DetNews: Brandan Kearney Will Pick MSU

Dylan Burkhardt
Brandan Kearney

This doesn’t appear to be official, but it’s not all that surprising either. Eric Lacy is reporting in the Detroit News that Brandan Kearney will choose Michigan State on November 3rd. When a recruit names a school the leader on Monday and announces a decision date on Wednesday, it’s not very hard to figure out their likely destination.

It’s tough to see a kid like Kearney, described as lifelong Michigan fan, commit to Michigan State but at this point Michigan is dealing with a major scholarship crunch. There was room to take one guard or wing early in the class of 2011 and Carlton Brundidge jumped at that opportunity.

The plan for Michigan is to add Trey Zeigler in the class of 2010 and a big man in the class of 2011.  If Zeigler falls through, they will likely look to add a wing player in 2011 as well. However, with Zeigler’s spring decision, that won’t be until next summer.

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  • Taddie

    It’s a bummer, but as you said, it was inevitable once Carlton committed. We just don’t have the room for another guard/wing. Our priorities are now locking down Zeigler (please please please!) and Amir would be nice for the next class. Getting Trey would essentially make not getting Brandan moot.

  • Kevin in GR

    “I am looking for good academics because that is very important,” said Kearney. “Then I want a coach who is good at player development. Last I would like to feel wanted by a school. Those things are important to me.”

    Yeah…..and MSU fits the bill on all of these requirements?

  • sven

    No life long Michigan fan would even consider going to MSU.

  • Kevin in GR

    After reading the article, this quote kind of struck me too.

    “I want some more offers to be able to pick and choose from, and to just have a little fun with (recruiting),” he explained.

    Anyone think that he may just be “having a little fun”, maybe the same way Will Campbell or Terrelle Pryor were when they made their decisions? I thought I read somewhere after BK visited M he wanted to commit, but Beilein told him to take some time to think more about it.

  • JB

    I’m gonna diverge from hoping braylon lays his signature 4th quarter spartan smack down on his foolish cousin to appreciate that this top recruit is picking state over UM because he wants playing time.


    and if we don’t get trey, then hopefully a very strong season this year will help us fill the two remaining schollies with top talent. man we need zeigler though.

  • BL11

    Dylan, I saw that you inquired about MSU’s scholarship situation on another site, thought I would let ya know on this site instead.

    SR: R. Morgan & I. Dahlman
    JR: C. Allen & D. Summers & K. Lucas & T. Herzog(rs)
    SO: K. Lucious & D. Roe & D. Green & A. Thornton(year to year)
    FR: G. Sherman & D. Nix & (D. Sims?)
    2010 class: K. Appling & R. Byrd & A. Guana
    2011 class: B. Kearney?

    so 1 open for 2010 (if thorton isnt offered) and then 3 for 2011 (if kearney is on board and thornton isnt offered)

    hope this helps

  • Thanks. Dion Sims is on a fball scholarship. So they have plenty go give I guess.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Perhaps Kearney’s committment will cause Zeigler to lean more towards Michigan if he was on the fence with us and MSU. If Zeigler wants to be the leader on a team and get an immediate starting job, then Michigan is the place for him.

  • jim

    Believe Sam and the crew at GBW were very very confident last May or so that BK was a strong UM lean and that a committment could only be days away. Unfortunately didn’t happen. Think with the schollie crunch Beilein was slow playing him and that BK wasn’t too happy about it. Hence the “I want to feel wanted by a school” comment.

  • Dave

    also i think zeigler is out for michigan….this is just a feeling….i think he ends up with mccallum some where but i really hope michigan isnt waiting for trey to decide and letting kearney slip away …..i dont like that at all

  • dabadeeblue

    @Dave: same gut feeling re: Zeigler here..

  • Respectful Green

    Assuming Zeigler does not come to MSU (between UM and CMU, pretty safe bet, I think) and no other wing is added in 2010, the first player off the bench on the wing for MSU in 2011 is probably a true freshman. Losing Allen, Summers, and Lucas, MSU has immediate playing time to offer in 2011 and that could be a factor for BK.

