Video: Jordan Hare vs. Sexton


Scouting video of Jordan Hare versus Sexton in the Mr. Basketball MLK Classic. We also posted a collection of scouting reports from the event as well as video interviews with Michigan targets.

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  • Central40

    Plays and looks very similar to Jon Horford during his senior year. Horford’s film is more impressive, in my opinion.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      He’s also a junior, so he has time to develop his offense game. That being said, I don’t think he got the ball on the block once.

    • Ben

      I have to disagree with you there, I think Jordan is a bit more athletic then Horford.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        I think this is fair. I’d give Hare the advantage in athleticism but Horford had a little bit more of a back to the basket game.

  • Adam

    He is obviously a very good shot blocker and defender. His offense looks a lot less refined. I think he definitely would be in the Horford mold where he isn’t ready to come in and contribute. He would need some coaching and development before he would be in any rotation at UM.

  • tin mad dog

    Seeing as he’s only mid-way through his junior year, I would expect him to improve on his offense in the next year and a half. He does remind me of Horford at this point, though. We sure could use a guy (like Horford) that can protect the rim so I hope we can land somebody that does that.

  • CJD

    My take is that his defense is obviously far ahead of his offense at this point. But… look at his footwork; it is awesome. He moves very well and seems to stay on his feet which is huge for a shot blocker.

    All in all for a Junior he looks like he has ton of upside as he seems very athletic. Best of all he does not seem to be allergic to the paint and stays close to the rim; and we need that desperately.

  • grandchamp

    You weren’t kidding on the recruiting page when you commented on his ridiculous wingspan. I’d like to see JB get a player or two out of Europe that is ready to make an immediate impact.

    • CJD

      There is some great video and websites out there for NCAA seeking players from Europe; in fact the guy they tried to get last year is a monster and probably would have been our best player this year by a wide stretch.