Video: Dominique Pointer Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

I know everyone is waiting on more footage from practice but One Entertainment just released this highlight reel of Dominique Pointer. Pointer is one of the few players in the class of 2011 with a Michigan offer and, as you can see in the video, an explosive athlete.

  • JBlair52

    I’m sure we’ll hear a few of the “all I saw was him dunking” guys…

    but honestly, that’s fine if that’s all we see. We need someone that’s got a lot of athleticism, can play great defense, attack rebounds, and go to the rim and finish.

    Just a piece of the puzzle…come on down Dom! Go Blue!

  • sullycu

    I cant tell you how psyched id be if he committed to us (and soon, hopefully!) We’d have two player from the same AAU and they’d both (hopefully) convince the crud out of Amir Williams to come considering, most of williams choices (unc, duke, michigan st.) no longer seem like as good of a choice/ no room. And if Amir williams doesnt come to um, then there’s always Pangos, Burke or they could bank a scholarship. I really like where this is going!

  • sullycu
  • JayRich

    I agree with JBlair, you need guys like him. He brings a certain intimidation factor. However, they should have included a couple jumpers just to break up some of those one handed hammers. Hopefully, he has a little bit of midrange game. He doesn’t need to be necessarily a shooter but should try to make the defense at least play up on him when he is on the elbow.

  • Kenny

    I agree with above comments that Pointer will be a great addition to this program, especially as a defender and rebounder.

  • JB

    when is he expected to commit and who are we up against?

  • Bluebufoon

    Not impressed at all– never have been. Lets see what type of career the kid has because I don’t see what this kid does translating to starting at Michigan ?

  • Brian W

    Pointer’s highlights never get old. Would be great to see him playing for U-M next year.

    In an interview published today, scout Evan Daniels named Dominique Pointer as one of the top three players who improved their stock over the summer.

  • GregGoBlue

    He looks great… but my question is: can he dunk?

  • Yeah! Any more video out there?

  • matt d

    Thoughts of him on the break with D. Morris excite me, that could be a serious tandem in the open court.

  • Beast1530

    I would take him over Valentine for sure. Pointer is a better athlete and will give Michigan more of an oomph offensively especially when he slashes to the basket.

  • So Beast1530:

    So you do consider a person who can jump high “Athletic”. (LOL). The last part of the video was a game the Family played in the Peach Jam in S.Carolina. Score ties 71 to 71. That was Brundidge bringing the ball up court with :07 seconds. The kid dribbled full Court against #25 (Austin River-Doc River son and Ranked #2 guard by most Scouting Services). Brundidge was able to give him a crossover and spin move and hit Amir Williams for a point blank layup. As you can see Amir Williams missed the layup but Dominique was there to put back the game winner. Dominique Pointer shut down every big time player he was assigned to at the Peach Jam. I am told that when he played against MSU recruit (Dwayne Anderson), he put up 33 points. Oh by the way, in Brundidge’s head-to-head matchup against Austin Rivers, Brundidge had 20 points to Rivers 26. Again, Austin Rivers is ranked #2 in the country. I think Michigan is in good hands. Especially if they get both Brundidge and Pointer. Sure wish Amir Williams will see the LIGHT!