Euro Game 1: Post Game Interviews

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan lost their first game in Europe, 69-63 to Gent, but here’s a collection of the video/audio footage from after the game. Make sure to check out my original post which includes the box score, tempo free stats, and some thoughts. Now here are interviews from the Athletic Department (some from their Facebook page) with Coach Beilein, Blake McLimans, and Stu Douglass (after the jump).

Coach Beilein Audio:  

Blake McLimans Video:

Stu Douglass Video:

Douglass Audio:

  • ZRL

    I wonder how much of the poor shooting from Darius and Stu had to do with the fact that as our primary ballhanders they had to throw up a bunch of contested shots as the 24 second clock was expiring.

  • JayRich

    Love Stu’s face at the beginning of the video. On a serious note, I don’t care if they lose every game this trip as long as some of the lineups get set and we build chemistry. It’s only one game but Stu might be the one getting squeezed out of the starting lineup. I would actually like that since he is our backup pg and could be that assassin that we need off the bench.

  • fresh

    overall everything is extremely encouraging other than the bad 3pt shooting and stu and darius being cold, but michigan took a professional basketball team with kids that have never really played with one another being in the 18-20 year old range and could just as easily of won this game……….everybody played and michigan was still able to compete which has to be a real good sign

  • Really appreciate all the effort getting this stuff posted for us fans, Dylan.

  • Blazerine

    Great coverage. I was following on Twitter and thought we had it in the bag until that late 13-2 run which I’m sure deflated the squad. We need to be better this year with managing the game and getting “quality” looks at the basket every time down the floor. I’ll be following again this afternoon, thanks for the interviews, good stuff.


  • JBlair52

    Being the first time these guys have played together, I’m cool with the results. Lot of young guys and some potential there for things to come together!

  • georgeesq.

    I guess it was VERY hot in that gym. I think that combined with the long trip may have caused us to wilt late in the game. Would be nice get a W or two on the trip, but it will have been very useful even if we lose all 4 just to see what we’ve got and what needs to be fixed.

  • Colby

    Sort of off topic for this post but did Jordan Hare ’12 recently visit? Have read this but did not see much on the visit, thanks.