Jordan Morgan to Miss 4-5 Months with Knee Surgery

Dylan Burkhardt
NBPA Top 100 Camp

Before the joy of Tim Hardaway’s commitment even sinks in, there is more disappointing news to share. Incoming freshmen Jordan Morgan is scheduled to undergo knee surgery and will be out for 4-5 months. The surgery to repair articular cartilage in Jordan’s left knee is scheduled for Wednesday, July 1st.

“The timing of Jordan’s injury is very unfortunate,” said Beilein. “We are very confident; however, that with the great medical staff at the University of Michigan, Jordan will make a full and speedy recovery.”

The recovery and rehab time-frame would most likely put Jordan back in action sometime during the month of November. Once he is cleared to play he has to get into basketball shape and start learning Beilein’s system first hand.

There was a chance that he would have redshirted in the first place and missing a this much time increases that chance significantly.

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  • Matt

    I guess he will probably redshirt then. He’ll need time to get back in the gym after his leg heals and that will be well into the season.

  • mmccrae

    that is unfortunate… perhaps with extra time to learn the system he will not have a difficult red shirt freshman year? just trying to be positive… best of luck to him

  • Mom Morgan

    he will be on his feet in 6-8 weeks. Don’t write him off for this season yet! ~Mom

  • Brick

    Good thing he chose UM. We have the best medical staff.

    How strange is it that we have had our center recruits go down two years in a row now. I think centers gain the most from a redshirt year so if he ends up redshirting we will probably be thankful that he’s playing as a fifth year senior.

  • NVE

    Mom Morgan – best wishes to your son for a speedy recovery. Glad to hear the injury is not too serious.

  • Matt

    Yea, I hope he is back in 6 to 8 weeks. We could use some of his abilities down low.

  • Michael

    I believe I had this — sort of. Sad news.

  • Justin C

    Mom Morgan,

    I’m sure he’ll be fine – I’ve read that he’s definitely in Coach B’s plans for this year, so here’s hoping the surgery and rehab are successful! Give Jordan our best!

  • Bluebufoon

    Mom Morgan — thanks for the update. Remind Jordan that Coach Schembechler used to quote General George Patton, “A true test of one’s character, is how one handles adversity.” I’m sure Jordan will come out of this mishap a stronger young man.

  • Matt

    Good luck to Jordan, hope he recovers quickly.

  • Mom Morgan

    We appreciate all the good wishes and continue to pray that Jordan will recover quickly. We know he is in the absolute best hands to ensure that! Wolverine fans are the best!


  • Paul

    My best to Jordan. Hope he’s a quick healer. :)
    Go Blue!

  • Thanks for the update Mom Morgan! Best of luck to Jordan in the healing and Rehab process. I’m betting he will come out of rehab will added strength and fresh legs. I hope he can give us some good minutes in the paint this year and rip down some rebounds!

  • Jordan’s Grandma

    Jordan is a strong man and a very motivated person. He has taken an active part in his basketball conditioning and gone above and beyond what his coaches have asked. He is very motivated and we will be very surprised to see him red shirted. Go Blue!

  • Ken in Vegas

    I love this blog!

  • Kenny

    Mama morgan, best wishes to Jordan. hope to see him back to action soon.

  • old fan

    To all the Morgan’s, your strength as a family is what will keep Jordan on track. He is lucky to have you. It will be a battle to get back, but someone like him will do it.

  • Jon

    Jordan has been through alot already. I know he is ready for this and will pull out of it. His heart is in it and that is the main point. He will get back in the saddle in better shape.

    Big Bro