Denzel Valentine Lands Michigan Offer



Denzel Valentine has confirmed an earlier report by TJ Kelley that Michigan has extended him an official offer.  In a text he told me he has been offered and is going to be coming to campus to make the offer official when he gets back from Las Vegas.

Valentine, a 6-6 2012 recruit, is a guy that can do a little bit of everything and he has really made a name for himself this summer on the AAU circuit.  He now has offers from Michigan, Oakland, Drake and Utah.

Here is some video from Valentine’s sophomore campaign that ended with a state final loss to Detroit Country Day: (Ed: I’m in the process of editing footage from Indy/Kentucky so we should have more Valentine footage soon).

  • jBdub

    Love the video. What a passer!

  • Brian W

    Congrats to Denzel. If he’s planning to take a trip to campus soon to make it official, that must mean that he really wants it, which is a good sign. Will be interesting to see if he commits and gets the 2012 class started.

  • FLWolve

    I love this kid’s film. He may not be the most athletic but he appears to be a great playmaker. While he may not reach AA status in college, it looks like he could have a very productive career as a stat sheet stuffer. I love the offer.

    I just wonder about offering a State legacy vs a kid like Ray Lee who is dreaming of coming to UM. I hope we don’t end up burning a bridge with Lee chasing wing prospects who are unlikely to attend UM.

  • I’m about to chop up footage from four games in Kentucky/Indy so we should have a little more footage for you (hopefully tomorrow).

  • Thanks guys for the great work. Is it possible that JB is forcing Izzo’s hand to take a legacy that he may not want? Izzo is in on a lot of kids we have interest in so by offering DV, Izzo may feel compelled to offer thus taking a ship from someone else that we may get a chance on. Maybe Hawkins or Harris??? We shall see. I also am a little surprised by no offer to Lee but I think it will come soon.

  • Bluebufoon

    Bacari Alexander really brought his “A” game today with the tweets. The man is spreading the word on Michigan basketball one tweet at a time. Coach Alexander is truly passionate about Michigan basketball and that can’t help but rub-off on everyone he comes in contact with.
    This is the type of spark U-M basketball needs but not just from Bacari but from Carlton Brundidge, John Beilein, Dave Brandon and every other young man and the older folks in the program, with all due respect to Coach Meyer. Go Blue !!!

  • Bluebufoon

    Rumor from Gonzaga message board that Kevin Pangos and his father will take a visit to Gonzaga on August 9-11. This is right after Pangos supposedly finishes playing in Nike Global Challenge on August 6- August 8th in Portland Oregon.

  • Slacks

    I think this kid is legit. He is very skilled. I remember watching the morning drills portion of the elite camp. He made them seem so easy even as prospects like Marcus Crider were having a hard time.

    The biggest knock on him is his athleticism. AAU ball probably showed that he is crafty enough to get his shot against superior athletes which is all he needed to do to earn an offer.

  • georgeesq.

    Hey, Thomas, why do you think that the coaches spend most of July at these AAU tournaments? That’s when most of the kids earn their offers. We’re talking about 2012 kids with 2 more years of high school ball. Looking at Valentine’s tape, one thing he already does exceptionally well is handle the ball and pass. At 6’6″ and probably still growing, Valentine has the potential to be special. The kid is a winner.

  • Bluebufoon

    Its going to be fun seeing where these next four to five scholarships go ? Except for huge our need for Matt Costello to Go Blue !!!, the other scholarships could go anywhere ? Have not heard one sighting or update of Erik Katenda, playing basketball this summer ? I know the kid had an appendicitis and then and infection but this is a chance for someone to sweep in and play the sympathy card and get a leg up on the competition .

  • Giddings

    That dunk at 1:37 would be Sportscenter Top Ten. Gotta remember that this is a highlight video, but man some of those passes are ridiculous for a wing.

  • Kenny

    at this point, it seems that Beilein is looking to fill the remaining scholarships with a PG, a post and two wings, one of which can step in to play 4.

