Michigan Practice Video Part 2 (8-19-2010)


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  • JBlair52

    At 5:23…

    is Smotrycz doing the stanky leg on the sideline?


  • Giddings

    Eso’s shot has really looked good, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a regular contributor this year…

  • gpsimms

    McLimans had a few good moments in there. Seems to be able to move pretty well for a big.

    On the other hand, Horford appeared to have no idea what he was doing, and Morgan seemed to have a pretty serious case of stone hands…

  • Ragin55

    Morris, vogrich, and eso seemed to be only ones that could hit a shot. Hardaway and Douglass missed a lot of shots

  • georgeesq.

    Most interesting things to me were McLimans played a lot of 4 with Horford at 5, and Akunne played PG exclusively.

    Shooting was off but keep in mind that this was the last of a series of two-a-days. They were gassed.

  • matt d

    In this particular video Horford didn’t look to crisp, but in the 1st practice video you could easily see that he took the biggest jump in terms of development. His activity and rebounding was so much better. After seeing footage from a few practices, it seems to me that THJr. might be our best all around player right NOW. I don’t know if that speaks to our lack of talent, or that he was simply underrated? But that guy can flat out play, his fluidity and and ability to create is needed badly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was starting come tip off.

  • JBlair52

    matt d – I was thinking the same about Tim Hardaway Jr.

    He just looks solid

  • Kenny

    Eso looks he will earn quite some playing time next season.

  • Ben

    Mclimans looks good, I actually thought Horford played well today and I can definitly see the potential in him. Evan will be a good player for us, he just looks like a basketball player. Eso was the only one who shot well today.

  • mitch

    Jordan Morgan is not looking too good. He got that super early offer from Ammaker and that was such a reach. I almost feel like he has become a waste of a scholarship. I hope im wrong.

  • Merlin

    I always liked Horford-great natural athlete and seems really smart. We will need Jordan Morgan at some point as a banger and he will be an asset. Vogrich really struggling to find a place but may take him until his junior or senior year to gain the confidence he needs. Still watching the video we will be a team that is easy to support but that will struggle in the big ten.

  • FL Wolve

    Jordan Morgan wasn’t offered by Amaker. He was a Beilein recruit all the way. I think he’s going to be fine but he definitely needs some more seasoning.

  • Tom_McC

    Quick thing on Morgan…this is the first full court action he’s had since February, so there is going to be some rust, not to mention he’s probably not quite 100% confident in his shoulder.

    It’s just another reason why this Europe trip is so important…Morgan has the opportunity to work himself back into playing shape and he can do it in a real practice setting as opposed to doing it in open gyms.

    He’ll be much better for come October and the start of official practice.

  • JBlair52

    mitch – you do know that Jordan Morgan is still only a “freshman” right? I mean, the guy hasnt even played a game yet and he’s a center which often take a little more time to develop. He’s also still only 18 years old so he’s pretty young for his HS class.

  • mitch

    Jordan Morgan was offered by Amaker, and Beilein honored the offer. I kinda whish he didn’t. I hope that he works out. He’s been injured for 2 years now. I just haven’t been impressed by what I’ve seen, and I don’t think the coaches have been either.

  • Section13Row15

    Unfortunately, I’ve played against Morgan in some pick up games and he’s not very good. He has no shot whatsoever and he doesn’t seem to play very hard. He gets frustrated easily and lets his emotions show. His Senior year, he could be a contributor but I don’t think he’ll get a lot of minutes this year.

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    After watching parts 1 and 2, things I noticed:
    -Tim Hardaway didn’t play too well in these videos; others have said that he’s developing well so maybe this was just an off-practice.
    -In terms of big men, Blake McLimans looked solid, Jon Horford showed a little promise, and Jordan Morgan wasn’t too impressive. Also I liked Smotrycz’s play.
    -Darius Morris looked comfortable in the point guard position; he missed a close up layup and that scares me a little bit, but his shot seemed to be smoother.
    -Douglass and Novak didn’t really stand out, Douglass’ shot didn’t look great and I think they are supporting players at best.
    -Diamond in the rough: Eso Akunne; he’s a big-ten style linebacker type of player and he knows how to score. I’d like to see him more in the rotation.