Thoughts on LaVall Jordan

Dylan Burkhardt

As I hinted at this morning, it’s only a matter of time before LaVall Jordan is officially announced as Michigan’s latest assistant coach. I figured now is a good time to post some thoughts on the hire before the official announcement. After Mike Jackson left the staff it became extremely important to move quickly in the second assistant coaching search. Team and Elite camps are just a couple weeks away and the AAU live evaluation period begins in just under a month. These are hands down the most important times of year for an assistant coach at a high major basketball program.

My first impression is that Jordan is a great choice, especially considering the circumstances. Michigan needed to act swiftly and I assume the fact that Beilein already interviewed other candidates during the first search helped in this regard. Jordan is young but has a relatively strong resume. He was an assistant coach at Butler from 2004-2007 and followed Lickliter to Iowa where he coached until last season. He had accepted a job at Western Michigan after Lickliter was fired but obviously didn’t stick around for long.

Jordan is known as a good recruiter with plenty of connections to the state of Michigan and in the midwest. His most notable recent recruitment was convincing Roy Marble Jr. (Southfield-Lathrup/The Family) to attend Iowa. Jordan was a starting guard for Butler and was named Most Valuable Player of the 2000-01 squad. Naturally, Jordan will be tasked with coaching the guards in the same role that Mike Jackson previously filled. I assume this was one of the main reasons that Jordan didn’t get the job the first time around, Michigan needed someone to coach bigs at that point.

Michigan’s assistant coaching staff has been revamped in the last several months. They have fresh blood (Alexander 34, Jordan 31) and they also have a veteran who has been around the block (Meyer at Purdue, USF, Liberty, Winthrop, Butler, Missouri, IU). I think all of these guys have something to prove and appear to be able recruiters. Meyer reportedly played a big role in Eric Gordon’s recruitment (the clean side) so don’t throw him under the bus recruiting wise either.

Only one member of last year’s staff had in-state, or even midwestern, recruiting ties. All three current assistants have either strong ties to the state of Michigan, the midwest, or both. It’s tough to complain with any of the hires and it will interesting to see how the new staff reacts when they hit the road in July.

Alexander and Jordan obviously have some catching up to do in terms of how Beilein operates. His offense, his practices, and all of that. However that would be the case with most assistants and one thing you can be certain of is that they are young enough that they should be able to adapt.

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  • Tom_McC

    Great stuff Dylan. On your last paragraph…Beilein's offenses, practices, etc are not that difficult to grasp, especially for guys that really know the game.

    Some of the intricacies are unique but the learning curve is not that steep. Besides, most of what goes on in Beilein's offense is just “good, smart” basketball which these guys won't have a hard time grasping. Both of these guys biggest challenges is to help develop the skill level of their respective assigned group of players. Their youth is really helpful in this regard…they can not only teach by communication but by action and for players, that is important.

  • Bluebufoon

    Jordan sounds like an impressive guy. I like the fact Beilein has shaken up the staff– although I feel bad for Coach Mahoney. If Coach Meyer can pull his weight on the recruiting trail, our staff could be fairly formidable. Either way Kids should be flocking to U-M to play basketball, renovated facilities or not. We shouldn't have problems finding four to five “QUALITY” players each year to wear the Maize-N-Blue and if not we have the wrong folks coaching Michigan basketball.

    I'm looking forward to some Michigan basketball committments. There's no doubt U-M coach's can tweet but can they seal the deal ? I want three commitments in the next month from the next two recruiting classes — tweet on that my Maize-N-Blue friends.

  • waldo78

    So you are hoping to get a couple of 2012 kids to verbal? We only have one ship left for 2011 so to get three commits in the next month will be interesting. I like the hire because he has Michigan and midwest ties. Both Bacari and Jordan are young and hopefully eager to be champions. I am excited and ready for verbals also but will have more patience than a month. Go Blue!!

  • Bluebufoon

    I count four or five additional scholarships for the next two classes, that is factoring in some attrition. To be clear thats One Post player, one forward for 2011. One PF, One Wing player for 2012 and the best guard available from either of these two classes.

    You have to have vision to see this many scholarships
    coming available in the nxt two years but U-M is recruiting too many quality players at positions of need, to not sign several additional players in the nxt two classes.

  • Brian W

    I'm glad U-M was able to add Jordan; since he's been through Big Ten seasons at Iowa, he should have a good feel for how the other teams around the league play, including his new team.

    Saw this on Canadian point guards, includes Kevin Pangos…

    Digger Phelps underwent prostate cancer surgery today….

    Evan Ravenel is transferring from Boston College to Ohio State.

  • waymanbritt

    LaVall Jordan To Do List

    1. Buy a new suit with your pay raise to keep up with the Alexanders
    2. Smooth talk Hawkins on Friday to sign immediately
    3. Drive to DCD to visit Amir
    4. Go back to your college home state to see Gary Harris and Yogi

  • SamGoBlue

    How about 1a. Make sure Brundidge is still completely on board.

  • Bluebufoon

    If I'm Beilein I have CB in Ann Arbor on Friday, too make sure Hawkins know Brundidge is on on board as we go forward. The question when Beilein asked the question what will Javonte say ?

    Go Blue — young man. Go Blue !!! Michigan has prioritized Hawkins and Sparty has prioritized Brandon Kearney, Dwan Anderson and Kenny Kaminsky. It should be a done deal. Hawkins has a place in Ann Arbor

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  • aMaized

    Additional responsibilities from a poster at the Wolverine:

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