Recruiting: Where Things Stand (Pre-July ‘10)

Dylan Burkhardt

Any basketball recruitnik knows that July means evaluation period and starting July 6th, coaches are finally allowed to hit the road. The two July evaluation periods run from July 6-15 and July 22-31. Say what you want about AAU ball but this is the month that matters most for high school basketball prospects. Put together a string of great performances and you’ll land some offers.

Michigan already has one commitment (scoring dynamo Carlton Brundidge) for the class of 2011 and they could add two more players to the class. Using both remaining scholarships would mean that the Wolverines have two to use in 2012. You can view the full scholarship breakdown here.

Hot Boards:

Including Carlton Brundidge, this is roughly what the roster would look like when the 2011 class sets foot on campus (sorted by age):

  • Guards: Douglass, Vogrich, Morris, Brundidge
  • Wings: Novak, Smotrycz (hybrid), Hardaway, Christian
  • Bigs: Smotrycz (hybrid), Morgan, McLimans, Horford

As you can see, the roster composition is pretty even which means Michigan could use their two remaining scholarships in a number of different ways. For a long time I was convinced that Michigan would push for a wing and a big to round out the class. However, at this point I think they would be best suited to take the two best available prospects that they can find without pigeon holing themselves into a certain position.

The 2012 class will naturally depend on how the 2011 class is wrapped up. With two scholarships (barring attrition) to give, Michigan will still have to be relatively stingy with the scholarship offers. They have offered guards (Ferrell, Harris), wings (Hawkins), and bigs (Costello) so it doesn’t appear that they have any specific positions in mind.

Think of the hot boards (2011, 2012) as a snapshot. They are our best estimation of the Michigan recruiting landscape as it stands today today. They are by no means complete and they are subject to change at any moment.

Global Game

The evaluation period is already synonymous with long days of travel for college coaches but this year there is an interesting twist: the FIBA U17 Championships in Hamburg, Germany.

The U17 Championships run from July 2-11 which means a large chunk of the action falls within the NCAA evaluation period. The word on the street is that Michigan will be represented in Germany as they make the trek to see Canadian point guard Kevin Pangos. Canada is 2-1 thus far and Pangos was recently interviewed by the FIBA website.

Michigan’s other European prospect is wing forward Jonathan Gilling. The Denmark native is expected to play with Denmark’s U20 national team in the FIBA European Championship B Division from July 14-24.

UMHoops Summer Coverage

As you have hopefully realized by now, we’ve done our best to improve the recruiting coverage on this site over the last few months. We’ve already covered a number of AAU events and we are planning to continue our coverage in July. Joe will be at the adidas Invitational (July 6-8) and Kentucky Hoopfest (July 9-11) and provide nightly updates, video interviews, and whatever else he can come up with. I’ll be stopping into the King City Classic and ESPN Super Sophomore Camp this week as well.

We can’t be everywhere but we will do our best to provide some great coverage.

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  • KDavis

    You guys do an amazing job. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • aMaized

    second that

  • Adding another dynamic offensive player to Brundidge would make the 2011 class outstanding. Hopefully Beilein and co. can bring in an elite player to jumpstart the rebuilding process.

  • fresh

    whats great is that the 2 other players to compliment carlton can be anything because we really dont have a position of need so beilein has a lot of freedom really with the 2011 class……….personally if we are taking 2 id like to see another player similar to smotz and another 2/3 just my opinion though

  • I agree with the rest, you guys do a great job. Keep up the great work. My personal wish list would be Katenda in 11 with Amir Williams or Jalen Reynolds. I would be okay to only offer in more in 11 leaving 3 for 12 class. In 12, Yogi Ferrell, Costello, and either Gary Harris or Jev. Hawkins. One can dream, right?

  • Evan

    Great job guys. I haven’t heard much on katenda lately does he play aau ball

  • Evan: He’s been out with appendicitis, he’s supposed to be getting back into the action soon with the Albany City Rocks.

  • mike the original

    Sorry to go off on a tangent here, but I just saw Manny Harris’s wikipedia entry (I was looking to see what NBA summer team he landed with…Cleveland) and was shocked at how extensive it was. He has a longer entry than Glen Rice. Was wondering if someone from our site gave Manny the love and put up the extensive write up.

  • Deacon Blues

    I feel like I’m in the drive-thru at Popeye’s. May I have a wing please?

    A 2011 wing has to be job one, doesn’t it? Of those that we have, Novak isn’t a scorer, Christian is likely more of a role player and Smotrycz will almost certainly be needed at the 4. (Can’t envision Morgan, McLimans and Horford holding down both the 4 and the 5 anytime soon.)

    That leaves Hardaway. He’s intriguing, absolutely, but he isn’t the caliber of recruit that Harris was. I don’t think we can go forward with him as our only true wing.

  • AC1997

    I would rank the positions of need for 2011 as follows:

    1) Dominant center (if such a thing exists in college basketball)
    2) Scoring wing
    3) Point guard

    I think there are enough bodies on the current roster to man the post for the next couple of years just fine (especially in a Beilein offense) but if there’s a dominant big-man out there you make a run at him.

    Point Guard would be nice so that you have a back-up for Morris and someone to learn from him. But you wouldn’t want to scare off Ferrell by signing one so he’d have to be pretty good.

    Thus what I expect to happen is to sign a wing for sure. Partially because that’s where most of the scorers can be found since the 2/3 positions are about the same. I like Hardaway but it would be nice to get some depth there.