Monday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Colby

    Did any recruits stop by Crisler on Saturday for the Harvard game? Thanks

  • Bigfoot

    Great add on of RPI rankings. You guys are becoming one stop shopping. This site’s come a long way. Congrats

  • Trevor

    The individual player profile pages are cool. One bit of constructive criticism: you might think about using two-different y-axis scales — maybe one for minutes and eFG% on the left, and one for points, assists, and rebounds on the right. It’s generally going to be hard to see levels and trends for something like assists per game when they’re plotted on a scale that goes from zero to sixty (or to a billion, in Stu’s case).

  • AG2

    I can’t help but wonder what went into the Detroit News’ rankings of Michigan high school players. They didn’t give many high rankings to either Michigan or MSU’s commits.

    • Mark

      I wouldn’t worry about it both the News and Freep are clueless when ranking teams and players. The two most dominating players in the state are Buckets and CB. They play very good comp and put up numbers. While there might be players with higher upside at the next level there are not anyone better then those 2 at the HS level.

  • aMaized
    • Dylan Burkhardt

      We are trying to catch up with him.

  • Adam

    Yeah Brundidge being #8 is an absolute disgrace and should give no credit to those ratings. No matter how you want to base your rankings, whether it be on a high school level where Brundidge is completely dominant, or projected to the college level, Brundidge is MUCH better than that. It’s a shame they have him so low, even with all the talent in Michigan.

    • Gary

      The only ratings that matter are the ones at the end of the season. Let’s hope that he takes this as a challenge to show where he should have been ranked.

  • Beast1530

    Amir Williams at #1 is laughable because he’s not the best HS player in the state. His production doesn’t warrant #1 ranking.

  • Grey

    Are you guys gna have the stream for tonights game?