  • David

    I agree with Jim. It seems like Kearney wasn’t feeling that wanted by M — for whatever reason. It’s a bummer too because I really hoped the kid would end up with the good guys.

    But, regardless, good luck to him on a personal basis, and I hope his team loses every game.

  • Paul Carmona

    That Detroit News article is far off. Those quotes were taken 6 months ago and alot has changed. BK is actually upset with that article and he still has a decision to make.

  • GregGoBlue

    Anything to be said about Zeigler’s decision at this point in his recruitment is 100% speculation. He has not really tipped his hand as to where he’s leaning.

    To engage in this speculation, however, I’m most concerned about TZ going to daddy’s former coaching stopoff: UCLA.

  • GregGoBlue

    One more thing. MSU already has 2 wings/SG’s committed (Appling is ranked 9th in the country). With BK seemingly committed for 2011, how many SG’s does this team need? Damn!

  • Check out all the shooting guards on our roster :-)

  • JB

    The number of schools (kansas, ucla, oklahoma, syracuse) in the running for Zeigler along with his dad being a coach make me think our chances are slim…as much as I want him to come blue.

    It would really bother me to lose him to UCLA since Beilein is a superior coach. We beat UCLA early last season with significantly less all around talent, specifically big name recruits. If Beilein has a roster full of top recruits like Zeigler in the future, we’d stomp ’em.

  • GregGoBlue


  • BigPlay

    Ben Howland is a pretty darn good coach too. I agree Beileun is a phenomenal coach, but Howland is great too.

  • Howland is good but he’s NOT in Beilein’s class.

  • ChE

    Yes, I don’t think it’s fair to say that Beilein is a “superior” coach. I’m a big fan of JB, but Howland turned Pitt from the NIT to consecutive Sweet 16 appearances. Then he took UCLA to 3 straight Final Fours. So umm yeah, I think many would consider Ben Howland a more accomplished coach.

  • Beilein has a decent record against UCLA… ;-)

  • Paul F.

    I don’t know about Trey either. Everything I’m hearing is he really likes UCLA. Keeping my fingers, toes and my eyes crossed he SAYS YES! to Michigan. I know that did a fine job with Prather and others.

  • Kenny

    If Beilein presses hard on Kearney in the next couple of weeks, there is still a chance, but will he? I have to think that Kearney feel a bit awkward when he was the #3 priority after Prather and Zeigler at the time of his visit.

    Although I feel a bit uncomfortable putting all the eggs in one tray, I think that Trey will give Michigan a serious look. He knows how good Beilein is. Howland and Beilein was both in Big East and had head-to-head games every year since Howland moved to UCLA. Trey wants immediate playing time, and no other place can offer more than Michigan, with a good unselfish supporting cast Stu, Novak, Morgan, etc. But his father’s job situation is the biggest factor, let’s root for CMU this season.

  • JB

    My post was supposed to be more pro-beilein than anti-howland

    Che – Point taken but I did not say more “accomplished.” I said superior and…
    I’d love to see a UCLA squad after Beilein had been there since 2003, I promise they wouldn’t be losing by 20 points in round 2 of 2009. I suppose Steve Lavin is better than Beilein too?

    Beilein – knocked a bob Knight IU squad out of the tournament while at Richmond
    -Took WV to their second elite 8 in school history (the other team featured Jerry West)
    I don’t think Howland could have gotten the results that Beilein did from our squad last year.

    …enough posting for me

  • Beast1530

    Ken, Zeigler shouldn’t have to worry about Kearney because he’s in ’10 while Kearney is in ’11. Kearney does not and shouldn’t have any effect on Zeilger’s decision.

  • ChE

    JB – Point taken as well. At the end of the day I suppose it’s subjective and depends on your personal opinion. Let’s hope we have more opportunities to go head to head with UCLA as that can only be good for our program.

  • W3

    OK…Zeigler has had UM on top for a year and a half now. Sam said two weeks ago he feels UM is the team to beat. He has been to campus numerous times and has an official set up with Smotrycz for the PSU game. WE LEAD! It depends what happens with Coach Zeigler that will decied where Trey ends up imo. If Dad is near the midwest Zeigler goes to UM.

