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Dylan Burkhardt
  • Tom, Also

    Re: Student section

    Right now, one of the leading ideas is to extend the student section to the band, through areas Dylan mentioned in that post. Whether or not they get it done is another story.

    Another, surprising option being considered is to install bleachers opposite the current bleachers. This, obviously, is very unlikely, but if success continues when they redo Crisler, we may end up with something like this.

    Katy did do a great job, but one thing that really disappointed me was the leash that was put on the band. The piped in music got a little annoying last year, especially when, after a timeout we’d all be ready for some “Let’s Go Blue” or “Temptation” and instead we’d get some crappy piped in music. Also, getting rid of the M Fanfare when the boys came out was especially annoying. However, it may work out – I plan to suggest to the Maize Rage core, if I’m not a part of it this year, to get everyone popcorning (jumping and yelling “ohhh”) before the players come out, so when the hit the floor the place is already going nuts. I think that would be pretty amazing.

  • gpsimms

    That writeup makes Prather sound like the exact same player as Manny. Is there any way to know if we’ll ever get him up for a visit?

  • James

    With the boost in season ticket sales, Michigan should sellout most of their Big Ten games and probably be above 10 or 11k for all their games.

  • Tom also: I know the bleacher plan has been talked about for a while but as you said, it’s a long shot.

    gpsimms: I think he will make it, but it’s just got to get done. Mahoney is doing a hell of a job on Casey.

    James: You’d definitely think so, a lot of things can happen. And it’s important to remember that more than 500 student tickets were “sold” last game. Students essentially got in free to every game besides Duke, MSU, and OSU.

  • Sheryl

    Congratulations and welcome to Tim Jr.
    And sorry to hear about Jordan’s injury. Must be very frustrating for him. Wishing Jordan a smooth and speedy recovery!

  • Ken in Vegas

    It seems like the entire Morgan family is a class act and takes Jordan’s basketball career very seriously. I don’t think they have any desire for him to be mediocre or even redshirt, so that’s a great sign.

  • Scout updated their class of 2011 rankings… http://tiny.cc/rSlxh
    Kearney 41, Williams 43, Brundidge 61

  • Brick

    I don’t see why anyone would view a redshirt year as a bad thing. I know everyone wants to play right away but I’d rather have a 100% healthy 22 year old Jordan for a whole season than an 18 year old Jordan coming off a knee injury for less than a full season. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a Michigan big man start to really come into his own late in his career and just wish he had one more season left.

    As a parent, I would want the free fifth year of school but I’m just really cheap so I think of those things.

    I’m just throwing that out there because if Jordan works his way back and still redshirts, he shouldn’t be dissapointed at all.

    Whatever happens, I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he enjoys his first year at UM half as much as I did.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Brick,I actually completely agree with all that. It’s admirable that the family would want him to contribute as soon as humanly possible, but I would rather have him for 4 full healthy years.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Dylan, do you think it’s concerning that neither Kearney, Williams, or Brundidge have Michigan listed on the Scout report? I thought we were early leaders.

  • Tweeter

    Ken, I could be wrong about this, but I thought I remember that right before THjr committed, Scout did not even have him listed on the Michigan prospect page. So I would not put a ton of stock in which schools they have listed and which they do not.

  • Ken: No, I wouldn’t be concerned about those lists. Profile lists like that on Rivals and Scout are generally very inaccurate.

    Rivals 2011 Rankings are out as well…

    Kearney 69, Brundidge 74, Gibson 66, Williams 54

    Funny to see Beilein recruiting consensus top 100 players from Detroit… Wasn’t that what everyone said he would never do?

  • gooter9

    Dylan, how would you rate our chances w/ those 4 from 2011? Haven’t heard much about Gibson and M.

  • ryan

    I was looking at rivals top 100 for 2011 and clicked on some of the top guys pages. The #3 ranked player, Quincy Miller, Lists Michigan and it says taht he already has an offer.

  • Dylan

    I would say:
    kearney: good
    brundidge: good
    Gibson: good but no offer
    Williams: definitely less than the others. His recruitment has been pretty quiet.

  • Dylan

    Miller has a um offer. I’ll link an article later.

  • mmccrae

    What would our chances with Miller? Looks great, but I would take less starting talent and four years sooner than an amazing player and one year…

  • Brick

    Per Mark Snyder at the Freep we have an incoming recruit named “Evan Metrics”. I hope he’s good, I can’t find any info on him! Dylan, why isn’t he on the hot board?


    All kidding aside, the newspaper coverage of UM basketball is a joke. Thanks Dylan for supplying us junkies with our fix.

  • David

    Dylan, what about Patrick Lucas Perry? Is he a Michigan lean? Between him, Kearney, and Brundidge, would we take any two that pick M?

