Video: Jordan Hare, Sherron Dorsey-Walker & Steve Haney Jr. Talk Recruiting


Jordan Hare, Sherron Dorsey-Walker, and Steve Haney Jr. discuss their recruitments at the Mr. Basketball MLK Classic. The full scouting report from the event lives here and we’ll be posting some game footage shortly.

The Dorsey-Walker and Haney videos are after the jump.

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  • JayRich

    Sorry if i missed this but why is Haney been sitting? Is it injury or transfer?

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      Transfer from East Lansing to Lansing Eastern.

  • Ben

    What’s up with Sherron Dorsey-Walker?? I realize you just lost a game but put a little effort when answering the questions. He didn’t seem like he really is feeling Michigan….. I would rather have Nik Staukas and we probably should made him a bigger priority then SDW.

    • TheYooper

      It’s not really a surprise he doesn’t want to talk. Nobody likes losing, and HS kids take it the hardest.

    • Dylan Burkhardt

      I think Sherron was down, going through a rough patch, and he didn’t play much in the game. Pershing is way down this year and really struggling. I don’t think you really need to read more into it than what it is.