    Kearney said 2 weeks or so ago he wanted to take his time and decide next year…enjoy the process. CB drops to UM…scholly crunch…Zeigler still in play…just not meant to be, BK sees that wants to stay close to home. Imo, Izzo didnt outrecruit Beilein for BK…it just happened. Its how the cards fell..almost like the Legion/Summers/Lucas thing but not really , no one liked Legion. :)

  • Joe

    @ Kevin GR:

    1. Did MSU make BK feel more wanted at least in his recent recruiting process, yes. Can UM make him feel more wanted…Until he declares, of course. Izzo doesn’t tend to recruit players half heartedly. If he and his staff decide that a plater is a good fit, he/they will definitely let a prospect know that and make them feel wanted.
    2. Izzo isgood at Player development. With 1 incoming McD’s All American (Randolph) he put 9 of his players into the NBA. That McD’s AA was at state for a year. So with mid to high rated regional prospects he developed 8 NBA players. What he did with Peterson and (soon to be) Suton is nothing sort of amazing. One knock. Our second best point guard all-time (Cleaves) had at best a cup of coffee in the pros. In fairness, a six foot pudgy PG with an ugly shot and an inability to create for himself is not a good fit for today’s NBA. Great in college, though.
    What Izzo does year in and year out with who he recruits speaks to his ability to develop players. Izzo recruits for his system and develops his players to the best of their college abilities. (Taylor and Cotton didn’t work out, but they didn’t stay.)
    3. Academics. Granted MSU is not UM academically. Still this isn’t the 40’s or even 80’s anymore. We are not Harvard, Michigan or Northwestern. You will, however graduate from MSU with a quality education that, in many academic disciplines, a is a well respected degree. Chris Hill was a multiple Academic All American (including ESPN’s 2005 Academic AA of the year) in Finance. You can challenge yourself at MSU academically if you so choose. Notice BK didn’t say top 5 acadmeically, he said good academics.

    In total MSU does fit all three criteria.

    Is Beilein a good coach and more important a good person, yes. Is UM a great school academically, yes. But please don’t act, especially, after our most recent successes (and to some extent our historical success), that it is complete shock that a player would pick MSU over UM. We are Moo U no longer.

    I think it’s great that UM has found the coach that understands what UM is, can and should be. UM and MSU have never been great at the same time historically in hoop, it looks like that might finally change.

    Also, in the recent ESPN Sagrin rankings on the top programs in the country historically, the state of Michigan had two of the top fifteen. (joining Idiana with three, Kentucky and North Carolina with two each). That is rare company, which will only improve if both schools continue with the path they are on.

    Good luck this season. It’s good that we’re playing twice again this year like we always should.

  • Sid

    Paul Carmona
    October 15, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    That Detroit News article is far off. Those quotes were taken 6 months ago and alot has changed. BK is actually upset with that article and he still has a decision to make.

    Without knowing who Paul is or having any firsthand knowledge of the situation or knowing how reliable Eric Lacy is, this actually does seem to be a distinct possibility to me, especially having read the article and glancing at the teaser from, which seem purely speculative.

    State would be a great choice for him (as would UM), but I’ll believe it when it’s official.

  • KJay

    One thing that intrigued me about the Kearney profile link in Dylan’s prior post on him was the statement that BK is 6’6″ and possibly still growing. If he ends up one or two inches taller he could do a lot of things in anyone’s system, leave alone Coach Beilein’s.

    Does anyone know how tall BK is now and whether he’s expected to add more height?

  • Paul Carmona

    Brandan is currently 6’6″. No one but God knows if he’ll grown any taller but his growth plates are still open.

