Q&A: Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell


I recently got a chance to sit down for a phone interview with 2012 point guard Yogi Ferrell, one of the top guards in the class of 2012. Ferrell plays AAU for Indiana Elite with Marshall Plumlee and Cody Zeller. I watched him in Fort Wayne at the Spiece Run-N-Slam earlier this summer and we have video here and here. Ferrell is being recruited by a number of schools, including Notre Dame, Indiana and Ohio State in addition to Michigan.

Can you describe your game? I’m a point guard, getting up and down the floor, getting guys the ball where they need it and they can produce and one thing I like play D, so I’m very focused on defense.  I never let my guy go by me.

Who has offered you? I’ve been offered by IU, Illinois, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Washington, Virginia and Butler.

Do you have any visits planned? I haven’t made any visit plans so far but I know I’ll make some this summer.

Will you be attending any Elite Camps? I was going to go to the IU one this weekend but I’m actually going to be in Oregon. But I’m definitely going to go back down to the Michigan one.

Do you have a timeframe for committing? Probably after my junior year, probably after that summer.

Has Michigan said they would offer you on June 15th (the first day schools can officially offer 2012 kids)? Yeah, they said on June 15th they would.

Have you met Coach Beilein? I came down to a football game (against Notre Dame), actually the guy I talked to was Mahoney, but I know that he left. We interacted really well.  I could tell, just, the style of play–he lets his guards go.  He lets his guards go and do what they want and lets them produce.

Would you fit into Beilein’s system? I would, I think I’d fit pretty well.

What do you like about Michigan? I heard that they have a good law program and that’s what I want to get into, so I liked that a lot.  They’re good at football, good at everything around pretty much.  I liked the coaching staff, I know they have good guys, I know some of the guys–Stu Douglass, Manny.

Have those guys been trying to sway you either way? I actually saw Stu up here in Indiana.  Yeah, so I was talking to him a little bit.  They’re not really trying to sway me, not really.

What would you bring to Michigan? On the court, winning games pretty much, being a leader out there, showing no fear when we play.  Off the court, I’m a great guy to hang out with, just making everyone laugh.  I’m not one of those guys who causes drama or anything.

What are you focused on improving about your game? With my high school team I usually have to score a lot but with my AAU team I have to be more of a distributor, so I’m working on that right now instead of trying to score.  But I would say my strength is–when I’m trying to drive, I’m playing up so I’m playing bigger guys but I know I have to be strong.

Who do people compare you to? I’ve heard a couple people say I remind them a little bit of Isaiah Thomas.

Not a bad player to be compared to. (Laughs) Yeah, I know.

What ultimately will go into your decision? What I look at is guys who are in now and guys who will be coming in who are older than me.  And seeing if I come in will I play?  Will I be able to start as a freshman?  Or will I be coming off the bench?  That’s one of the main things I look at when deciding a school.

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  • AC

    Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but if the first day 2012 prospects can be offered is June 15th, how does he have offers from those other schools already?

  • Different schools follow the rule differently.

    Beilein will not offer a prospect before the date. Other schools will give verbal offers and then give official offers on the 15th. The argument is that this gives Michigan a distinct disadvantage against other schools. It is what it is I guess.

  • JBlair52

    meh, in a case like this – Yogi knows he's going to get an offer so to me, it's basically the same thing.

    Also, it's not like other guys are getting Michigan offers – if recruits know that's how Michigan works, I dont think anyone is going to be upset about it.

  • I'd like to see the actual rule. I know June 15 is when coaches can call the kids directly, instead of the players calling them.

  • I believe it may be an NABC “recommendation” or something like that. But I'm also not sure of the firm actual rule.

  • toblav

    Yogi sounds like a winner, hope he comes our way.

  • Brian W

    Nice interview. I'm glad he's going to be attending the elite camp. Would love to see him playing at U-M.