Matt Costello Picks Up a Michigan Offer


Matt Costello, who I interviewed last week, has received an official offer from Michigan.  I received a text message from Matt’s father earlier today confirming that Matt had been offered.

I saw Costello play earlier in the summer and was very impressed:

Costello is tall, long, tough and coordinated. A lot of times with young big guys, you get the sense that they’re still growing into their bodies, but he looked perfectly at home. You looked at him and expected him to dominate the glass, and he did. He kept the ball high in the post, which takes some guys years to learn. When didn’t receive entry passes, he went and got them. He was quick on his feet for someone his size, losing his defenders in the post and staying in front of whoever he was guarding.

So far we have been able to confirm that Michigan has offered Yogi Ferrell, JaVontae Hawkins, and Gary Harris in the class of 2012. The Indy Star has also reported that Ron Patterson picked up a Michigan offer.

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  • toblav

    Glad to hear it. Really nice group with offers so far. I wish we could take them all.

  • Brian W

    Jalen Reynolds and Javontae Hawkins participated in the Univ. of Detroit’s elite camp on Wednesday…–.html has a very brief meet and greet with Evan Smotrycz…

  • Do we have a list of the campers next week? Are all of the 2012 kids with offers going to attend? Would love a class in 2012 of Yogi, either Harris or Hawkins, and Costello. That would be a great addition to our current roster.

  • The Yooper

    In the article about Jalen Reynolds and Javontae Hawkins they mention a player went to the camp from Eben Junction Superior Central. They are a very small school and don’t have any amazing players so I’m surprised one of them went to Detroit’s elite camp.

  • AG2

    Next time someone complains that Big Ten basketball is slow and low scoring, show them a video of tonight’s Game 7.

  • Billiam

    Speaking of “take them all” could you update the 2011 and 2012 recruiting lists please? Not trying to nit-pick, and I understand if you're busy, but it would help a bit. Thank you very much.

  • I am thinking that I might wait until after Elite Camp next week to update the lists. But they will be updated soon.

  • Brian W

    Jeremy Hollowell heard from Coach Beilein on Tuesday (doesn’t say he got an offer). He’ll be participating in the elite camp.

    Amir Williams interview, Michigan’s first in the long list of schools mentioned.

    Report from the NBPA Top 100 Camp with Marshall Plumlee, lists U-M in the three schools listed. He talks about UVA, but keep in mind that it’s a Virginia TV station…

    Lou Holtz thinks Notre Dame should join the Big Ten…

  • EJ

    Just as a background, I work at Bay City Western, where Matt attends high school with my cousin. I know Matt is planning on attending the Elite Camp next week. He asked my cousin to go with him but he will be out of town. Matt should still be there though.

  • Hey EJ; keep us updated on Matt. He sounds like the kind of kid UM needs in its program. Thanks for the update.