  • Kevin in GR

    @ Joe,
    I appreciate and see your points…They are all pretty good and I can’t doubt or question any player who picks MSU over UM given Izzo and the state of the MSU program. BK did first mention academics….so to me, that means that is the most important factor and you should give more weight to it (advantage UM). Next is player development, which Beilein is well known for. I’m not saying Izzo doesn’t develop players, because he does. He does seem to get more highly rated players though than Beilein over the years. I just Beilein is a coach who does more with less. As far as feeling wanted by a school, I can’t really say much about that…as I don’t know which coach has done a better job there. I was really referring to the academics and player development comments…

  • Tom, Too.

    I wish I would have jumped in earlier during the Howland/Beilein Debate. All anyone has to do is look at the records. I think JB has won the last three against Howland. I know he sweeped the home & home vs UCLA while at WV and then last year’s beat down. Now, the win @ WV vs UCLA was without UCLA’s point guard, but the win in LA the following year was legit. As a matter of fact, all you have to do is line up the talent on both teams last year and then see the final score. UCLA was stacked and we had perhaps five guys playing big minutes that probably couldn’t have made their team as walk-ons (Stu, Novak, Gibson, CJ Lee, and Merritt). Done.

  • Kenny

    Howland had Beilein when he was at Pitt, but Beilein turned the tide once Howland moved to UCLA. Given that Beilein always had less talents to work with, one can argue that he is superior in pure coaching. But both are very best coaches, Beilein is just very unique in his own way.

  • Mark

    I think Beilein has done an awesome job with this program this far, but I really disagree with this recruiting scenario. I just don’t see Ziegler coming hare. Once Prather went to Florida Kearney should have been the next play, not Ziegler.

    I would have taken Brundidge, Kearney & hopefully Amir Williams in 2011 and just Evan and Timmy Jr in 2010.

    That 2011 class would have really proved a point that Beilein can recruit and LAND top level talent and that he can land the state’s best talent OVER MSU.

    We will be left w/o Kearney and Ziegler and still have no Manny replacement in the near future. This is a huge blow to UM in my opinion.

  • JJB

    JB, you wrote that he is picking MSU over UM for playing time? You’re an idiot. We are a much better program with much better players, he will have stronger competition for playing time at MSU, no question about that.

  • JJB

    Also, I am a huge MSU fan but I will give you guys (Belein) props for doing a good job with recruiting lately and the program in general….that being said, you should not be complaining about not getting Kearney or Ziegler. Rather, you should be ecstatic that you are even in a recruiting race with schools like UCLA & MSU because you are (right now) a small fraction of what we are as programs.

  • JB

    JJB –

    Allen Summers & Lucas, your top three scoring guards, all graduate the year that kearney will be a freshman. kearney will immediately be in your guard rotation.

    That same year, we will be deep at guard with LLP, Douglas, Novak, Morris, Vogrich, Hardaway, Brundidge, (Smotrycz getting time at 3 and possibly Zeigler or another guard) competing for time.

    Grow up with the name calling. get on an msu site if you’re just trying to talk crap about our program. And trust me, I’m more knowledgeable about basketball than you are. let me know if you have any questions for me. help with math homework? anything. thanks.

  • JJB

    First – I called you an idiot….big deal, I didn’t know you were that sensitive, relax. I only used that (rather soft) insult because you wrote “spartan smackdown”.

    Second, I gave genuine kudos to your program, which is the absolute opposite of talking crap, so not too sure what you’re talking about.

    Third, I graduated last yr therefore don’t have math homework (good joke, though) but since you brought it up I’ll let you know I’m doing pretty well for myself. Not that $$ is everything but my resume indicates that you’re talking to the wrong State grad….just a major pet peeve of mine, UM folks thinking they are automatically smarter than us.

    Fourth, why would I trust that you know more about basketball than I do? We don’t know eachother so seems rather foolish to me…..

    My personal opinion: you listed a number of players – LLP, Novak, Vogrich, Douglas, etc. – so clearly you are deep at guard in terms of raw #’s, but when it comes down to Kearney’s playing time I regard the quality of the players ahead of him as more important. After watching a good amount of UM hoops last year, including a couple of times at Crisler, IO honestly don’t think many of the players listed (of the returning players, at least) should keep Kearney from seeing solid PT. I appreciate that you support your players and I applaud the effort of guys like LLP, Novak, and Douglas but they aren’t exactly all-americans and probably wouldn’t play too often for a top program. Again, so you don’t flip out and think I am bashing them, they all played great last year and earned some respect, but I don’t think top recruits are worried about sitting the bench behind them. Just my two cents…..

