Video: Denzel Valentine AAU Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Denzel Valentine picked up a Michigan offer this week so we figured there wasn’t a better time to chop up some Valentine highlights from the AAU circuit. These clips are from a handful of games at the Adidas Invitational and Kentucky Hoopfest tournaments that took place earlier in July. Valentine played well enough to impress the Michigan coaching staff in early July and continued his strong play in Vegas.

Editing video has taken a little longer than we hoped but we should have video Matt Costello, Javontae Hawkins, Jalen Reynolds, Ray Lee, DJ Balentine, and Jeremy Hollowell in the coming days and weeks.

  • Colby

    Kid looks like a player, will be interesting to see what goes on with the wing position in 12 with Hawkins, Stauskas, and Valentine all having an offer and right now really only having 1 ship for that position. I never hope for attrition but it would be nice to have an extra in 12.

    Also does anyone think JB only takes one more recruit in this class 11 and saves one ship for 12 and if so what position does he take? It seems as if no 2011 recruits are mentioning us or even saying that they are hearing from Michigan. Reports have guys open or with long lists and Michigan appears on very few. I am curious if we are still recruiting Wesley Saunders from Cali, sounds like his game has improved.

    Thoughts and what would you guys do?

  • Don’t think Stauskas’ offer is official at this point. If he visits it might become official but not right now.

  • Dan

    Guy looks like a potential Evan Turner type. Long, great ball handler, awesome vision/passing, loves the spin move. Needs to beef up a little big, although his finishing in traffic looks above average. Needs to add a little height on his jump shot.

  • Kenny

    I think that 2 wings is likely for 2011+2012. Stauskas has potential to play 4, and as a good ball handler and passer Valentine has potential to play 1.

  • fresh

    much better footage than the previous one………i thought he looked a step or 2 quicker in this……..this kid will have a really really good college career wherever he goes…………..gotta love the spins and the pump fakes, etc ………..great stuff

  • James

    Evan Turner is what I was thinking too. Looked like a guy who liked to get at it on the defensive end as well? Jump shot definitely needs work.

  • georgeesq.

    Izzo is slow playing Valentine and will continue to do so unless and until he thinks that Denzel is ready to pull the trigger for another school. The meeting with Montgomery is no doubt to assess where Denzel’s head is at. I’d be willing to bet that Izzo gets the heads-up from dad if Denzel is seriously thinking Blue at any point in time.

  • Bluebufoon

    On Monday 26th July 2010, @texasgymrats said:

    It pains me to say this but tai streets a Michigan man runs a great organization. Meanstreets players are tough and well mannered. Chicago should be proud.

  • Mark

    I think Denzel is the most skilled player in the state regarless of class. High IQ and a great passer. If you get a chance to watch him live I would suggest making the trip.

  • FLWolve

    I love me some Denzel Valentine. Hawkins’ video is probably slightly better because Hawkins has so much athleticism but I don’t think you can go wrong with either wing. Valentine is probably the better playmaker but Hawkins’ athleticism is off the charts.

    I agree with Sbell’s comment earlier – an offer to Valentine is almost a no brainer at this point.

  • t.time

    Rivals needs to re-publish,their rankings and give costello Lee and Hawkins top 50 spots along with valentine

  • georgeesq.

    There are no Rivals 2012 class rankings yet.

  • Adam

    I’m on the fence about this guy.. he appears to be a great playmaker and makes some ridiculous passes, but his jump shot is nasty and he appears to have very minimal quicks which makes me wonder how successful he will be as a playmaker in college if he can’t get into position to make those spectacular passes.

    I think an offer to him may have been warranted but I’m higher right now on Gary Harris by a long shot, and I even like Nik Stauskas’ film better too as he appears to have more of an all around game.

  • Alyzen

    Just got around to watching this — I really like the way this kid plays, I hope to hell we get him. He really is crafty, has some savvy to his game. Love the offer.

  • Dermonte Dismuke

    Went to school with Denzel and he is maturing alot when it comes to basketball, i’ve seen him play for years. He has a little work ahead of him but nothing that he can’t handle. Can’t forget though that he is a junior in high school this year. Has played on varsity since his freshmen and started as a freshmen until he got a knee injury. Sophmore year played in the state championship against a All American McDonalds player, and a very highly ranked espn player Ray McCallum. So yea to me he is putting his name out there and proving alot. Basketball is in his blood like at his blood line first his dad(MSU PLAYER) and then his brother(OAKLAND PLAYER) both magnificent players, and he is next in line.

  • DC

    Izzo is not slow playing him any longer. He was offered a scholarship to play for MSU today.

  • DC: Yup, check the front page.

  • B.A.D

    Too bad he’s going to M.S.U. You guys know how long the Lansing area been waiting for a star to emerge. I’m gonna say it right now, Denzel (magic) Valentine!!! Ya heard it from me first!!!!!