’t know what’s going on, check out the rules here. Please remember to use the same name and e-mail address as you have in previous weeks or your selection will not be counted toward your overall tally. You are welcome to participate if you haven’t participated in previous weeks but you might have some catching up to do.

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  • ScottGoBlue

    Zach Novak

  • ZRL

    Zach Novak

  • Jeff

    Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • Alyzen

    Tim Hardaway, Jr.

  • mac

    zack novak

  • hancockc

    Evan Smotrycz

  • Alex Laird

    Zack Novak

  • the_white_tiger

    Zack Novak

  • Jonathan

    Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • Eric

    Zack Novak

  • Jarrett

    zack novack

  • ATLblue

    Evan Smotrycz

  • JayRich


  • jallotta

    I’m glad you changed the rules. I was going to keep picking Morris all season, but this makes it much more interesting.

    Tough call but I’ll go with Zack Novak this game.

  • Casey, CO

    Tim Hardaway Jr

  • JNuss

    Jordan Morgan

  • tommya14


  • Gary


  • Joel

    Hardaway Jr

  • Cadillac Rob

    jordan morgan

  • EchoWhiskey

    Jordan Morgan

  • Joel

    Hey I noticed when tallying up the scores that there are 2 Jeffs – could one of you change your name for the purposes of the contest? Also whichever one changes it, just let me know what your pick for this game was (you had the same picks for the first 2 games). Thanks.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Just make sure to keep using the same e-mail.

  • Alex

    Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • Dalberts


  • Brandon

    Stu Douglass

  • sullycu

    Tim Hardaway jr.