  • JJB

    I just went back and read my original post – though “idiot” isn’t exactly an aggressive insult, it may have been a bit strongly worded in general. I apologize. I do, however, think it’s a valid statement that he will have more competition playing at State.

  • Respectful Green

    JJB, who are all these players that will compete with him? Even if you include Appling as a wing, MSU only has three returning non-point guards in 2011.
    JB is right. For MSU, it’s a sheer lack of quantity, not an issue of quality. Especially if Appling spends a lot of time at PG, the returning wings will be Russell Byrd, a true sophomore, and Austin Thornton, a preferred walk-on. That’s it. OUR next man is a freshman. Period.

    The 2011 wing spots are important for MSU and immediate playing time is available, that’s the facts on the court.
    I love MSU basketball but don’t let your allegiance skew things that hard. Don’t make me agree with the Wolverines!

    I bleed Green, but I post on this board because UMhoops is an excellent, well-run site. I think it’s important for people posting on a rival’s board to be respectful and accurate.

  • JJB

    I may have strayed a bit from the point I was trying to make. I was responding to JB’s post: “I’m gonna diverge from hoping braylon lays his signature 4th quarter spartan smack down on his foolish cousin to appreciate that this top recruit is picking state over UM because he wants playing time.”

    I regard this statement as rather pretentious, because he is saying that it is OK that BK is (likely) headed to MSU because he wants playing time. C’mon, man. Maybe he wants a better chance at playing in the final four, or potentially winning a natl championship? Or maybe he wants to play for Tom Izzo, widely regarded as one of the best coaches in college bball? Maybe he’s aware of the fact that we’ve sent plenty of players to the NBA this decade? In no way am I saying Belein and UM can’t offer him any of these things, but recent history favors MSU by an extremely wide margin. That’s all I’m saying.

  • JB

    JJB – likewise, don’t take my braylon comment that seriously. it is a u of m board so anti-spartan talk is appropriate within reason. my math comment was referring to the number of guards ahead of kearney at um compared with msu, don’t be so sensitive. i respect msu as a school, just an easy way to push your buttons.
    i stand by my point, we’re way deeper at guard (deeper, not saying you don’t have some great talent at guard). as of right now, um is looking to be a guard heavy team over the next few seasons.
    Stu, Novak, LLP are clearly not stars, but they fit Beilein’s system and will have 4 years of experience in it and compete with kearney for pt at a minimum. vogrich and hardaway are much better shooters and will likely play ahead of BK. Morris, Smotz, Brundidge, Zeigler(if we’re lucky enough) will most likely play ahead of him.
    lastly, not interested about your resume.

  • JB

    also, assuming i am more knowledgeable about basketball is not foolish. i read your posts.

  • IT

    It has been really entertaining reading these posts. You U of M fans are dillusional. U of M runs out 4 guards and a big at any given time. You think they are holding back on a talented wing player? Hilarious. MSU adds Adreian Payne and Brandan Kearney inside a week. I know you never had a chance at Payne but its funny that you talk like you are somehow in a recruiting war with MSU. Izzo picks his targets, signs them and Beilein gets what Izzo has passed on. MSU is in a whole different class when it comes to recruiting.

    It is comical to hear Webb and these guys discuss this like Kearney wanted U of M and just wanted them to show interest. Do any of you really think U of M is in the position to pass on or be passive about a 4 star wing player? Get real. You guys ink players like Kelvin Grady and Zack Novak for heavens sake. I have a name for guys like Novak: bench player. Isiah Dahlman would start at U of M.

    Good luck with Ziegler and I disagree that its down to CMU and U of M. UCLA should be the frontrunner now if he wants to play pro ball. Also the accusation that Howland isn’t in Beilein’s class is again, comical. Beilein has been to how many Final Fours? And Howland just got off a run of 3 straight. Discussion over.