Recruiting: The Big Picture

Dylan Burkhardt

Carlton Brundidge and Trey Burke are U-M’s commitments in the class of 2011

If July is when you earn your scholarship offers then August is when you act on them. Recruits have been flying off the board left and right for the month or so and Michigan’s board has definitely been affected.

Michigan scored a commitment of their own in Columbus Northland point guard Trey Burke. With Burke’s commitment, the recruiting plan for the next two classes has become slightly more clear.

Trey Burke wasn’t on our pre-July hot board and a number of players that were have either committed elsewhere or trimmed their lists to eliminate Michigan. We’ll have hotboard updates soon but for now here’s a quick run through of where things stand.

With Burke’s commitment, on paper, Michigan has one additional scholarship to give in the class of 2011 and two to give in the class of 2012.

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Given that the 2011 class consists of two 6-foot-ish guards in Carlton Brundidge and Trey Burke, it is very unlikely that Michigan would take another small guard in the class. Many expect that Michigan is pigeonholed into taking a big in the 2011 class but I don’t think that’s the case — considering there are four players 6-foot-9 or taller with freshmen eligibility this year. At this point it seems like they would be best served taking the best available player — wing or big man.

The direction Michigan goes in the class of 2012 obviously depends on how the 2011 class wraps up. Judging by the sheer quantity of wings on Michigan’s radar, it’s tough to imagine them not taking at least one. With few big men targets remaining in the class of 2011, it would probably make more sense to wait until 2012 where plenty of bigs have yet to emerge.

Here’s a list of known targets in the class of 2011 and 2012 with some loose prioritization.

Class of 2011


Dominique Pointer (2011, 6-5, G/F, QEA/The Family) – OFFERVideo – Pointer is an athlete in every sense of the word. There are question marks about the rest of his game, mostly because the only video we see is of him terrorizing other kids with his dunks. Michigan has offered Pointer and are in his top three along with West Virginia and St. Johns.  Pointer plans to decide by the November signing period and is clearly a priority for Michigan.

Amir Williams (2011, 6-11, C, Country Day/The Family) – OFFER – Amir is one of the most talented players in the state of Michigan but he has kept things relatively quiet regarding his recruitment. He’s in no hurry to make a decision but will likely trim his list before school starts. Michigan should make the cut but many have Williams pegged to go out of state.

Kevin Pangos (2011/2012, 6-3, PG, Canada) – OFFER – Pangos is now leaning toward the class of 2011 which means that chances are he won’t end up in Ann Arbor – there’s just not room for another short guard in this class.

Two names that have been on the radar won’t be coming to Michigan. Pat Ackerman committed to Penn State over the weekend and Trey McDonald trimmed his list to six schools: CMU, Oakland, West Virginia, Marqutte, DePaul, and Wake Forest.

More updates on 2012 prospects after the break.

Class of 2012

Gary Harris, Javontae Hawkins, and Glenn Robinson III all hold Michigan offers.

Javontae Hawkins (2012, 6-4, G/F, Flint Powers/Team Detroit) – OFFER – Michigan has been all over Hawkins for a long time and they are continuing to push. Hawkins has been to Ann Arbor several times, most recently for the UConn game, and has previously named Michigan his leader.

Glenn Robinson III (2012, 6-5, WF, Lake Central/SYF)  – OFFER – Robinson isn’t at his dad’s level but he played well enough this summer to earn a Michigan offer. Robinson made it to Ann Arbor for the UConn game, his third trip to Ann Arbor this summer. Mutual interest is obviously very high here and it will be interesting to see if things accelerate.

Gary Harris (2012, 6-4, G/F, Hamilton SE/D3 Heat) – OFFER – Harris emerged as one of the top players in the class of 2012 this summer – ranked by Scout and Rivals as a top 20 player nationally. MSU, Notre Dame, Indiana, Illinois, Xavier, and Ohio State are among the other programs hot and heavy after Harris. Harris was expected in Ann Arbor for the UConn game last weekend but didn’t make it.

Nick Stauskas (2012, 6-5, G/F, Canada) – Stauskas is another wing but his game is much different than Hawkins’. Hawkins is the high flyer while Stauskas is more of a skilled scorer. Last we checked Stauskas didn’t have a Michigan offer but that could certainly change. Very high mutual interest.

