Farewell: Mike Jackson

Dylan Burkhardt

4065126[1]This has been an off-season filled with staff changes and apparently it’s not over yet. The latest move is that assistant coach Mike Jackson will be moving on to take a position at Purdue. Jackson was known as the best recruiter on the staff and worked heavily with the guards. He was instrumental in the recruitment of Manny Harris among others and it’s safe to say that his loss will be a significant blow.

All three of the assistants (Dunn, Mahoney, and Jackson) that Michigan brought into last season have moved on. They have been replaced by Jeff Meyer and Bacari Alexander. I would assume that Beilein will move swiftly to replace Jackson, considering how late it already is in the summer.

Update: Here’s Beilein’s statement:

“We appreciate the positive contributions that Coach Mike Jackson has made to Michigan Basketball. We wish Mike nothing but the best in his future professional endeavors. My intention is to move quickly and efficiently to fill this coaching staff opening. Currently, we have an energized and proven staff in place. My focus is to add another experienced and knowledgeable teacher of the game, who has college recruiting experience both here in Michigan and throughout the Big Ten footprint.”

Update: It’s official. Jackson’s quote:

“I’m really excited for a new opportunity and a new challenge,” Jackson said. “I’ve known Coach Painter for a number of years, and I think he’s one of the best young coaches in the game. The chance to learn from him and help Purdue work toward a national championship is very exciting.”

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  • ATLblue

    how worried should we be about the kids he was recruiting? Does a change like this have an impact on a recruits opinion of the school?

  • Anything can obviously have an effect. Carlton Brundidge is already committed and has plenty of ties to Michigan but this will probably be something that has to be explained to him.

  • Beast1530

    There is rumbling that CB may not stick with Michigan now that Jackson is gone. Let's hope that CB can stick with Michigan!

  • BeilensBricks

    Good for him. Purdue could be a Final Four team this year. Can't say I blame him for leaving Michigan. He was a good recruiter, and there's no job security at UM as I can easily see Brandon firing Beilein if next season is an epic disaster (which it could be)

  • Wes D.

    Let the J. Rose rumors begin……..

  • sullycu

    they wont fire beilein, disaster or not. He has had some tough breaks.

  • Slacks

    I was listening to today's WTKA podcast and Sam Webb introduced 1 candidate for the administrative assistant post. He threw out Travis Conlan's name. He also said that the GA job will be a former student manager or another Beilein.

  • Thanks for the update Slacks. There is an open admin assistant position so that makes sense. Mark Beilein would be the other Beilein I believe, John's other son. Will be interesting to see how all of this plays out because now we have to go for another assistant as well.

  • section13row15

    Beilein is not going anywhere btw. But this is not a good thing for our program. Our assistant coaching ranks are like a rotisserie right now. And I'm assuming Jackson was recruiting a lot of those Indiana kids that may now choose Purdue instead of Michigan. I figured Jackson and Bacari Alexander would be a good tandem with their ties to UofD. Overall, this just doesn't look good.

  • GoBlue

    From a conversation I had with Coach Jackson a few weeks back, I gathered that the other Beilein doesn't deserve the GA position over whoever the student manager is but still may get it nonetheless.

  • ZRL

    Not too worried. Sure, Jackson has a “reputation” for being a good recruited, but in 3 years of being with Beilein he was not responsible for recruiting any of the 4 top 150 kids that signed (Morris, Smotrycz, Vogrich, Hardaway, depending on the recruiting site). I'm confident that Bacari can recruit the state of Michigan as well or better then Jackon (based on no absolutely information whatsoever besides his name, biography, and twitter account all point to BA being awesome).

  • That's incorrect. Beilein is a very hands on recruiter but I know that Jackson was the point man on Evan Smotrycz' recruitment for a fact.

    Bacari looks like a hardworker, seems charismatic, but he's also young and has never been an assistant coach at a high major program.

  • TrueBlue

    Well that remains to be seen…Mark Beilein spent the last year working for the Pistons in player development. I think that he is just as, if not more qualified than a college graduate who helped at practice.

  • Slacks

    Lost in all of this is that Jackson also worked with the Guards. That means we will probably try to get a coach that will replace that as well.

