Notes on Student Tickets and Fan Appreciation Day

Dylan Burkhardt

Update on Student Tickets

There have been quite a few rumors about student tickets out there but this is the latest I have heard on the ticket policy (right now it is unconfirmed):

  • $99 for student tickets all games in the bleachers.
  • NINE free games for students that don’t have tickets. These tickets will be in the yellow. By my math after taking out the break games this is most of the home games. I would assume a couple games like Duke, Michigan State, and maybe Ohio State are not included in the 9.
  • 150 tickets per game given to student organizations (fraternities etc.). 100 of these tickets will be behind the band, 50 in the bleachers.

At this point I am all for anything that brings fans to Crisler and this seems like a good plan. The Maize Rage needs to make an extra effort to get the fans in the yellow seats down into the bleachers when they aren’t full.

One unrelated note, I also heard that there may be a new scoreboard for the 09-10 season (big one, not the scorers table).

Basketball Fan Night Slated for Nov. 7 at Crisler Arena

The University of Michigan men’s and women’s basketball programs will host “Fan Night” on Friday (Nov. 7) at 7:15 p.m. at Crisler Arena. Both squads will be introduced, and men’s coach John Beilein, women’s coach Kevin Borseth and each program’s captains will address the fans in attendance.

The event is free of charge. Fans will enter Crisler Arena through either Gate A or E beginning at 6:45 p.m. All Wolverine fans in attendance will be directed to the blue seating on the east side of the arena for a Wolverine rally.

I believe there was something like this last year for the introduction of both John Beilein and Kevin Borseth. Attendance will probably be underwhelming but I still think its good to have events like this. Inflatable games, snow cones, cotton candy, and autographs sound like a great time for all the junior-Wolverines out there.

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  • w3

    There were actually two events last year. One was to introduce and welcome Beilein and Borseth…which attendence was light.

    The actual fan night was a lot of fun for my kids. Free cotton candy/snow cones, autographs ect. They introduce players with lights out, fight song is playing…not a bad time at all. Plus, you dont have to wait 3 hours in the sun for the team to show like you do fball.

  • Thanks W3.

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  • Bando Calrissian

    9 FREE games? 150 free tickets to EVERY game to student organizations?

    Why did I buy student tickets again? For the fifth consecutive year? If they’re just going to give ’em away… Might as well give them away free to everybody. Thanks for the $30 discount from last year, that’s great and all… but another $100 discount on top of that for returning student ticket buyers would have been a nice gesture, especially after Beilein all but promised it.

  • Bando: Do you want to sit in the bleachers? Do you want to goto MSU, Duke, OSU games? Those would be reasons to buy tickets I guess.

  • Bando Calrissian

    They never police the bleachers anymore. Just walk right by the ushers. There’s not enough people to fill it anyway. They don’t care. Last year there were middle-aged people and little kids that sat in the corners of the bleachers every game without anybody caring. Heck, there are non-students who have Maize Rage tickets.

    And if one really wants to go to the MSU or Duke games, there’s ways to find tickets.

    I’ve long been a critic of these free giveaway games because it’s insulting to those of us who buy our tickets and support the team every game. And, obviously, it hasn’t translated into students actually giving a crap, because they won’t come when it’s not free. At least in years past it was only 2 games a year or so. 9 this year is essentially the entire home schedule outside of the breaks. That’s absurd. Especially when they’re not going to care if you’re not sitting in the yellow seats anyway. The arena is half-empty to begin with.

  • I know they don’t police the bleachers and whatever else. But honestly at this point I just want to see people at the games. I paid the 99 and purchased all the break games for 10 bucks a piece.

    I believe they are also putting “Blue ragers” in the bleachers for every game now.

    And of course there are ways to get tickets but there are ways to get tickets to any game really.

    I will agree with you that the AD has handled this poorly but I think it’s not the end of the world to give out free tickets now w/ an M-Card (no more vouchers etc.). Also, at least now some people will feel obligated to come to the cupcake games because they paid for a ticket :-)