Sherron Dorsey-Walker (2012, 6-4, WG, Detroit Pershing/REACH) – Another wing guard prospect on the radar. Dorsey can shoot it and really play, he’s been rising up the recruiting charts and has several high major offers. Beilein is expected to be at Dorsey-Walker’s open gym Thursday – will an offer follow? Video and interview here.

Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell (2012, 5-11, PG, Park Tudor/Indiana Elite) – OFFER – Michigan has been heavily recruiting Ferrell since he put on a clinic at Michigan’s Elite Camp back in 2009. Now the point guard has blown up on the national stage and is ranked among the top 5 PGs in the country. The competition is stiff and with Michigan taking Trey Burke in the class of 2011, the likelihood of Ferrell wearing Maize and Blue probably has decreased.

Others to Watch

These are in no particular order and being listed here doesn’t necessarily speak to their priority on Michigan’s radar. It mostly means that we don’t have much to update on their recruitments at this time.

Jordan Hare (2012, PF/C), Malik London (2012, PF/C), Anton Wilson (2012, G/F), Khaliq Spicer (2012, F/C), Sean Sheldon (2012, PF), Jordan Price (2012, G/F), RJ Hunter (2012, W), Chris Jenkins (2012, W), Dejuan Marrero (2012, W), Chris Harrison-Docks (2012, G), Austin Burgett (2012, PF), Jacobby Bledsoe (2012 PG)

  • Also worth noting.. RJ Hunter picked up an offer from MSU (despite being out of scholarships) —

  • Brick

    Unless one of MSU’s incoming freshman have already told Izzo that they are planning on going pro early, I don’t see how he can hand out offers with a straight face.

    Are we still in on the St. Marks guys Murphy and Tarczewski?

  • That Guy

    Its obvious Izzo knows what he’s doing.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the recap Dylan. I appreciate it.

  • Beast1530

    Michigan has a very good chance of landing Pointer. Pointer really likes Michigan and would be a good addition to the team.

  • Mark

    You weren’t kidding when you mentioned that UM has a lot of Wings on their radar. Wow!

    Would UM actually take 2 wings (say Pointer in 2011 and anyone of the 2012) and 1 big with their remaining 3 scholarships?

  • AC1997

    I like Michigan’s strategy of targeting sons of former NBA stars. They have Dumars and Hardaway already and are targeting Robinson. If only they hadn’t missed out on Rice. Are there any sons of Hakeem Olajuwan out there they could target in the post?

  • georgeesq.

    Beast, why do you say that Pointer “really likes Michigan.” I haven’t seen him quoted anywhere saying that.

  • Kenny

    If Robinson III grows another 1-2 inches into his father’s size, he can be used as a 3/4. I also see Pointer playing 4 at least part time in Beilein’s offense. For the sake of class balance I really hope that Horford will be red-shirted, and we need at least a true post player in 2012/2013.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy


    Michigan made Pointer’s top 3. I think that’s reason enough to believe that he “really likes Michigan”.

    I think there is a great chance that Michigan lands Pointer. Our competition is West Virginia and St Johns. I’m only worried about WVU, since St John’s hasn’t done anything in a while.

  • jack simms

    sam webb has said on wtka that pointer’s family [he’s from roseville, mi.] would really like to have pointer go to school close to home

  • Tom_McC

    Pointer’s recruitment will be fascinating. I get the impression there are some opposing forces here that should take us on a pretty wicked roller coaster ride. If you read the tea leaves, I get the sense that Dom’s family prefers Dom to stay in Michigan but if based on what those “who aren’t his family” say, playing close to home won’t be a factor.

    I guess it boils down to whether or not Dom relies on his family, his coaches or himself to make this decision. The staff seem to be putting some man hours into Pointer, so it is clear there is significant mutual interest. As fans following this process and trying to figure out what direction it is going, it comes down to determining who Dom is listening too(if anyone) and going from there.

  • JBlair52

    Between 2012 we’ve got a 6’1 PG and a 6’2 combo guard

    I’d say it’s fair to assume we’ll grab two “wings” (Pointer, Hawkins, Stauskas, Robinson, Dorsey-Walker, etc)

    Seems fair to believe we’ll look for a “big” with our last scholarship but I havent really heard of many realistic targets here (COSTELLO! argh) Even if Horford redshirts, we wont have a lot of “beef” or height up front. So who might be some of the “bigs” in the picture for UM?

