Weekend Visitors: Vogrich & Byrd

Dylan Burkhardt

As was previously reported, Matt Vogrich was due on campus this weekend and he is already here. Rivals is also reporting that 2010 Indiana sharpshooter Russell Byrd is also planning to visit. Another big recruiting weekend, two top 150 kids for the second week in a row.

Update: Byrd and Vogrich are both confirmed in Ann Arbor.

  • Adam

    Wow what a big recruiting weekend. Hopefully the experience is great and they enjoy football Saturday!

  • Wolverine3

    Dont like that TZ is back up at MSU

  • jBdub

    Is there room, both schollie-wise and on the court for both? If not, do you take a Vorgrich in the hand for next year over Byrd in the bush in two?

  • Brick

    There is room for two. Take them both if possible. We are going to use plenty of three guard offensive sets and Byrd is 6’7″ so he will be an ideal SF in our offense.

  • Did my part to try to get Matt Vogrich and Russell Byrd to come to Michigan by saying their first names and then a . . .

    Russell was with his family (i.e. Mom and Dad) and I saw John Mahoney talking to him repeatedly (i.e. a LOT) and to some extent his family. I saw a big tall dude who at the time didn’t know who he was (was about 6’11” and/or 7’0″) but know I do: Angus Brandt(?) the Australian Big Man prospect (see the more updated thread-blog entry [above this one]). I couldn’t do more unfortunately due to (largely) logistical reasons (but I noticed Russell turned around, albeit 5 minutes after I uttered his name). Just thought I’d get that in. On an other note just that I would list this (apparently their was a Men’s Basketball Reunion on the 4th which was yesterday in Alumni plaza [i.e. above the Junge Center]):



    p.s. If you didn’t know before why I think that Rickey Green is sacred and was an outstanding player (BELIEVE ME, I HAVE DONE A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF HARD-CORE RESEARCH STATING THE CASE ABOUT WHY HE SHOULD HAVE HIS ****NUMBER RETIRED!!!!****) then this should tell otherwise (then Iowa Head Coach Lute Olson wasn’t exaggerating, btw, when he gave his praiseworthy comment about him [I have actually seen archival footage of him and I think Gary Danielson {from the now-defunct, unfortunately, television show “The Lockerroom” which was a 3-person panel comprising of Danielson, Eli Zaret, and Kirk Gibson on channel 4 at about 12:30am or 1:00am “Sunday Night Late Owl which is technically Monday, but you get the idea} said it best: “Rickey Green was Allen Iverson before Allen Iverson even existed!!!” — remarking about his acceleration, speed, motor up-‘n-down the Court or as I would like to say how get shot out of a cannon and/or bounced up and down the court like it was nothing!!!!]). You’ll see what I mean ;.)) :

    (SOME ^Key Words^: ****At 6′ 2″ with blazing speed and great leaping ability, Green was called by coach Johnny Orr “the most exciting college basketball player in the country.” Iowa coach Lute Olson commented, “Three defenders on Ricky Green is a mis-match in Green’s favor.”****)