  • Kenny

    Brick, I can’t believe free press is making this kind of mistake.

  • Dylan

    Plp is definitely on the board and I would say Michigan has a very good shot at him as well. However at this point I don’t see Michigan taking more than one backcourt guy in 2011 if they land one more wing in 2010. With only two ‘ships to give in 2011 I think one of those has to go to a big.

  • Steiner Blue

    Brick, this “Metrics” guy must be another under the radar Beilein find. :)

  • ToBlav

    To give the Freep their props, Mr. Metrics not-withstanding, they have a bit today about Darius’s brother being a pro player and derecting him to Michigan. Add that to Tim Jr.’s dad appearing to have backed a Michigan choice early and it begins to look like a pattern of high respect for Coach Beilein and the U of M. from the professionals. Go Blue.

  • Adam

    I don’t think PLP will get a spot next year. With only 2 ships available the guard position will be between Brundidge and Kearney and the other position will go to a forward like Amir Williams or Marshall Plumlee or someone that we don’t even know about yet.

  • ToBlav

    Adam; He has an offer so I’m pretty sure if he says yes first he gets a spot. I also think the offer shows that Coach Beilein is willing to have a smaller guard. It seems likely that one smallish guard could be platooned so he’d not be involved in the 1-3-1 often.

  • Adam

    ToBlav I think you might want to double check on that. The report on Rivals was incorrect. Scout had it listed as no offer. The only players that Michigan has offered thus far for the 2011 class are Williams, Brundidge, Kearney and Miller. There may be interest in PLP but I do not think Beilein wants any undersized players. You saw how he felt about Grady last year when I thought Grady had alot of talent. With Beilein’s spread ’em out offense and 1-3-1 defense length is very key. I think Brundidge is as small as Michigan will go from now on. Brundidge is a more elite player than PLP.

    I am way higher on CB and Kearney than I am PLP. But anyways, I am 90% sure PLP does not have an offer at this point.

  • Adam

    I know Dylan has reported PLP has an offer but according to the people in the know I am under the impression he does not. Many sources confuse interest with offers. Yes Michigan is recruiting him, but no there is not an offer. I read several outlets that said Michigan offered Hardaway awhile back too, but that didn’t happen until camp was over. Many outlets report these things incorrectly.

  • Here’s the article in question…

    You be the judge.

  • Adam

    Depends which side you want to check out. Scout says no, and their insiders looked into it after people were asking regarding that very Rivals article and maintained that there is no scholarship offer at this time.

  • Adam

    To be very honest I do not want PLP when we have such a good shot at Kearney and Brundidge. I am way higher on those 2 players and feel that they are at a more elite level than PLP. Brundidge and Kearney are real difference makers.

  • ToBlav

    My opiion stands as stated above, although I am limited to what I read for information. It certainly sounds like an offer to me. There are a lot of ways he could differ from Grady and also I think it was Grady who decided not to stay, not Beilein wanting to get rid of him. Thanks Dylan for re-posting the article.

  • Adam

    Have you seen them all play? CB is a much better scorer and playmaker. And Kearney is an elite level prospect with tremendous size and ability. We will only have 2 scholarships available for that class. If PLP committed then we would not be able to get CB or BK and that would be a real shame.

  • PLP played very very well down the stretch in HS ball FWIW and reportedly has played well on the AAU circuit although he’s played more locally. It would be very interesting who Michigan would take a 2011 commitment from and who they wouldn’t.

  • Adam

    It’d be one thing if CB and BK weren’t high on Michigan or kind of up in the air, but they both probably have Michigan as their leaders right now. At that point it becomes which recruit do you like/want the most? PLP most definitely would be #3 on any list that includes BK and CB (as justified by their rankings as well). It’s not often Michigan has 2 top 50 type players as Michigan leans. Beilein has gotta take advantage of that and land one of them!

  • Mom Morgan

    Brick – We dont necessarily view red-shirt as a bad thing…we just know Jordan and don’t expect that at all. You can guarantee no one (family or UM staff) will be pushing him to go when he is not ready! Thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes!

    GO BLUE!

    p.s. I type this while he is still in surgery and will post an update when he is out! :)

  • Mom Morgan

    Surgery went very well! Keep Jordan in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!


  • old fan

    great news mom morgan. give him a get well from all of us.

  • Brick

    Thanks for the update. It’s great to hear that things went well and there weren’t any surprises.

  • aMaized
  • Adam

    I wonder a little bit why he was offered if JB was so reluctant on Hardaway? He waited forever to offer Hardaway when Zeigler and Prather are faaaarrrrrr less interested in Michigan than Kearney and Brundidge? I don’t get it. They are hands down better players than PLP and we don’t need a 5’11 player when JB proved it couldn’t work with Grady in his system.