  • Ben

    We have alot of Kids who really likes us or have us as their leader. Hawkins, Staukas, Robinson Jr all have said that we are there leader. Getting Pointer and Hawkins would really gives us some freak athletes. Something we have been lacking. Beilein is doing a very good job recruiting as far as spreading a wide net.

  • Beast1530


    Let’s say a little birdie told me that Pointer has Michigan his leader even though he hasn’t publicly announced it. It’s the same birdie who told me that Valentine and Costello is MSU bound long before their commitment.

    Give me Pointer, Hawkins and a quality big. I would call it a success for JB.

  • georgeesq.

    Good to hear, Beast. The involvement of Huggy and Lavin make me nervous. I’d take Pointer and any one of the 2012 wings, plus a big, and be happy.

  • Colby

    Dylan, are you surprised by the lack of 2012 big man targets considering we are going to take one in that class. Supposedly, the class is strong with a lot of big men.

    2 quick questions: Do we have a chance with Jordan Hare? Were there any 2013 targets at the UCONN game? Thanks

  • Kenny

    Colby, i am not Dylan but given that Jon Horford did not surface until this spring, I am pretty sure that some 2012 bigs will emerge after next summer. Since Izzo has already out of scholarships I will not be worried of Beilein not being able to add a solid post player in 2012.

    What I worry is the class off-balance and the needs of Beilein bringing another big in 2013 to maintain minimum post experience in 2014. But having 7 post players in 2013 means only 6 scholarship players for the backcourt which is not optimal for a parameter oriented team. Yet even horford gets redshirt, we will need some 2014 freshman to step-in right away to play 4 or 5.

  • Big men definitely develop later.

    Glenn Robinson III is already 6-5 210… If he grows a few more inches he could potential be a candidate to play the four.

    Not sure on Jordan Hare, we’ve been trying to do some digging there. I think there *has* to be a big in the class of 2012 if there isn’t in 2011. Luckily big men tend to develop later and a guy like Khaliq Spicer could flip the switch before you know it.

    Also for 2013 kids: Zak Irvin was at the game. We’ll start working on a 2013 “watch list”

  • aMaized

    WTKA segment, Sam talks ‘Ziggy’ Pointer:

  • aMaized

    Rivals free recruiting update, talk Pointer and others first portion (mostly football afterwards):

  • GregGoBlue

    If we land Pointer, the 2011 class (Brundidge, Burke, Pointer) will be a *significant* upgrade in athleticism to our team, which it is currently desperately lacking.

    From the way JB was talking on WTKA the other day, it doesn’t look like he’s going to redshirt Horford. Especially since the only “5” we really have is Jordan Morgan (with McLimans foreseeably playing mostly at the 4, rotating in at the 5). I see Horford getting significant PT, and improving markedly as the season goes on.

  • JBlair52

    ^ ^ ^ where will Smotrycz be playing?

  • GregGoBlue

    JBlair52: I’d imagine exclusively at the 4. I don’t see McLimans and Morgan being our only two players at the 5, especially since Morgan didn’t exactly run away with it in spring ball and Horford is picking stuff up quickly.

  • JBlair52

    GregGoBlue – that’s what I thought about Smotrycz (playing the 4)

    But if McLimans is also at the 4…I guess I figured those two are our best “bigs” so I’d be shocked if McLimans wasnt playing mostly the 5 spot and having Morgan rotating in for McLimans/Smotrycz at the 5 then whoever is left (McLimans or Smotrycz) plays the 4 spot.

    Where does Christian fit into all of this?

    If you’ve got Morgan/Horford at the 5. McLimans/Smotrycz at the 4 with a possibility of Novak.

    I’d like to see:
    5 – McLimans, Morgan
    4 – Smotrycz, Christian, (Novak)
    *RS Horford

  • Sam

    Yeah, McLimans will actually be playing the five exclusively. He and Morgan will split there while Smotrycz and Christian figure to get the majority of time at the four with Novak getting spurts if needed.

  • billiam

    no offense, but how do you know that?

  • Luke

    Redshift everybody !

  • Luke

    I think possibly brundrige will be redshirted because we don’t need 4 point guards ( Douglas Morris Burke.) we need a big man like Morgan