Carlton Brundidge to Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

Class of 2011 6-foot guard Carlton Brundidge verbally committed to Michigan this morning. Brundidge is a scoring guard from Southfield, Michigan who has the size of a point guard with the game and mentality of a shooting guard. Michigan had long been considered the leader in Brundidge’s recruitment but he finally pulled the trigger early this morning.

Brundidge is Beilein’s first commitment of the class of 2011 and is a consensus top 100 recruit. Brundidge ranks 98th on Rivals, 68th on Scout and 33rd on ESPN. Carlton is one of the top juniors in the state of Michigan as well, ranking as high or higher as Tommie McCune, Patrick Lucas-Perry, Amir Williams, Brandan Kearney, and others. While some like Brandan Kearney may have more potential, it is hard to argue with Brundidge’s production.

Brundidge’s recruitment came down to Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, and Syracuse. Michigan probably had some advantage to begin thanks to family ties to U-M but this is definitely John Beilein’s first major in-state recruiting victory.


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Despite his smaller stature, Brundidge has consistently produced throughout his highschool (Southfield) and AAU (The Family) careers. The highlight of Brundidge’s summer was the Peach Jam, where he led the Family to a championship.

That offensive game was on display in July at the Nike Peach Jam where Brundidge led The Family U-16 squad to the championship, beating the All-Ohio Red 16’s in the finale. Brundidge was nearly unstoppable in a semifinal win over Boo Williams with 36 points and he added 25 more in the finale.


Brundidge is a power guard who thrives taking the ball to the hoop and creating for himself. His three point jump shot is streaky and a bit funky but he can score in bunches. He is a high energy guy who is often mentioned in scouting reports for being active on the glass despite his short height. He should be a solid complement to the array of shooters that Michigan will already have on the roster. ESPN had a chance to see Brundidge in action at the Peach Jam as well:

Brundadge slashed and shot his way to 27 big points in the 16U final at the Peach Jam. Brundadge knifed through the All-Ohio defense to score the basketball on strong drives. He is a capable shooter from long range, but he is at his best punishing opponents on his way to the basket. He shows relentless energy and has an intense competitiveness about him. He is at his best in the big games when his team needs a big shot or play. When he gets a head of steam with the ball in his hands, the defense gets out of his way, he was able to get a lot done by sprinting the wing hard in transition. He plays with relentless energy and passion, and refuses to be denied when he wants to score, even gathering his own misses for stickbacks. Brundadge continued to make plays on both ends of the floor even in a stretch during the first half when his shot was not falling.


Sam Webb wrote a lengthy profile in the Detroit News last winter that detailed Carlton Brundidge’s early career and how he burst onto the radar. Brundidge “played up” with the older Family teams early in his career and he didn’t disappoint:

“I just remember they were playing a team called the Birmingham Storm,” Mr. Brundidge said. “(The Family) was down by 15 points in the second half and Carlton wasn’t playing. All of a sudden (Coach Walker) put him in and the team started coming back. We beat them. Coach Beilein was there and Coach Izzo was sitting there too.”

Brundidge also posted big numbers at the Spiece tournament in Indianapolis where Brian Snow (Rivals) came away impressed:

While Williams was the biggest factor on defense, it was Carlton Brundidge that got it done for The Family on the offensive end. The scoring dynamo proved once again that when he is in attack mode very few players can defend him. In the second half of the game alone, Brundidge was near 20 points and simply had moments of dominance.

So Michigan gets a scoring guard to open up their class of 2011 and the numbers start to become very interesting. There is now two remaining scholarships for the class of 2010 and 2011 combined. If Manny Harris goes pro early, both scholarships could be used in the class of 2010 but the likely plan (assuming Zeigler and Prather don’t commit) is to use one more in 2010 and one more in 2011. Scholarship breakdown (now with a color coded chart) lives here.

Trey Zeigler and Casey Prather are obviously the priorities for the class of 2010 but in 2011 I think Michigan will look to land a big man. Some options for 2011 big guys include Brundidge’s AAU teammate Amir Williams, Marshall Plumlee, Justin Gant, or Trey McDonald. It is always possible that Zeigler and Prather both head other directions or someone else leaves the program which would of course open the door for two 2011 recruits.

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  • Dave

    once you have the ability to get into the paint, which is his best attrtibute the ability isnt going to go away, its only going to get better……..every report is that he dominates people in the lane, its going to happen in any league against any team

  • RespectfulGreen

    You guys got a great player. Congrats. That said, it’s true, most MSU fans will still insist that PLP is Plan A at PG and that they’re not sold on CB on the wing. The streak of MSU not losing a basketball plan A to UM still goes back to Sims. You can break it hands down with Zeigler.

    But really, UM will be very good. You’re probably going to get one of Zeigler, Prather (my guess), and Kearney. If you pull a miracle and get Zeigler in the late period, more power. The in-state rivalry will be good for years.

  • michael

    Am I the only one who DOESN’T WANT MANNY TO GO PRO? There is such a fixation on youth, recruiting, and “potential” that we are missing the main story which is that we have a rare gem of a player here in Manny Harris, and, quite frankly, we would be extraordinary fortunate if any one of these recruits turns out to be as good as him. I think sometimes in our culture we get so fixed on youth (what we don’t have, don’t know, and can idealize) that we lose sight of appreciating what we do have. We have an All-American player in Manny Harris, and we should all root for him to stick around for his senior year rather than pining for an extra recruit.

  • I don’t think anyone is hoping that Manny goes pro. Just realizing the chance of him going pro is very high, evident from his comments about following DeShawn Sims.

