Recruiting Roundup (6-21-2010)

Dylan Burkhardt

Junior Updates

Yesterday was a huge week for 2012 prospects and Joe did a great job of catching up with a number of them over the week. We were able to confirm that Gary Harris, Yogi Ferrell, JaVontae Hakwins, and Matt Costello all received offers on June 15th. Here’s a run-down of all of Joe’s updates from last week:

The Indy Hoops Blog also posted some recent video of Yogi Ferrell in action at some sort of summer league:

Camp Week

Michigan’s Elite and Team Camps are scheduled for this weekend. The Elite camp is scheduled for Thursday (24th) with Team Camp following on the 25th and 26th. A number of Michigan prospects are obviously expected to be in attendance. Here’s an early list that we’ve put together of kids that are expected at camp on Thursday:

Markus Crider (2011), Jalen Reynolds (2011), Aaron Thomas (2011), Javontae Hawkins (2012), Matt Costello (2012), Yogi Ferrell (2012), Sean Sheldon (2012), Ray Lee (2012), Kellon Thomas (2012), Michael Ramey (2012), Basil Smotherman (2013), Devin Davis (2013).

These are some of the expected players but this list is obviously scheduled to change and we will be doing our best to add to it over the course of the week. If this year is similar to previous years under Beilein, Elite Camp will also be one of the first chances we have to see the freshmen in action.

Notes from NBA Camp

Marshall Plumlee0610[1]Dave Telep’s annual top 100 camp is one of the best in the business and this year was no different. A number of Michigan targets were in action including commitment Carlton Brundidge, Amir Williams, and Marshall Plumlee.

The most interesting buzz for Michigan fans surrounds Marshall Plumlee. The news surrounding Plumlee isn’t encouraging. While Duke interest in Plumlee appeared lukewarm early on in Marshall’s recruitment, it’s clear that they’ve taken things to another level. Rivals’ ACC recruiting editor, Clint Jackson, tweeted over the weekend that Plumlee to Duke “might be happening soon”.

Jody Demling reported that Plumlee is likely to “just pick a school” at this point and Michigan didn’t receive a mention in Demling’s update (although Plumlee won’t give an official “list”).

Plumlee also did a lengthy interview ($) with the Duke scout website and made it clear that, yes, Duke has upped the ante in his recruitment. Plumlee and Zeller were also featured in the USAToday.

Besides the media buzz, Plumlee had a decent camp as well. He was measured at 6-foot-11.5 with a 6-foot-9 wingspan and was also named as one of the camp’s five workout warriors. If Duke is indeed ratcheting up their pursuit of Plumlee it will obviously be a tough situation for the Wolverines. Duke is coming off of a national championship and Marshall would have the opportunity to play with his two brothers, Mason and Miles.

Other Notes

The Izzo Shootout also took place this weekend with a number of Michigan targets in action. SpartanMag mentions that Matt Costello and Trey McDonald both performed well ($). Austin Burgett, Jordan Hare, Denzel Valentine, and JaVontae Hawkins were among some other big 2012 names expected to participate.

You can see video of Hawkins in action with Team Detroit in the finals at the Michigan Memorial Classic here. Hawkins played very well at the tournament, as Team Detroit cruised to the championship.:

Second half here.

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  • Brick

    Plumlee to Duke, shocking! I for one was never excited about the prospects of him coming to UM. I figured he was a Duke lock. The good news is that Duke shouldn’t be going after any more big men if they land a third Plumlee.

    I also don’t have much hope for Zeller. I think Williams, Katenda and Reynolds are the three big men we really have a chance with and I’m not getting my hopes up too much on Williams.

    I think coming to the Elite camp means a lot and I expect to see a few of our open spots to eventually get filled up by names on that attendance list.

  • Slacks

    6-11.5 height with a 6-9 wingspan? A lot of the great basketball players are longer than that. I wonder if it is because he has narrow shoulders, T-rex arms, or small hands.

  • Dirtgrain

    Und long neck and head?

  • SteinerBlue

    With Plumlee looking more unlikely, and Williams hardly a Michigan lean, I think Jalen Reynolds is the realistic option here. And based on the video I’ve seen, I’d be happy with that.

  • Steiner: It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Reynolds this weekend at camp.

  • Brick

    I’m VERY interested to see how Reynolds does this week. I’m getting the impression he has a higher motor than Amir and might not be much of a downgrade. Will there be any camp updates?

  • Alyzen

    Thanks for the good work as always, Dylan — just wondering: any chance we’ll get some video out of the elite camp this weekend? I know there were a couple of clips of Darius Morris and Blake McLimans floating around after last year…

  • Joe will be at Elite Camp but the word we are getting is that no photo or video will be allowed.

  • Alyzen

    That’s too bad — eager to hear Joe’s report, though!