Pick to Click: Michigan at Indiana

Dylan Burkhardt

Pick to Click is sponsored by Moe Sport Shops.

The rules are here, for those of you that are new.

We’ll try another open round for this game but we reserve to right to implement a pool structure if the same player wins every game. Picks are due by tip off.

Remember that you must use the same name and e-mail address that you used in previous rounds. People that did not participate previously are welcome to participate, they will just have one less chance at scoring points.

Here’s a nice graph of the results from last game that Joel posted in the comments:


  • HudsonvilleWolverine

    stu douglas

  • SteinerBlue


  • ChesterBlue


  • Darius Morris

  • MarcO

    Darius Morris

  • UMWest


  • Oopers

    Z. Novak

  • Austin

    Hardaway Jr.

  • Camo

    Darius Morris

  • Ben

    Darius Morris

  • BR

    Darius Morris

  • JayRich

    D-Mo. Please and Thank You

  • Mason

    Darius Morris please

  • kevin


  • Darius Morris. Thanks!!

  • Charles

    Darius Morris

  • Anthony Mosby

    Darius Morris

  • Alex

    Stu Douglas

  • Andy

    Stu Douglass

  • Adam VO

    D. Morris

  • ScottGoBlue


  • jallotta

    Darius Morris is my pick.

  • camkp

    Darius Morris

  • hancockc

    Z. Novak

  • Gary

    Darius Morris

  • BleedBlueForever

    I’ll go with Stu for the Indiana game

  • tommya14


  • JimC

    D Morris

  • drew54

    Stu Douglass

  • Sam

    Zack Novak

  • steve

    darius morris

  • cory hunt

    Tim Hardaway Jr.


    Tim Hardaway baby

  • Adam

    I’ll take Stu Douglass impressing in front of the Hoosier crowd.

  • Cadillac Rob

    Jordan Morgan

  • Jimmy

    Zack Novak

  • mac