    I think JB will probably consider Washington and Jordan for this position. Sam Webb said that if JB opens up the search more LaMonta Stone (from Bowling Green) might get a look as well.

  • michman

    Come on JB make the right move here. We need someone like J. Rose to come in and give the program a needed spark. Rose would do an excellent job at bringing in talent that this program needs. Lets not be conservative here and bring in some old guy with little use to the program.

  • ZRL

    Didn't know that about Smotrycz. I thought Beilein had a bunch of connections in the Northeast and found Smote through him. I talked to Beilein a few weeks after Smote commited and he said he saw some videos on him, invited him up for a visit, and then Smote committed a couple weeks later, so I figured it was mostly Beilein who recruited him.

    My Bacari comment was meant to be sarcastic in pointing out the fact that with the exception of maybe one or two readers, none of us really have any idea how good of a coach any if the assistants are, so therefore any prediction on how much this loss will affect the program is just baseless speculation (mine included).

  • DAH

    Your comment isn't even remotely accurate. He brought in Manny and DeShawn. When Beilein was brought in, he initially let Mike go, but brought him back after seeing his value. DeShawn and Manny would have left without Mike.
    Further, Mike wasn't just the point man with Smotrycz…he discovered him while scouting another player. He called Coach B who then come out to see Evan and extended an offer. Losing Jack is a big deal. We'll be fine in a couple years, but he wants a head coaching job and needs wins to earn a post. Jack isn't alone is being concerned about next season. It could be a bloodbath. I wish him the best and hope to see him get that HC job soon.

  • Bluebufoon

    Mike Jackson “QUIT” on this program at the worst time possible and he went to a rival school. The guy is an average recruiter at best and I hope we try to beat Purdue's eyes-shut no matter the score, as long he's there. He'll never be a major head coach and you can tell that by how he performed at Michigan and how he turned his back on this program.

  • fresh

    just like somebody above said…………beilein is going to bring in a coach who is experienced enough and has worked with developing guard play………..he isnt going to take a big name just to take a big name person like jalen rose because that isnt going to make the players any better (unless he can actually coach and teach) but get a person who will make michigan's guards better and who knows who that is

  • atl88

    Thought Id post this here since its the most updated post.

    Please leave IZZO lol


  • Mark

    If Jalen wants the job it SHOULD be his to have. High School kids would look up to Jalen and he would provide a HUGE advantage in recruiting. I don't care if he's a great coach or not. The guy is a long time NBA player. He must have at least some if not a lot of good knowledge he could impart on the guards at UM.

    Also, I would rather UM get an influx of talent and then figure out how to coach them after that.

  • maxwell's demon

    So I don't get it. Is this a lateral move (strength of programs aside)? Or is this a better asst. position?

  • Wayman Britt

    I agree Maxwell. I would like to know the real reason he is leaving. This seems like a lateral move. He was our top assistant and must have got compensated fairly. I wonder if he and Beilein did not see eye to eye.

  • DAH

    Yeah, you're right (sarcasm). He is an “average recruiter at best”. Deshawn Sims totally sucked. Manny Harris was a nobody. Evan Smotrycz isn't a top ranked player.
    Bottom line is that Jack is the type of coach who would have had a head coaching gig if we won more games. We didn't. We (as much as it pains me) aren't going to win many next year either. While it was a very difficult decision for him, he had to do what was best for him and his family. Not for you.

  • Brian W

    Some good news for today… Sam Webb posted “Michigan Makes Strong Impression on Gary Harris” over at GoBlueWolverine.


    Utah released their non-conference schedule today, and they come to Crisler on December 10.


    Michigan is one of the teams who has supposedly contacted Penn State decommit Trey Burke. This Ohio AAU recap from the weekend also mentions that U-M is interested in Tony Farmer and Marc Loving.


  • aMaized

    something that piqued my interest form mlive.com that would've preoccupied Jackson?

    “Beilein promoted Jeff Meyer and hired Bacari Alexander to replace Dunn and Mahoney. In hiring Alexander, Beilein placed him in charge of recruiting the state of Michigan, Jackson's usual territory.”


