2013 Intro: Steve Haney Jr.


haneySteven Haney Jr. 6-foot-6, is a lights-out shooter in the class of 2013 from the Lansing area who recently transferred from East Lansing High School to Lansing Eastern, where he’ll play alongside LaDontae Henton and Charles Tucker. He has already taken a few unofficials to Michigan and his primary recruiter has been LaVall Jordan. For more info, check out this recent report from Bank Hoops:

Haney seems to channel big West Coast jumpshooters like Tracy Murray, Reggie Miller, Tom Lewis and Don MacLean, who piled up ridiculous high school scoring numbers. Haney has a really quick release, and doing it at that height, it’s hard to defend. He showed some grit with rebounds in traffic. Haney’s fearlessness and improved playmaking was evident against Country Day, when he drove right at Amir Williams before dishing to Henton for an assist. He’ll likely end up a better and more fluid athlete than he is right now, young and growing into is body.

I caught up with Steve this evening and here’s what he had to say on his recruitment:

Describe your game. I would say I’m a wing with good size and length.

Who’s been recruiting you? Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, Illinois, Ohio State, Georgetown and USC.

Any early offers? No.

You’ve taken a few visits to Michigan, haven’t you? I visited once last year for a football game and then I went back this year for a football game again.

What did you do? We tailgated with the team and walked through Crisler Arena, sat with some of the coaches and talked. The we watched the football game and had a good time.  It was a lot of fun.  I liked all the coaches a lot.

Lavall Jordan has been the one primarily recruiting you, right? Yeah.

What do you think of him and the other new coaches? He’s really cool and from who I’ve talked to everyone’s real nice.  I like coach Beilein a lot and all the other coaches, too.

Any more Michigan visits planned? I’m not sure right now, but I’m sure I’ll come up for a few more home games this season.

Any visits planned for other schools? I’ve been to a couple MSU games this year so far and I’ll probably be back to see a couple more of those, too.

What did you like about Michigan? I really liked the coaches and players and I also liked how they’re building a new practice facility.  From the games I’ve been to before, I’ve liked the atmosphere at their games.

How do you see yourself fitting into Michigan’s offense? They shoot a lot of perimeter jumpshots so I think I’d be able to do well.

What are you focused on improving about your game right now? I’m working on improving everything but mostly strength.

Do you have a timeframe for when you’d want to commit to a school? Not really positive, but I’d like probably sometime in between junior and senior year.

Any player that people compare you too? Some people have made some Bird comparisons.

What ultimately goes into your decision? I like to play against good competition and with players I get along with well.

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  • Jessie

    Magic Johnsons Nephew.

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  • Jon

    His Mom is a UM grad though. Great shot with this kid. Transferring from East Lansing actually hurts though. He will now play with Dr. Tuckers kid and he is a Sparty lock.

  • Nik

    Dont read into much about Magic relationship or Tucker Jr., I hear he is really high on UM. He and AAU teammate/UM target Derrick Walton are both Detroit Superfriends and we all know their history with Michigan (i.e. Webber and Rose)…

    • Jon

      Kid wants to go to State. Not a big secret here in EL. He needs to grow some.

    • Jon

      oops. Thought you were talking bout Cha Cha Tucker. He is the Sparty lock.

  • georgeesq.

    I’ve heard that Haney will go his own way. Not to say that having Izzo 3 miles away from his high school won’t be a factor, but maybe he wants to get away from home.

  • Nik

    agree with Jon on Tucker being a sparty lock and agree with George on getting away from home. Would hate to hold something like what happened in EL against Sparty (well not really), but can see why he would want to get away…..Man Man (Monte Morris) and Walton are great guards for UM to be looking at…dont sleep either on Brian Morton from Eastern

  • mitch

    I would love it if we could get both Yogi and Cha Cha! Tremendous names. I know we wont get either. Looks like were stuck with Zak, Stu, Jon, Tim, and Evan. Go Blue! Beat Clemson!

  • eddie

    didn’t yogi commit to IU?

    • Beast1530

      yes, he did commit to IU. Trey Burke has made Yogi Ferrell less of a priority. He probably would have picked Michigan if Michigan hadn’t landed Burke.

      • Dylan Burkhardt

        He definitely wasn’t as much of a priority after Burke, and Michigan had done a good job recruiting him, but there’s nothing that should make anyone believe that he was on the verge of committing to Michigan or anything.

        • Beast1530

          I was told that Ferrell had Michigan as his leader over IU and would’ve picked Michigan if Michigan didn’t land Burke.

          I would have liked to see Ferrell in Maize and Blue uni because he is explosive and is lightning quick who can blow by defenders with ease. Both Burke and Ferrell are great PG but if I had to choose(assuming that both are in the same class, but they aren’t), I would have picked Ferrell because of his ability to get to the hoop with ease. Burke is no slouch. I’m happy that Michigan got Burke.

          • That Guy

            Every time someone commits to a school other than the one you cheer for its because they were A) Not that good anyway B) We didn’t really want him anyway C) He couldn’t qualify anyway. All fans that follow recruiting do this. The fact is everything you think you know about recruiting is completely wrong unless it is a direct quote from a recruit. Even then it can’t be trusted. Case and Point: DeAnthony Arnett. It truly is crazy to follow the lives of these kids but I’m guilty of it as well.

            Haney and Tucker have very strong MSU ties. Seems like a long shot for UM.

        • Kenny

          Dylan, need to update your 2012 recruiting page. Yogi should be moved to “former targets”.

  • bballfan2733


    his youtube high lights from last year…hes grown to almost 6’7″ and gotten a lot stronger while imporving his shooting more and dribbling.

  • Jermaine

    Damn..dude has serious range and a quick release. If he was doing that as Frosh, what will he be like in three years? I hope an offer is coming

  • the streets

    haney is a hell of a player he is still young we have to let these kids mature as players . walton and haney are real close and they are coach by one of the top aau coaches around in curtis hervey, but there also coached by haneys dad sr. look outn these two are primed to go off this season

  • Nik

    I will tell you what, if we got Haney and Derek Walton Jr together that would be a recruiting coup because both Sparty targets too. Dont count it out from happening either because they are close and could go somwhere and make an impact early

  • Marco

    Ask big Jon Horford about Haney. He dropped 25 on Jon’s Grand Ledge team when he was only a Freshman and they won. Not that Jon was guarding him or anything, but still.