Euro Game 2: Charleroi 90, Michigan 60

Dylan Burkhardt

More photos on the Michigan Basketball Facebook page.

Michigan was overpowered by a bigger, stronger, and more experienced Charleroi team, 90-60. Despite some flashes of good play, Michigan couldn’t compete in the second half as the game slipped away. Post game interviews.

Now Michigan will head over to Paris to see the sights before wrapping their trip up later this week with a pair of games: Wednesday vs. Oostande (2:30 pm et) and Thursday vs. Mons (1 pm et).

You can see the full box score here, but here’s a snap shot:


And here are the four factors stats:

Poss. 75.7
PPP 0.792
eFG 45.6%
OR% 16.2%
TO% 23.8%
FTR 20.7%

And finally some quick thoughts:

  • Michigan really struggled with Charleroi’s pressure defense, as they turned it over on 24% of their possessions. Morris struggled with foul trouble (four in the first half) which means that Douglass and Akunne probably got more PG duty than would be ideal.
  • On a per possession basis, Michigan is really having trouble scoring overseas. Part of this might have to do with the shot clock causing more rushed shots.
  • Michigan shot the ball much better from three point range today but it’s obvious that they had problems inside with Charleroi’s size – shooting only 34% on two point field goal attempts.
  • Holy crap look at all the fouls. Both of Michigan’s five men picked up four fouls in around 14 minutes. Without seeing the game it’s tough to decipher whether this is something Michigan has to work on or if it’s just the way they call the game in Belgium.
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. led the team in scoring and also notched three assists. I’m most impressed by his six defensive rebounds. Manny Harris was a great rebounder from the wing (minus the last couple months of his career) and Michigan needs someone to fill that defensive rebounding gap.
  • Evan Smotrycz scored all nine of his points in the first quarter but it looks like he went pretty cold afterwards.
  • Smotrycz, Horford, and Morgan all did a nice job on the glass. Horford is the one guy that seems to have a nose for the ball on the offensive glass. McLimans definitely appears to be the weakest rebounder of the bunch – he also missed all three two point attempts.
  • Jon Horford hit a three? I think he hit one in a practice video as well so he’s certainly looking to develop his shot.

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  • GrandChamp

    I hate it when Stu has to handle the ball, any chance that THJ ends up handling the ball more than expected this season? I know I’ve read that his handles aren’t great but he has to at least be as good as Stu at handling the ball.

  • JBlair52

    I think Stu is pretty good at handling the ball

  • GrandChamp

    He was a turnover waiting to happen last year, I’m sure he has improved some but he will still scare me until he proves me otherwise.

  • UMHoops Fan

    Actually, Stu had the third lowest TO Rate on the team last year (after Peedi and Zack), and his TO Rate was quite good, especially for a guard. So if Stu was a TO waiting to happen, well, it’s still waiting because it rarely happened.

  • AG2

    How likely do you think it is that Tim and Evan can fill the scoring void left by Manny and Peedi?

  • It looks like more balanced scoring and that is better than having only certain guys be the scorers. If you look at the box and think about the guys with six points against a big experienced pressure defending pro team being likely to score 10 against good college teams . . . so those with more also increasing their output. Then that seems pretty encouraging.

  • TheYooper

    I don’t think Tim or Evan will average even 10 pts this year, but junior or possibly even sophomore year I could see them replacing Manny and Peedi’s scoring.

  • Polisci

    I’d take that bet, TheYooper. At least one (of Tim or Even) will average at least 10.0 points per-game this year.

  • GrandChamp

    When they actually let him handle the ball against pressure it was a big mistake. I don’t care what the stats say, if you have any confidence in him bringing up the ball against pressure then you are delusional. I wouldn’t mind seeing Grady back on the team for this specific reason.

  • FL Wolve

    THJR is almost a lock to score 10 points per game this year. We really don’t have any other true scorers on the team. Evan could come close to 10 PPG as well although he won’t score as much as Timmy.

  • I would take that bet too, Yooper. I’ll bet Metrics crowds ten, too.

    Goo zinger, UMHoops Fan. I think Stu handles the ball pretty well. But I bet his shooting confidence keeps Beilein up nights.

    I’m most pleased for Hardaway’s rapid emergence. We won’t know how good this team is for some while yet, but they’ll be better for this trip. Beilein could find himself juggling quite a few players this season, not something I would have predicted. . .

  • AC1997

    I wonder if Blake’s rebounding struggles have anything to do with him roaming further from the basket to shoot outside shots. Sort of the issue Sims had his Sophomore year. Horford and Morgan are obviously going to stay rooted more near the basket.

    I’m excited about Hardaway. I think he’s going to be solid.

