Euro Game 1: Gent 69, Michigan 63

Dylan Burkhardt

More photos on the Michigan Basketball Facebook page.

Michigan led for long stretches of their first contest overseas but a couple untimely slumps cost them the victory. Gent had a pair of 13-2 runs, in both the first and second halves, which ultimately cost Michigan the victory.

Michigan’s final comeback effort was thwarted when a Zack Novak corner three was overturned because his foot was ruled out of bounds. The made three would have made it a 3 point game with 1:20 to play.

John Beilein gave Michigan a C+ grade for their play citing the fact that they lead a 10 point lead slip away in the final five minutes of the game as one of the big issues (naturally).

Michigan will face Charleroi tomorrow at 1 p.m. eastern time. Charleroi is expected to be a better team as they won last year’s Belgium League playoffs.

Here’s the full unofficial box score (stats tracked manually by Michigan staff):


Here are the four factors on the offensive side of the ball:

Possessions 78
Points Per Poss. .808
eFG 39.4%
OR% 16.3%
TO% 15%
FTR 23%

Some notes…

  • Individual scoring: Novak 17, Hardaway 13, McLimans 10, and Smotrycz 8
  • Michigan shot 43.5% on twos and 22.2% on threes. 41% of Michigan’s field goal attempts were from three point range.
  • Zack Novak (7 of 12) and Tim Hardaway (5 of 7) were by far the most efficient players on offense. Novak carried the time with the most points, threes, rebounds, blocks, and steals (tie).
  • Speaking of Novak, it sounds like he played the 2,3, and 4. He started at the four but moved around depending on what lineups were in the game.
  • It was a rough day for Stu Douglass and Darius Morris. They had 7 assists to only 1 turnover combined but they shot a dreadful 3 of 21 from the field.
  • The shorter shot clock was obviously a factor as the game was played at a brisk pace with 78 possessions.
  • Four turnovers stand out for Smotrycz but he was able to get to the line. Turnovers also weren’t a huge problem for Michigan considering the pace of the game.
  • McLimans was productive on the offensive end (although it looks like he missed quite a few close ones) but he needs to pull down down boards. McLimans and Morgan shouldn’t be getting out rebounded by Vogrich.
  • The box score also doesn’t have minutes played, so it’s tough to judge how productive or unproductive a player was without that context. However it’s clear Beilein went with a long bench as everyone besides Bartelstein attempted a shot and he was in long enough to pick up three fouls.
  • These are just the offensive numbers so it’s hard to comment on defense.  None of the offensive numbers are very impressive but it’s fair to give them the benefit of the doubt after flying across the country in the last 48 hours.

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  • gordie bell

    Hardaway took 4 shots that weren’t 3’s and made them all and it was nice to see Vogrich contribute.
    I really don’t know what to expect competition wise in these games.
    Hopefully Stu and Darius will bounce back tomorrow and we can get a W in Belgium
    Treaty of Ghent was signed 190 something years ago in Ghent (hence the name) ending the War Of 1812, so maybe the guys got visit there. That would be really cool to me.

  • It sounded like one of Hardaway’s twos should have been a three but was scored incorrectly.

  • Quarter by quarter scoring

    Scoring   1st	2nd	3rd	4th	Total
    Michigan   21	10	18	14	63
    Gent       13	22	8	26	69
  • Nice that they played these guys close–I don’t think the coaches are necessarily expecting them to win any of these games. We gotta pray that Douglass and Morris can find the bucket at some point.

  • Tom_McC

    Some off the cuff thoughts…

    1. 11 guys played, which probably has as much to do with trying to keep guys fresh as wel as gives JB a chance to tinker with some lineups.

    2. I can sympathize a bit with these guys..having to play so quickly after traveling as far as they did is easier said than done. I was actually surprised they hoisted as many 3’s as they did, considering they would probably be a little leg weary from the travel. I would guess there were a few bombs hoisted at the end of the 24 sec shot clock. As they adjust to the shot clock, it will be interesting to see if the 3 FGA’s drop a bit.

    3. It is great to see Mclimans, Smotrycz and Hardaway provide some production…31 points b/w the 3 of the them, if they can provide that on an avg basis, that would bode well for this team.

    4. Not shocking to see the more veteran and probably fresher team win the 4th Q. A little disappointing it was so decisive but no unexpected and quite frankly, it’s better that they leanr from it now and not in Nov. or Dec.

    5. Fun to talk hoops in mid to late Aug and have actual stats to discuss…hope they can rest up and play well tomorrow.

  • georgeesq.

    The FIBA three point line is 5″ deeper than the NCAA line. The point about rushed shots at the end of the shot clock is a good one. Box scores only tell you so much.

  • Tom_McC

    Actually, the FIBA line is 22’2(give or take) and the NCAA line is 20’9. So almost 1 foot 5 inch difference, FWIW.

  • Jim

    I’m sure fatigue played a role, but inexperience as well was likely a factor in being unable to make the 6 pt. margin going into the 4th quarter stand up.

  • georgeesq.

    Oops, yes, the FIBA line is 1’5″ deeper. Watching the practice videos, we practiced with the NCAA line.

  • Jim

    How about McLimans. He looks like he was to heck and back. Must have played a ton.

  • Tom_McC

    I thought the same thing Jim. The hardest part about a trip like this…the fellas don’t really have much down time…which makes sense. They are going to spend their fair share of time on their feet sight seeing and combine with the long travel and playing, it does takes it toll. I participated in a similar summer tour of Europe when I played in college and while it was an experience I will never forget…it was absolutely exhausting.

    At the end of the day, this whole experience will be great for this team…not just from a bonding perspective but they will create some life-long memories.

  • Jim

    Completely agree. Dolph Schayes told me before heading off to college that they would be the best four years of my life. He was right. And basketball was an absolute huge part of it.

    While we all want to see championships and tourney appearances I only ask for kids that work hard all the time, play together, have each other’s back, represent the university well and fulfill their academic responsibilities. Give me that and I can be happy. But give me that and I’ll give you a team that is competitive and winds their fair share of games.

  • Dirtgrain

    Jet lag kicked my butt the last time I went to Germany.

  • TheYooper

    Just curious, where did you play ball at Tom_McC?
    Playing college ball and going on a euro trip just seems like it would be absolutely phenomenal.