Post-Visit Q&A: Nick Stauskas


The 6-foot-5 wing guard took an unofficial visit to Michigan this weekend. We posted a couple of notes on Stauskas’ last night, but I was able to get a hold of him today for some more in-depth answers.

What did you do in Ann Arbor? On Sunday, I got to see them practice and on Monday I met back up with them and got a tour of the campus.

What did you think of the campus? It was crazy.  Their facilities there were really nice and they told me that by the time I came their whole basketball facilities would be redone and they’re planning to renovate the arena.

What did you think of practice? In the practice, Beilein seemed really relaxed, and I guess that would be kind of good not to have a hothead for a coach.  For most of the practice they spent a lot of time on fundamentals, like passing, dribbling, shooting and that kind of stuff.  Then they got up and down for a little five-on-five and what I noticed was that they like to shoot 3’s a lot.  About 80 percent of their shots were from 3.

You like that, right?  You’re a shooter. Yeah, that’s why I like it more because I definitely fit into that kind of offense.

What did you think of all the coaches? They were all real nice, they all welcomed me and they just showed me a lot of information so it was all good.

You were impressed with the player development center? They showed us on the computer a 3-D video of what the outside and inside of the facilities should look like and it’s just really nice.

The coaches told you they didn’t want to offer you until they knew you were going to commit right away? Yeah.

You aren’t ready to commit right now? I’m not ready to commit right now after talking with my family and my coaches I still want to wait to see who else comes to me, but my parents and I definitely enjoyed Michigan and I can definitely see myself coming here in a couple years.

Do you plan making an official visit later? Yeah we were talking about it hopefully next spring I could come for an official visit.

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  • detroitbry

    80% of their shots were from 3, that says it all right there.

  • fresh

    now cmon………come season time that number will surely drop to about 75%

  • fresh

    no wonder we have trouble landing players, they come in and watch 1 practice and realize that beilein wants them to shoot as soon as they get passed half court…….who wants to do that

  • Kenny

    It is silly to take “80%” literally, they just shot more 3s than other teams.

  • There’s also something called exaggeration… Also it’s a practice. Practices usually have some sort of focus, etc. After how poorly we shot threes last year, it’s worth noting that we definitely need the practice :-)

  • detroitbry

    Way to spin it dylan. ;^)

  • fresh

    the 80% is coming from stauskas at the practice not from last season kenneth and i would definitely believe thats an accurate assesment because its practice… everything i said was sarcasm or a joke

  • sullycu

    Feel free to call me wrong, but next year, at least Beilein will have a diverse pool of players next year if nothing else. He has C’s- Jordan Morgan, big strong guy, blake Mclimans, perfect system player, and Jon Horford, who could contribute if not now, in a few years.
    PF’s- Evan Smotrycz, highly rated player, a jb type of player,
    SF’s- Zack novak, Hustle player, good defender, leader, good shooter Colton Christian, good defender, “sleeper”
    SG’s- Tim Hardaway Jr, can get to the hoop, Matt Vogrich, He’s Jb’s fav shooter (I know for a fact) and with confidence, cluld get a lot of points.
    PG’s- Darius Morris, creative player who could drive, pass, and set things up if we do, infact shoot 80% threes, and Stu Douglass (if not at shooting guard, who may not be as quick, but can fill in for darius and is an effective shooter.

  • Haha, not trying to spin. Just saying, it was mentioned in positive context. An estimate from a kid watching practice is what it is. He also mentioned most of the practice was drill work etc, so who knows how long they actually played.

  • stauent

    Last AAU video of the year. Hope this makes believers out of you.

    – best watched full screen in 720p

  • Added the video to the post. Thanks for the link.

  • Brian W

    Kansas released their men’s bball schedule today, and the game at Crisler on Sunday, Jan. 9 will be on CBS, either at 12:30 or 3:30 p.m.

    The adidas Nations tournament is this week. The third place and championship games will be on CBS College Sports Network on Aug. 9. Cody Zeller and Quincy Miller (Dominique Pointer’s teammate at Quality Education Academy) are on 2011 US team. Yogi Ferrell and Alex Murphy are on the 2012 US team.

  • wayman britt

    I know they don’t play defense in AAU ball, but I wonder about Nick’s defense ability? lateral quickness? Because we all know if you’re a guard and can’t defend under Beilein and the Big Ten, you sit the bench.

  • Adam

    Offer him already! Everytime I watch his film I am more and more impressed!

  • georgeesq.

    The AAU video is impressive. I’m not sure why he does not have an unconditional offer.

  • JB
  • aMaized
  • Kenny

    Stauskas clearly has the total package of offensive skills. If there is any concern about his game, it has to be his defense.

  • Kenny

    John beilein started twitter today.

  • aMaized
  • aMaized
  • Bluebufoon

    Are you folks following what’s happening today on Campus ?

    Go Blue !!!

  • detroitbry

    Good size, love that he goes to the freaking rack. Plays under control and with his head up, nice vision.

  • aMaized

    not sure if these were posted but (UM elite camp — DJ Balentine, Ray Lee and Austin Angel):

  • aMaized: Those are actually from last year’s elite camp and I believe ripped off of another site.

  • mark

    On the 80% of three pointers me guess is that Bry cannot name one game under JB that the team shot 80% of their shots from the 3 point line. Spin that Bry!

  • stauent

    From what I saw you have some very solid players. There were a lot of 3 pointers taken in the scrimmage but the figure “80%” was exaggerated (you know, like I told you a million times?).

  • detroitbry

    Mark I can name the fact that in year four the program is still struggling to get to .500.

  • Adam

    He really seems to have an all around game. My only thought on why they may not have offered him yet is because they have not seen him live since he hasn’t been at the AAU tournaments where they have watched Costello, Valentine, etc.