New Baskets in Crisler Arena

Dylan Burkhardt

Got an email with two pics of the new baskets in Crisler Arena with the new NBA-style shot clocks (click for full size). They look good (besides the pictures being from a camera phone), and every little touch goes a long way in my opinion. For this year we have new baskets & shotclocks, scorers table scoreboard, speakers, student ticket policy, and court design. It’s not going to turn Crisler into a world class facility but at least there are efforts being made to spruce up the environment.

  • Hoops looks great.

    Hopefully an overhaul of the concourse is in the near future.

  • Don’t hold your breath. With the economy and the massive football projects Crisler looks how it is going to look for the next 3 years at least. I’d hope for a practice facility before they revamp Crisler.

  • Jalen Rose

    Has there been ANY word on a practice facilty? Plans in the works? Two years and a rendering coming out? Ground breaking within five years? Clearly, nothing from U of M, but is there any “word” on the street as to when??

  • Recruits have mentioned it, so I believe there is something in the works…

  • Giddings

    3 years… Darius and the boys will be practicing in a new facility by November 2011, mark my words.

    Seriously though, I do have very good reason to believe this timetable is the truth.

  • What they need to do is to . . .

    AND I say that as someone who is a fan of it (and who has been attending games there since the 1986-87 season [Antoine Joubert’s, Garde Thompson’s Senior years for the Old-timers on here :.) + ;.)]). What they should then do is temporarily play the Basketball games at Yost until a new Basketball Arena is built (this is not unprecedented in terms of Basketball and Hockey teams playing their games in the same venue [Ohio State does this currently, for example, as well as Wisconsin] to name a couple). This will “build up the demand” (especially if they start doing well and/or overacheiving sooner rather than later), easily to be at maximum capacity, creat a true sense of excitement, anticpation, etc. etc.. If anybody is curious, I can even tell you how big (i.e. the Seating Capacity) should be and what it would be (more or less) named. *Musket Rebellion* — I do agree that the Practice Facility should come first before any modifications/revampments/complete Guttings (of Crisler Arena) would occur. I can speak more but I don’t want to get on my soapbox (and therefore get emotional, upset, enraged, agitated, frustrated, pissed off, disgusted and, in short, stressed [out]). TAKE ME WORD FOR IT (e.g. on the latter)!!!! Peace.


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