A Quick Update on Nick Stauskas

Dylan Burkhardt

We’ll have a full post-visit debrief interview with Nick Stausaks tomorrow but Joe exchanged a couple texts with the Canadian guard, who just wrapped up a weekend unofficial visit this afternoon, and passed along these nuggets:

  • Stauskas mentioned that the “visit was great and he loved the campus and facilities.” He also added that he could “definitely see himself there in 2 years.”
  • There is no offer on the table at this time but he “knows that he would be a good fit for the program” and mentioned “there’s a possibility that he’ll end up going to Michigan”.
  • Stauskas said the reason that Michigan hasn’t offered is because they were unsure what his timetable was to make a commitment.

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  • Brick

    I would love to hear his impressions of practice and who on the team impressed him. We haven’t gotten one nugget of info and he apparently got to watch a whole practice.

  • Brian W

    Per this other article on Stauskas… “Michigan has not yet officially offered because they want to know that I will commit quickly once they offer,” Stauskas told NBE’s Ray Mernagh this afternoon. “I just finished visiting this weekend and things are looking good right now.”


  • msu

    DV will be a better player in college

  • Brian W

    I hope Denzel enjoys his U-M visit today. “Think Michigan” as Coach Jordan says.

    It’s not out of respect that Sparty is appearing here more lately. It’s the ‘keep yor friends close and your enemies closer’ way of thinking, and I’m not going to concede anything on ‘Valentine’s day’ at U-M. Go blue.

  • sven

    He’s pretty much recruiting himself. I like this kid.

  • FLWolve

    JMO, but there’s no offer on the table because JB is waiting to see what Hawkins and Valentine do because they are clearly higher priorities. It would be in UM’s best interests if Valentine commits to MSU sooner rather than later so we can officially cross him off the board.

    I wonder if Pointer could impact an offer to Stauskas as well if he does wind up with an offer and commits. They’re both wings.

  • JBlair52

    I’d say we have some pretty good looking prospects for wing players coming up.

    If people are looking at Stauskas as a “Plan B” in a 2 wing class…that’s pretty good IMO

  • Ben

    I think we should offer Staukas, the kids sounds like he would commit soon if offered….We should take 2 wings, a shooter Satukas and a slasher hawkins or pointer. I’m not to impressed with Valentine, he has skills but is so slow compared to pointer and Hawkins

  • georgeesq.

    I don’t think that holding back on the offer to Stauskas has anything to do with waiting on Valentine or Hawkins. If Stauskas called tomorrow and said that he was ready to commit, we’d take him. This is a tactic to get a commitment now, IMO.

  • Hey Dylan,

    Are you going to be privy to any reporting on the European trip? Or will we be reliant only on Bacari’s tweets? Call me old, but that stuff tends to offer much more heat than light.

  • We’ll be doing some coverage before the leave. We obviously won’t be there but there will be some coverage. I plan on breaking down box scores and the like as well. Whatever we have access to, we’ll do our best with.

    You should expect some stuff in the next couple weeks before they leave though.

  • sven

    Hey Mattski,

    You are old. :)

  • stauent

    Beleive it or not, Nik is as good a slasher as a 3 point shooter. I haven’t seen anyone that can stop him from the top of the key (and I mean nobody – check out Lebryan Nash’s ankles). Make up your own mind:


  • No Sven, I told DYLAN to call me that!

    Thanks, Dylan–will look forward to what news you can obtain.