  • fresh

    didnt the kid have surgery on his acl?………he is 15 let him put in some work (footwork drills, mobility, agility) he can make improvements there just like anybody else……….he will be a fun player to watch

  • Brick

    Dylan, I think these flames by Thomas are not adding anything to the conversation on this site. It’s like the Firebeilein guy started posting again.

    Posters like that seem like a byproduct of websites ranking kids so early. Valentine is one of the top 4 players in Michigan 2012 (we have offered 3 of the 4 from what I gather) and before websites started their top 100 lists we would have all been excited to be in on him. Now someone looks at a star next to a kids name and offers an opinion without any actual knowledge.

  • JB

    wow, impressive clips especially considering he’s 2012. something about those clips reminds me a little bit of watching devin harris. anyways, it’s great to offer him early. the coaches have consistently had a great eye for talent, hopefully it will start to pay off more.

  • Valentine is the best actual basketball player in Michigan for 2012, it’s an automatic offer.

  • Beast1530

    Not sure about Valentine, I don’t see what’s so great about Valentine. From what I seen from him in person in HS and AAU circuit, he’s a overrated as a player. I think he’s going to have trouble creating his own shot and getting his shot off with a defender in his face. Would be better served with him pairing an athletic slasher at the same court.

    Regarding Nick Stauskas, he doesn’t hold an Michigan offer yet. Apparently there’s some concern about the competition level that he faces in Canada. If he can do the things that he can do against better competition, he would hold an offer from Michigan.

    Matt Costello is all Sparty. Once Izzo offer him, he’ll pick MSU.

  • KRN

    Beast1530, what makes you think he’s going to have trouble getting his shot off against a defender? From the video, he seemed to have no problem scooting on by Amir Williams who is one of the top defensive players in the nation and is a full 4-5 inches taller than him.

    Also, where are you getting this “info” on Stauskas because that is the first time I’ve ever heard that mentioned by anyone and it shouldn’t be a concern at all because he is transferring to St. Marks where Alex Murphy and Kaleb Tarczewski play.

    Oh and one more thing, Matt Costello was already offered by Izzo over a week ago, so according to you, he should already be committed to MSU which he isn’t.

  • Bluebufoon

    Northstarbasketball tweeted that Coach Beilein and his assistants Coach Meyer and Coach Jordan all three were cking out Teamtakeover from DC, which is the team 6-11 John Manning plays for. Is there room for a big man in this class ?

  • mark

    I agree with S Bell. I truly believe if he was a better athlete he might be a 5 star player. I assume he will gain some more quickness as long as he doesn’t hurt the knee again.

  • Total kick when Denzel snaps those passes off. Lots of kids dunk (which is fun too), but that kind of passing is special.

  • GregGoBlue

    For those who knock on Valentine’s athleticism, it is worth noting that Beilein seems to favor heady, intelligent players who are great passers and shooters rather than raw athletic specimens. Of course these qualities are not mutually exclusive, but it appears that Valentine is in the mold of a Beilein player.

    BlueBufoon: I don’t have a twitter account, but what did Bacari do with his tweets to make you say he brought his “A” game?

    Can somebody list the 2012 players we have offered so far?

  • James

    He’s not a 5-star prospect, but he has as much athleticism as your average Big Ten forward and might be a better passer than all of them. He’s also only a sophomore in those clips, so there’s still a ton of upside.

  • Bluebufoon

    Greg– Bacari tweeted constantly during the morning, noon and night. Michigan basketball needs coaches that are selling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, high energy guys. Recruiting is about out working the competition. Tweeting might seem like a small thing to most but Michigan basketball needs every advatange they can get.

  • Beast1530

    KRN, it’s a matter of time that he’ll commit to MSU. Michigan has no chance of landing Costello.

    If Stauskas can produce at St. Mark’s, he’ll get an offer. As of now, he doesn’t hold an offer.

    I’ve seen Valentine plenty of times and I just don’t think that he’s worth an offer. JMO. I would be disappointed if JB takes him before other players that they’re recruiting right now.

  • Having seen Valentine match shot-for-shot, all of the one-on-one variety, with JP Tokoto, creating baskets is hardly a concern.

  • The flop at 2:08 should land that kid a Duke offer.