2012 Offers: Nick Stauskas & Sherron Dorsey-Walker

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan extended two scholarship offers in the class of 2012 over the last 24 hours. First, on Monday, the Michigan staff offered Canadian wing guard Nick Stauskas. Stauskas also picked up new offers from Stanford, Wake Forest, and Butler. In early August, Stauskas named Michigan his leader after an unofficial visit but he has opened things up a bit.

Today, TJ from InsidePrepSports first reported that Michigan had offered Detroit Pershing guard Sherron Dorsey-Walker as well. Dorsey-Walker is another wing guard and is ranked 74th in the Rivals Top 150. He has offers from Indiana, Baylor, Dayton, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Oakland, Fairfield and Drake. He is the third wing guard that Michigan has offered (along with JaVontae Hawkins and Stauskas).

Michigan already has a commitment from Indiana native Glenn Robinson III in the 2012 class. In the class of 2011 they continue to recruit super wing athlete Dominique Pointer and Detroit Country Day big man Amir Williams.

Stay tuned to UMHoops for updates and reactions from Stauskas and Dorsey-Walker about their new offers. My first reaction to this news is that, despite a relatively limited number of scholarships, it is clear that Michigan is not going to sit back and wait for kids to take their time.

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  • Tom_McC

    This has all the ear-marks of a first come first serve type situation. While not exactly the same, Stauskas and Dorsey-Walker seem to be 2’s with some ability to play the 1 in a pinch.

    I’ll be be extremely happy with either to be honest, although getting another Detroit kid is never a bad thing. So maybe I’m 55% for Walker and 45% for Stauskas.

    I’d be shocked if this situation will have any impact on Pointer.

  • Brick

    I think this impacts Hawkins more than anyone. We have three wing offers and one spot. First come first serve. Who wants to be a wolverine? I think it’s obvious that the kids dead set on waiting until next summer to decide will not have a spot open that long.

  • JB

    any chance that scholarship(s) could be opening up in east lansing?

  • aMaized
  • fresh

    love the aggressive approach but like somebody else said ….it would certainly be nice to know whats going on behind the scenes as to why these 2 are being offered right now

  • jBdub

    So Sean Sheldon said in his Q&A that the Coach Beilein told him the staff needed to decide whether they were going to go big or small with their 2012 offer. Looks like they’ve got their answer.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Don’t think so (anytime soon), JB, re: scholarships in East Lansing. All the commits seem solid as do the players on the roster. MSU still has a few 2012 offers out even though they’re full on paper right now.

  • ummapinnna

    What does MSU have todo with these offers ???? Why does something behind the scenes have to be happening for us to start offereing two talented kids ?? I mean , come on geez o peez..

    This is why I wash my hands with some fans and recruiting . Something bad has always have to happen , so say . Just cause these two kids were offered something has to be going down .

    It’s never like ” Coach B is recruiting more talented players.” . It’s always ” I wonder who’s leaving or who’s being push out .”
    Recruiting these two kids is more so PROGRAM building than over recruiting out of the fear someone might leave or get kicked off . You always recruit the best players reguardless of size . You recruit the players who you feel will help you winn for years to come.

    This has nothing to do with Pointer or Williams going elsewhere , it has more to do with offering solid players reguardless of height or needs .

    Actually it is about NEEDS cause every team need multiple players who have talent point blank period.

    Come on ya’ll stop searching for negativity . These two kids can and will help us win . Getting one will be a step ahead for the program . GLEN III Robinson , may grow a inch or two, hence him being a 2, 3, 4 type of player.

    I like these two offers.

    We will have 5 players who can man the 4 and 5 spots . I think Horford , Morgan , Mcclaimins , Smot and Colton Christian can do a very good job . The college game is won with great guard play .

    Some folks just don’t get it . They cried about when Tommy was here about having to many big men but not enough skilled guards .

    On JB’s watch they complained about not having enough ballhandlers and us recruiting only white shooters .

    Now they back to complaining about JB recruiting to many skilled players . Or shall I say they also complained about JB not recruiting Athletic players and slashers .

    Then some complained about not enough local kids being recruited but when we recruit some they are are either two small or not a fit for JB’s so called system .

    Wah wah wah wah … negative nancies are everywhere . Remember teams that win with a small athletic roster, who can defend and shoot ?

    MSU , went final 4 with a small team . Illinois . Villanova . Davidson . Marqutte .

    Just to name a few . It’s about talent and heart and no size . UcONN had dominant size as did UNC and they barely made the N.I.T …

    And last but not least again , …What does MSU having a scholarship open has to do with UM or these offers ?

    This is why I hate following recruiting via message boards. Some people are ungrateful and never happy reguardless .

    Like complaining about NOT recruiting top 100 or top 50 players but we have some RANKED players on our team and in our FUTURE recruiting classes .

    SMFH … I bleed blue and welcomes whomever come here reguardless of size. Longas. They have heart .

  • fresh

    scout has an article that was similar to glenn III’s right before he committed……..is stauskas going to come here?

  • JB

    ummapinna – you’re reading way too much into my post. Nothing about it was knocking stauskus, dorsey-walker, or any other recruit/player; I think they’re both great prospects. I’m always very supportive of Beilein.

    These offers being suddenly are a complete deviation, we almost always offer recruits when they’re on campus. I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable to ask if something could be going on at msu several days after rape allegations involving two of their players (which it doesn’t seem to be the case).

  • JB

    quick clarification – at the end i meant it doesn’t seem to be the case that something has come of the allegations, i didn’t mean to sound like i was speculating about the case.

  • I think Michigan will push for Sherron or Stauskas to pop sooner than later.

  • Adam

    This should be verrrry interesting.. I expect that one of the two will commit within a week. I think they both have Michigan as their clear cut favorites and they each know the situation. One of them will pull the trigger not wanting to lose a spot at their favorite school and it will happen very soon.

    I would be completely happy with either one. They are both very good players! And let me add, I LOVE the aggressive recruiting approach. No waiting it out for a Trey Zeigler situation again. Identify who really likes you and then push their hand for a first come first serve commitment. It will be very interesting to see who picks Michigan first!

  • Sheryl

    Not sure how accurate their “reportedly” is but……
    “The other two schools Williams had in-home visits with last month are Michigan and Oklahoma, but he has not scheduled official visits to either and reportedly has eliminated Michigan.”

  • FLWolve

    Anybody else surprised to see that Trey McDonald is visiting OSU?

  • fresh

    scout has a article just a couple days ago on williams stating that williams will visit michigan and that was literally about 3 days ago……who knows

  • georgeesq.

    OSU is looking for a back-up to Sullinger. They haven’t offered McDonald yet. Weak year for bigs, though, could work to his benefit.

  • grandchamp

    I agree 100% with Adam