Euro Game 2: Post Game Interviews

Dylan Burkhardt

Here is all of the post game video and audio after Michigan’s loss to Charleroi. Box score and recap from MGoBlue live here. I’ll have a tempo free recap and analysis post later tonight.

Beilein Audio

Novak Video

Horford Video

Smotrycz Audio

Douglass Audio

Chris Hill (former MSU) Audio

  • Giddings

    Hardaway with 12 pts, 6 boards, 3 assists, 2 steals, and only 1 turnover in 25 minutes. Is it too early to start thinking of him as “Manny with a more consistent jump shot”?

  • bskurtz

    Ime getting very excited about Hardaway.He could definetely be the x factor next year that we need.Were going to need atleast four guys who we can count on to score next year and he could be one of them,to go along with Morris,Douglass and Novack.So do you guys think we could avg. 50 points a game out of this group.I think thats what its going to take to really compete at a high level next year.

  • bskurtz

    I was watching some practice footage the other day and Eso Akunne was really impressive.Why isnt he overseas with the rest of the team.

  • Brian W

    I don’t think it’s too early to start thinking of Tim starting, that’s for sure. Consistent production and few turnovers deserves more playing time. If Stu’s off his game, Tim could be the starting shooting guard with Novak’s playing the three and Smotrycz at the four.

  • Brian W

    bskurtz, Eso is on the overseas trip and is playing some.

  • gordie bell

    Best fit at this point is Hardaway coming off the bench with instant O. I would prefer not seeing Novak playing significant minutes at the 4, but it could happen if the bigs struggle.
    I hope our starting line-up shakes out like this, with Vogrich, Hardaway, Morgan, and Christian getting the bench minutes.

  • aMaized

    I’ll chime in on the starting lineup as well… but want to share my ingredients – swagger, skill, physicality, leadership. With those things, I may pick the best individual players so my base lineup that I want setting the tone would be:

    Darius Morris
    Tim Hardaway
    Zack Novak
    Evan Smot
    Jordan Morgan

    Depending on opponents, I would have lineup changes with Eso, Stu, McLimans, Vogrich and Colt45. I don’t know where Horford goes as he seems to go after rebounds — we need that. I think the starting lineup really has to steer the team and set the tone and I’d go with the the 5 above.

  • aMaized

    meant to say may *not* pick the best players… but those that can set the tone.

  • Kenny

    I won’t be surprised if both stu and novak come off the bench half way into the season. Stu backup 1 and 2, Novak backup 3 and 4. Hardaway can start at 3 and Vogrich at 2.

  • Placentasaurus

    Does anyone have a feel for the manner in which THJR is scoring his buckets? I am just wondering if he is getting to the rim at all, or if its mainly spot up.

  • Section13Row15

    Douglass and Novak are starters on this team. I think Hardaway can become a starter but will most likely come off the bench early on. Novak’s versatility will allow him to be on the court a lot this season (hopefully at the 2 or 3 but he will still play some 4 against smaller teams). I think Douglass will start at the point some games and you’ll see Morris off the bench. Otherwise Douglass will move to the 2 and you’ll see Novak at the 3 or 4. Morgan is not ready to play significant minutes yet. McLimans will be the starter at the 5 and Smot / Novak will split time at the 4 in the starting lineup. These next couple games overseas will give us a better picture as well.

  • DFord

    Douglas is not a sure starter til he start hitting some shots consistently. TJ could easily slide in the 2 seeing as how his playmaking ability and heart is badly needed on this team. Stu to me is a lost cause and he can easily create a virus with his bad shooting if Beilien dont step in and make that tough decision, one he will have to make eventually IMO! Novak is the fearless leader who they should all follow including D Mo! I love Novak he just one of those really tough ballers that finds a way to get it done, the kind of players Purdue and the Badgers is used to having. All that playing out of position and still producing, he is the one threat that can take anyone’s spot (1-4) who is slacking, he is a true overachiever! My starting 5 D Mo Tim Hardaway Z No E Smot J Mo