  • ZRL

    I’m a big Stu fan and want him to succeed, but I agree with GrandChamp here. Stu has a very low TO rate because he is not a good enough ball handler to penetrate the defense and instead floats around the perimeter. He was competent enough as a backup pg to dribble the ball up court and then pass it to Manny to initiate the offense, but he’s not a good enough ball handler to either handle fullcourt pressure or initiate the offense himself.

  • TheYooper

    Yeah I guess 10 was a little low. I could see Tim breaking 15ppg, 18 at the very max. Smot I think will probably average 10-12 ppg, 15 at max.

  • Jim

    Hard to really draw any concrete conclusions based on a box score and without seeing the game. But, 11-29 from beyond the arc ain’t gonna cut the mustard. Also doesn’t seem like much happening inside the paint offensively. Gonna be interesting to see if Beilein can generate some offense from inside.

  • ZRL

    11-29 is 38%, how much better do you want?

  • Don’t think there’s a huge problem with 11/29 three point range. 38% is fine. It’s the two point numbers that are terrible: 34%!

  • Polisci

    I know Dylan and ZRL have already said it, but just to be clear on why:

    11/29 from three is 33 points. In order to get 33 points from 29 two point attempts you would need to hit 16.5 shots. So that’s 16.5 out of 29, which equals 56.9% from two point range. That’s good shooting.

  • sven

    The Americans listed on Oostande’s roster and some stats from their senior years…….

    Darrel Mitchell LSU 05-06 16.8 ppg 4.4 apg

    Trevor Huffman Kent State 01-02 16.0 ppg 4.4 apg

    Caleb Green Oral Roberts 06-07 20.5 ppg 9.3 rpg

    Matt Lojeski Hawaii 06-07 16.9 ppg 5.5 rpg 4.5 apg

    Will Thomas George Mason 07-08 16.1 ppg 10.4 rpg

  • UMHoops Fan

    Grandchamp — if you “don’t care what the stats say,” there’s really not much to debate. There’s plenty to be concerned with about Stu — his somewhat low shooting %, especially to start last year, his lack of finishing at the rim — without inventing things demonstrably rejected by statistical analysis. He was a primary ball-handler last year, the primary post-feeder, tried plenty of difficult passes, and had a low TO Rate. He may not have inspired confidence in you when you watched him handle, but about the TO issue you simply are incorrect.

  • Nice to see an NCAA team playing in belgium,
    gonna see your team play on thursday when they play Mons :)
    good luck and have a lot of fun in my country :)

  • Ben

    how about getting us some game footage….lol

  • Merlin

    Right now, very early, strongest lineup: Morris at PG, Novak at 2, Hardaway at 3, Smotrycz at 4 Mclimans at 5. Stu would be a backup at 1 and 2, Vogrich at 2 and 3. Novak and maybe even Mclimans can backup at 4. Horford and Morgan at 5 allowing McLimans to backup 4. Christian another 4 backup and Akunne maybe 2 or 3. I am feeling positive because the freshman may be some of our better players right away which bodes very well for the future. We could be building some nice depth.

  • AG2

    At least we’re playing pro teams. I can’t imagine UNC or Kentucky are having much of a workout touring The Bahamas and Canada playing teams like UWindsor.

  • Section13Row15

    Morris’ shooting is what concerns me the most. Stu will go on and off during the season, but we need Morris to be somewhat of a scorer and to attack the rim with more regularity. He did it a few times last year on the road against OSU and showed some flashes at other points (Minnesota home game), but he’s the guy I’m looking to step up his game for us to be successful.

  • Mstt

    UMHoopsFan, it amazes me when people say that. It’s almost if they think their eyes are a better judge than what actually happened and is recorded. These are the kind of people who can tell the difference between a .280 and a .290 hitter by not even looking at a statsheet.

  • Section13Row15

    Stu’s dribbling is fine. I don’t remember him getting ripped too much. Grady was the best ball handler I’ve ever seen though. We still miss him IMO.

  • Kenny

    Merlin, i like your line-up which provides best rebounding from 2 and 3 positions but i think Akunne will back-up 1 mostly.

  • fresh

    updated rivals 150……….burke slipped to 136, brundidge 104 and pointer at 81

  • fresh

    not going to lie i would like to see this exact class of 3 gents right here

  • New Scout top 100 rankings as well..
    Brundidge 73, Pointer 81. Amir 36

  • maxwell’s demon

    Are we just running vanilla motion offense?

  • Bob

    Burke will be @ Michigan next year!!!

  • AG2

    Is that a fact?

  • BlimpyBlue

    I don’t think Burke is expected to announce until Wednesday or Thursday

  • BlimpyBlue


  • GrandChamp

    When Stu has to bring the ball up against full court pressure he is a turnover waiting to happen. He didn’t do it often last year and when he did the results weren’t good. Anyways I’m glad that Burke committed, he is underrated imo.

  • Jim

    Sorry guys, my math stinks. Right on.