  • Bluebufoon

    You're giving Jackson credit for players who committed and came to Michigan due to Amaker and Beilein. Sims, Udoh and Manny Harris came because of Amaker. Beilein was the point guy on Smotrycz, not Mike Jackson. Watch Michigan basketball take off without Jackson around, makes me wonder how U-M made all those Final Fours before Jackson arrived ?

    To leave U-M at this time of year for a conference rival is Bush-League. How many years has the guy been at U-M, was Kendric Price his guy ? K'len Morris, Jerrett Smith ? Anthony Wright ? How many wasted scholarships have we had over Jackson's tenure at U-M ?

    Jackson is a crappy recruiter and the way he left U-M makes me think he is a crappy person.

  • Colby

    So any names being thrown around for the open spot? I wonder if Lavall Jordan would be considered the front runner? Hoping JB can make a splash with the hire.

  • Brian W

    Hmm. Interesting. If that's the case, Bacari should have been reaching out to in-state recruits for the last few weeks then (as much as legally possible). That would definitely make trying to catch up with recruits that Jackson was on easier.

    The idea of adding Travis Conlan to the staff (even if it's in an administrative role) seems like a good one since I bet he's developed a number of contacts overseas during his career.

  • fresh

    idk who beilein has in mind but of the 3 “potential” candidates that i have seen being that of saddi washington, lavall jordan, and lamonta stone…………….i have good vibes with what i have read about washington even though he has the least amount of coaching experience……….however he makes up in coaching experience with playing experience

    but who knows what jb is looking at

  • rick

    like i said before loserline will be gone after this year. should of got shawn miller

  • Brian W

    Nebraska facing choice of “stick or quit” when it comes to the Big 12.


    From Texas Tech perspective, Tom Osborne's decision this week will determine the fate of Texas, Texas Tech and Texas A&M.


    Coach Beilein is one of the people who share their memories of a Charleston, West Virginia sportswriter who died of cancer.


  • detroitbry

    Bluebuffoon, didnt you use to cover recruiting? If so I am very surprised and the wrong comments you just posted and can't let them stand. K'len Morris was Andy Moore's recruit, Moore pressed Amaker to take K'len because he didnt have any other kids on the roster that he brought, K'len was not being pushed by Mike Jackson. Jerret Smith was absolutely Amaker's call, anybody who saw Smith from the summer after his sophomre year knew that something was wrong. It was Amaker choice to keep the offer out there and not to recruit over him, not Mike Jackson.

    Jackson identified Wright, you are correct. But isnt the job of an assistant to identify plan b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i prospects. That is what you do when you miss out on other recruits, Jackson identified other prospects and the head coach decides if the school should go after them. Taking Wright didnt hurt UM, not getting better kids hurt UM in fact Wright is such a good student that him qualifying is going to help UM's NCAA grade mandates, Wright didnt hurt UM one bit.

    You are wrong on Smotrycz. Jackson after he was hired kept on Udoh after the former coach Swenson screwed it up, Udoh commited to Jackson in the middle of the night, that was his guy so you are wrong there too. Jackson was also the one who kept on Harris, Jackson begged Amaker to recruit Manny harder while TA was focusing on Lucas, Legion, Summers. In fact, I personally begged Amakmer as well to go after Manny harder. Jackson and Jackson alone kept Michigan in the game as he blew up, that is fact and once again you are incorrect.

    You can be mad at Jackson for leaving but I think what is more interesting is the fact that he did leave home for Purdue, that tells me that something is off. As far as him being a crappy recruiter, riddle me this. If Beilein broomed Mahoney, Dunn and Jackson has left are you suggesting that Beilein was main recruiter for all the guys UM did get?

    detroitbry signing off

  • DAH

    Detroitbry pretty much sums up how far off the mark you are, but to fill you in on Smotrycz…you couldn't be more laughably wrong. Jack found Evan while scouting a different player. He wasn't there for Evan. Evan played poorly, but Jack saw something. He watched more games and was eventually convinced Evan was a talent. He called JB to tell him about Evan. JB flew out and made the offer.

    It's sad to read your personal attacks on a great guy, but even worse to see you rip someone and gets all of the facts wrong along the way.

  • Yup. Sorry Blue, you are way off the mark here, can't disagree.

  • qwwe

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