Pick to Click! Sponsored by Moe Sport Shops

Dylan Burkhardt

Moe Sport Shops offered to sponsor a contest on the blog and we decided to borrow an idea from our friends at Inside the Hall: Pick to Click.

The contest is relatively simple, for each game you pick the Michigan player that you expect to have the best game. If that player does have the best game (calculated by a formula listed below) you will earn a point. At the end of the season we’ll tally up all the points and find our winner. Moe Sport Shops is sponsoring the tournament and will provide a $100 gift certificate for first place and $50 for the runner up. (Ties will have to be split.)

Each week’s “pick to click” is calculated using this specific formula derived by our friends at Inside the Hall:

  • 2 points for each point scored
  • 2 points for each rebound
  • 2 points for each assist
  • 1 point for each steal
  • 1 point for each blocked shot
  • – 2 points for each turnover

We’ll begin with tonight’s Ohio State game so you can post your pick to click in the comments.

Note: Please use the same nickname and e-mail address for every game or you will be disqualified.

  • Section13Row15

    Darius Morris

  • kevin


  • steve

    ill take tim hardaway jr.

  • Adam VO

    Darius Morris

  • Brandon

    Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • AJ

    Zack Novak

  • gobluetwo

    Going with Darius Morris

  • gvsustud22

    Evan Smotrycz

  • Stove

    Darius Morris

  • JayRich

    Darius…please and thank you.

  • JBag

    Zack Novak

  • ATLblue

    Zack Novak

  • the_white_tiger

    Darius Morris

  • Skinzkid


  • MikeM


  • BK


  • South Florida Maize Rage

    I’ll go with Darius Morris.

  • UMWest

    Darius Morris

  • Beast1530

    I’m going with Stu Douglass

  • Austin

    Stu Douglass FTPTC!

  • Alyzen

    Stu Douglass

  • mgocanada

    I already took Darius, but can someone please present these picks in the form of a pie chart? Thank you

  • Harry

    Stu Douglass

  • Scott S

    Darius Morris

  • Joel

    Here’s a breakdown of the voting, with the points for each player (assuming I added it up right): http://i53.tinypic.com/b9bvd5.png

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Joel! I should have you tally the selections :-)

      • Joel

        Haha ok I can keep doing that.