    I think it’s much more people planning how to deal with a likely reality than rooting for him to go pro.

  • Adam

    ESPN ranks Michigan’s 2010 recruiting class #14

    and that is without Prather or Zeigler.. the ranking will only go up if Coach Beilein can land one of those 2 guys. The future of Michigan basketball looks bright!

  • Tom, Too.

    I think if we land Prather, we’d easily shoot up to top 10. If we get TZ in the spring, we’s shoot up to top 5 or so. Not bad for a guy who can’t recruit.

  • Because info on CPrather has been so hard to come by… Here’s a link to one of his AAU coach’s twitter pages. He posted several tweets tonight after texting w/ CP’s stepdad. Pretty much status quo, no leader at this point.

  • Brick

    I must be one of the only ones who doesn’t think Manny is going pro after this year. He is not projected to go anywhere near the lottery and most scouts have him as a second round pick. I really don’t see him coming out unless he shoots up the draft boards into the lottery.

    Since when has Beilein been known for attrition? I have never heard this one before. Everyone loses players when they take over a program but has he lost a bunch of kids he recruited?

    I understand that Zeigler and Prather are both great talents but I just wouldn’t be surprised if we start pushing for a 2011 big man if we land Prather in the fall.

  • Dylan, this seems to be a meme that Brian has proposed over at MGo, but what do you think the chances are that Ant doesn’t get his 5th year? I honestly don’t see Beilein not giving him his 5th year, but there is the possibility that he gives him a function with the team that allows him to stay in school but opens up his scholarship for other usage.

    I think Beilein is to character of a guy to ask that of Ant, but you never know.

    Brick – I think that the projections of Manny being a second round pick go back to last season. If he puts up numbers this year like he did this year we could see him sneak into the first round. You are right, probably not a lottery pick, but I think if he is a first round lock he goes.

  • JayRich

    Manny’s biggest problems are his lack of size and his shooting touch. He is basically a wing stuck in a NBA SG body. He is a back up wing player at the next level so I am holding out hope that he doesn’t warrant a first round pick. doesn’t even have him in the draft at all but that doesn’t surprise me since that draft changes all the time after people announce they are leaving early, however it does take into account underclassmen.

    This is hard to say but if it meant we landed Trey Z, it would actually benefit the program if he left. I know this is going to stir up some emotion…..

  • Tom, Too.

    That attrition comment stuck out for me too. If anything, he gets a transfer IN every two years or so. The two that come to mind are Gansey and Do’r Fisher while at WV. I am thinking he might have lost one or two to transferring while at WV, but what D-1 program doesn’t?

    Did the comment come from the high attrition rate when he first arrived at AA?

  • Giddings

    Re: not asking Ant back for a 5th year, I would expect that crap to happen with Calipari or Pitino but not someone like JB. Anybody who’s been a collegiate athlete or has been close to a collegiate athlete at a big time school knows that these kids are putting their LIVES into the athletic programs without any pay besides a scholarship (which is a big deal of course, but still). It’s almost beyond a full-time job… or, if you’re Michael Rosenberg, it’s WAY beyond a full-time job.

    If a kid wants a 5th year on the team, the only possible reason to deny him is if his work ethic hasn’t been up to expectations (basically saying that his work level doesn’t deserve a scholarship). But from everything I’ve heard of Ant he certainly does not fall into that category.

  • Tom, Too.

    I agree, and have said this before: JB will not deny Ant a fifth year if Ant has been a good teammate and student. Others would do this, as sited above, but JB would not.

  • Good to hear, with regards to Ant, that it doesn’t seem like he’ll be asked to step aside for someone else to take his scholarship. JB is a classy guy so I figured it would be a non issue with him at the helm.

  • Dirtgrain

    Manny has played some point guard for Michigan. I think he was okay at it. He is versatile enough to play the two guard in the NBA. His biggest problem is his outside shot, and his lack of a secondary move (and necessary handle) after an initial drive. I hope he develops that–and his defense.

  • Mike

    Anybody see that new scout article with CB’s dad? He supposidly really get’s on Izzo for not recruiting his son very hard. Anybody know what thats about?

  • Tom, Too.

    Manny needs to hit the weight room and get some bulk. Those NBA guys are men.

  • KJay

    I don’t think it would necessarily be wrong of Beilein to ask Ant to give up his fifth year. By all accounts, Ant is academically gifted and probably will be graduating on time. Pro basketball is unlikely to be in his future so does it really make sense for him to be sticking around for an extra year–or should he head out into the workforce or go to grad school? If he stays at UM for grad school he can be a grad assistant for the team.

    Anyway, my point is that sticking around for a whole year with bball may not be the optimal decision from Ant’s perspective anyway. In football, you only stay around for the fall semester, so it’s a different consideration.

  • Kenny

    I agree with KJay and believe that Ant can contribute his fifth year as a veteran players.

    But, the whole discussion of Ant not giving the fifth year should’ve ended effectively as soon as Grady opted to play football, which BTW is a good decision for him. Unless Manny stays his fourth year and Beilein takes two more in year 2010, there is absolutely no need to not having Ant back, period.

    and for people wants to have both Prather and Zeigler, you guys are way too greedy, and we do need a post player in year 2011, even in year 2010, depend on how Cronin pans out.

  • Brick

    Players don’t “give up” their fifth year. Players take scholorships with an understanding that they are for four years. They may be asked back for a fifth but it’s not a given. There is nothing wrong with not bringing back a bench player for a fifth year if you have a high level recruit to give the spot to. Players know this and can schedule their class loads accordingly to finish in four years.

  • GregGoBlue

    Exactly the case, Brick.

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